Is our system designed to get little done?

flaca BN-0 2012/09/21 19:59:12
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When a senate is controlled by one party and the house by another, isn't this a system that bows down to intransigence and inactivity?
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  • Allen 2012/09/22 02:18:55
    None of the above
    Our system is fine the way it is!
  • flaca BN-0 Allen 2012/09/22 23:48:41
    flaca BN-0
    so when a party puts forward some ideas, and then when the other party puts them into a bill and then the first party suddenly flips and says no (to their own ideas) you don't think that's a failure of the system?
  • Dweezle 2012/09/22 00:44:43
    None of the above
    The system is designed perfectly, it is the members of the house & senate that are acting like spoiled little babies. The political posturing by both parties needs to stop, But YES the Tea Baggers are the worse violators. when THEY chose to let the nations credit rating suffer the first time they should have been charged with treason!
  • The Amazin' Guru of Chibis 2012/09/22 00:27:48
    The system needs changing
    The Amazin' Guru of Chibis
    Most politicians are lawyers. The system is designed by lawyers to create work for more lawyers.
  • Fred Rogers 2012/09/21 20:59:47
    I think inactivity is ill equipped to serve a changing world
    Fred Rogers
    My U.S. History teacher in high school would gripe endlessly about how split-ticket voting and "voting for the man, not the party" had ruined our system by introducing gridlock. I think it's a very valid point. It's cluttered what was once a binary decision tree.

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