Is Obama's State of the Union Speech just more BS?

sweetpepper 2010/01/28 02:43:09
This speech is a joke! Are you kidding me?? He wants to continue to suck! He is talking about ANOTHER stimulus enema for Americans? WTF!

Is he retarded?

Is he that arrogant?

Could he be that Marxist?

This speech should be a skit on SNL!

Heres to you Obama:

enema americans wtf retarded arrogant marxist speech skit snl obama

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  • Sherlock Dog BL - a Gazillion 2010/02/02 03:54:07
  • Sherloc... Sherloc... 2010/02/02 03:56:09
  • Honest 2010/01/28 14:06:43
    It was a great speech . . . especially the parts where he chastized the supreme court and Republicans in Congress.

    I am proud of our President.
  • sweetpe... Honest 2010/01/28 19:16:30 (edited)
    That speech exibited just what an arrogant, out of touch, thug, he really is!
  • DanaR 2010/01/28 03:26:34
  • jackolantyrn356 2010/01/28 03:09:53
    I used to think maybe, but it's PHD (piled higher and deeper.)
  • Ellie 2010/01/28 03:03:07
    Did not speak about the real matters. Oh yeah, he spoke about bailouts and jobs. Sorry, if you really wanted a job, you could get one. Yes, this white bitch did work at a hamburger joint to start!
  • Dark Knight 2010/01/28 02:49:37
    Dark Knight
    Don't forget - the symbol of his party is the Jackass!!!!!!!!!!

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