Is Putin a modern day Stalin?

Christian 2012/08/17 23:58:01
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Yes, Putin is ass hole.
Yes, Putin is a complete ass hole.
All of the above
None of the above
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Today Putin the asshole thru three little girls into a Russian slammer for two years for singing an anti Putin song. How low is this giant child going to go?

Is Putin a modern day Stalin
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  • Christian 2012/08/23 23:24:30
    Yes, Putin is a complete ass hole.
    Putin is an enemy to America.
  • Red Christian 2012/08/26 20:12:36
  • 2012/08/18 01:57:30
    None of the above
    No, he could be a lot worst and he is nothing compared to the scum that's leading the U.S. Most of the garbage is in the U.S. than in Russia. Most of the garbage western media always looks at him as the vilian but in fact, he's a much good and greater man than what you know. Please Educate yourselves.
  • Christian 2012/08/18 02:30:22
    If you don't like the USA then go to Russia and live, they will let you. See what you say after you live in a real place run by creeps, I guarantee, you will be begging to come back.
  • Christian 2012/08/26 06:54:43
    Not as bad when the economy fails. And anyway's the creeps are here. Mark my words, you are loosing more liberty day by day...
  • Red Christian 2012/08/26 20:14:01
  • jc 2012/08/18 01:20:01
    Yes, Putin is ass hole.
    He's no different than Odumbo would be if he were given that power. obama and putnin
  • Joe61 2012/08/18 01:01:10 (edited)
    Yes, Putin is ass hole.
    Yep, you get the feeling he wold just love to string his dissenters up on the nearest tree branch
  • Razoreye001 2012/08/18 00:16:59
    Yes, Putin is a complete ass hole.
    I'll say he's the modern incarnation of Tsar Ivan seeing as comparisons to Stalin are now entering Godwin's law territory of common bad guy comparisons.
  • bags the Indigenous Guru 2012/08/18 00:16:50
    None of the above
    bags the Indigenous Guru
    Putin is no Stalin, he's a very dangerous man and we should not take him lightly - a these three young women hardly little girls) have now found out. They pulled the tiger's tail, and they weren't ready for the fangs.
  • Christian bags th... 2012/08/18 00:41:14 (edited)
  • bags th... Christian 2012/08/18 00:57:11
    bags the Indigenous Guru
    I don't argue with your assessment of the man one single bit. I wish the best for the girls.
  • Stoner 2012/08/18 00:13:23
    Yes, Putin is a complete ass hole.
    i dont keep up with the loser
  • Christian Stoner 2012/08/18 00:42:59
    You hit it right on the nose, hes a loser.
  • Sister Jean 2012/08/18 00:11:13
    None of the above
    Sister Jean
    bad but not close
  • Christian Sister ... 2012/08/18 00:44:49
    Thank you for your comment. I am going to do a letter of protest and ask everyone just to leave their mark, no signature just a mark and then I will bring it personally to the Russia embassy.

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