Is retiring the Bush Tax Cuts the largest tax increase in American history or is this just another Republican melodrama?

bob 2012/06/11 19:47:54
Retiring the Bush Tax Cuts is the largest tax increase in American history
Retiring the Bush Tax Cuts is just another Republican melodrama
The largest tax increase was imposed to pay for World War 2, Republican love war, not paying for war
If the house and senate fail to act, taxes will go back to past levels and automatic spending cuts will begin the budget closer to a balanced budget for the first time since the Clinton’s Balanced Budget
All of the above
None of the above
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  • CA Gal 2012/06/11 21:23:35
    Retiring the Bush Tax Cuts is just another Republican melodrama
    CA Gal
    It's the wealthiest Americans that will feel this the most which is why Republicans are whining!! Only Bush would implement a tax cut during the time of war!!!! I've been saying for quite some time, let the Bush tax cuts expire. If my taxes happen to go up I say let it happen....at least I know the top 1% would finally pay their fair share. Romney paying 13.9% vs my 34% is BS!!!!

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  • DougE CA Gal 2012/06/11 21:51:31
    we can tell by your posts you're no expert either. How's about you get ur butt back in the kitchen and leave the grownup tolk to the menfolk honey!
  • CA Gal DougE 2012/06/12 15:35:41 (edited)
    CA Gal
    I'm just saying...H&R; Block does not hire the cream of the crop tax accountants. They are hardly experts. My very expensive CPA on the other hand, knows his stuff! If he had made a similar statement to Denny's it would have had much more credibility. BTW Doug, your silly sexists comments do not anger me at all...it simply shows your lack of intelligence.
  • Idiot r... CA Gal 2012/06/11 23:17:09
    Idiot repubs
    perminate! LOL!!!
  • OPOA912 CA Gal 2012/06/12 00:26:46
    If I was your Son I would be pissed you called me Monkey. Then again, you are a Redneck.
  • CA Gal OPOA912 2012/06/12 16:07:39
    CA Gal
    Obviously you know nothing about my son....he was 19 and it was a part time job, simply a stepping stone to his real career. BTW, the Redneck handle is because I was raised Redneck and understand completely how they think. Thankfully overcame it but still use the name to prove I know the racist ways of the Redneck and am here to call them out on their BS!! Redneck is not an insult, it was an education. Redneck's have some very fine qualities as well, such as not backing down from name calling people such as yourself LMAO
  • flaca BN-0 2012/06/11 19:50:14
    None of the above
    flaca BN-0
    You can't claim that nothing's working and vote for Bush's tax cuts. Either they worked or they didn't. People seem mighty confused....................

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