Is Obamacare good or bad?

deepblueapple 2011/11/21 09:06:59
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All depends on where you stand, really.
You should look up the facts about it before you post to be as informed as possible, but please let me know what you think about it.
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  • RichardBlank 2013/07/24 00:48:13
    Sounds kinda good to me
    Will the delayed start date of OBAMACARE affect the US unemployment rate? The U.S. healthcare reform (“Obama Care” or the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”) is intended to pressure large and small employers through force and taxation.

    Enacted in July 2010, the end result will show North American companies deciding to send appointment setting, sales, lead generation and customer support jobs offshore to stay competitive or risk going out of business. Many business owners will hire a dedicated bilingual employee nearshore who is 100% qualified for their project. Financially speaking, ESL call center employees in Costa Rica are as effective as transitional in-house staff for half of the cost.

    This proven strategy will give small to medium sized companies the option to scale up their BPO staff without getting caught in the Obamacare challenge in 2015.

    http://www.obamacareoutsourci... Costa Rica s Call Center
  • MightySwimmerForGod 2012/04/17 18:27:56
    Sounds kinda bad to me
    im lost...so utterly lost. this type of things confuse me a lot...and im having issues understanding excatly WHAT Obamacare is?
  • Hobbitt / Oldsquid 2011/11/21 18:22:05
    Sounds very bad to me
    Hobbitt / Oldsquid
    Too expensive and paves the way for Death panels, socialism and eventually communism
  • dandieselonian 2011/11/21 15:22:21
    Sounds very good to me
    health care experts say its good and doctors say it good its their business so they should know
  • Peter M... dandies... 2012/03/02 17:31:39 (edited)
    Peter Montejo
    Wait a minute, they said smoking was good not to long ago. And they also agreed on aspartame (ecoli mixed with other bacteria) IN OUR FOOD being good too. Maybe its best to not listen and research these things.
  • dandies... Peter M... 2012/03/03 12:27:12
    Philip morris , brown and williamson all corporate conservative companys surfing on the backs of Americans suffering the affects of tobaco products. tobaco companys
  • Jimbo 2011/11/21 12:44:38
    Sounds kinda good to me
    The problem with the law is it does not establish a non-profit care system to compete with the private sector. Put all non-profit facilities and personell including the military, VA into a system that covers first families of Vets at a 5% profit. Expand the system by contracting med. schools student for 10 years at $125,000/year by paying their med. school costs, same for nurses and techs at lower salaries. When they system is large enough to cover seniors charge seniors 25% for out of network care. Expand to the rest of the population based on ever increasing income parameters. Private sector care either competes or goes under. Costs for care go to VA levels not the 17% of GDP currently.
  • Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel 2011/11/21 11:39:24
    Sounds very bad to me
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    Very, very bad!
  • Luca 2011/11/21 11:38:07
    Sounds very bad to me
    In the first place our problems were framed as insurance costs being too high. This called for insurance reform, not healthcare system reformed that did nothing to lower costs, it just shifted much higher costs to the young by offering no choice in coverage. In the process, big pharma and the insurance companies are rewarded greatly, critical neo-natal care and critical geriatric care as well as protracted geriatric care are virtually eradicated via backdoor means.

    Currently, only 22% of all doctors are even taking new patients. With 47 million new people coming on board, this increases patient load by 84 patients per day. Who will suffer? To expedite the cattle herding medical processes, diagnostic and treatment protocols will be pre-defined, with limits on both care and duration of treatment. One size fits all insurance, AND treatment.

    I am a doctor. I have read this insidious bill 3 times. It is nothing more than a power grab, transferring even the decision of ur life into some incompetent bureaucrat that have proven to be completely inept at even the simplest of tasks...but now they are going to hold a pen over a piece of paper and write the prescription for ur life! Good luck! Ask any elderly person how well they like their medicare....now multiply this boondoggle by 5.
  • deepblu... Luca 2011/11/21 22:09:25
    About how much do you make per year?

    And would you be willing to do the same job as a doctor for around $40k?

    what about for free? assuming your house and personal needs were taken care of?
  • Luca deepblu... 2011/11/21 22:12:01 (edited)
    Why are these questions relevant? Would YOU work for free? How many years out of your life did you train for your job? How much did your education to qualify for that job cost you?
  • deepblu... Luca 2011/11/21 22:29:49
    Yes, I would work for free, but didn't you become a doctor to help people who are sick and injured? What does the pay matter as long as the job itself is rewarding?

    You also bring up another good point- the cost of education. I don't think the cost of the education better qualifies a person to do a job. I understand that people don't want half-trained doctors performing on them but even the most basic of educations are overwhelmingly expensive.
  • Luca deepblu... 2011/11/21 23:38:59
    not around $300,000 worth. And if you paid $300,000 out of your pocket, it has nothing to do with qualified or not...it has to do with expense and the right to earn it back via your work. You are all over the map...and I am not dancing with you. If you have a point to make about Obamacare...make it! Other than that... I don't need to explain ANY of my motivations or what I may or may not do for others to you.
  • deepblu... Luca 2011/11/22 01:07:51
    I don't really have a point. But if you didn't have to pay 300k for your education, then you wouldn't have to earn it back. Makes sense, right?
  • Luca deepblu... 2011/11/22 02:01:39
    So u are suggesting free education and healthcare...no..and as i told u already, I am not being led by u, so give it up.
  • deepblu... Luca 2011/11/22 02:21:18
    Why shouldn't they be free? Don't people deserve medical attention or is that a right reserved only for the rich?
  • Luca deepblu... 2011/11/22 02:52:11 (edited)
    That's an absurd question...buy insurance or go on Medicare. And most insurance Is paid by the employer...so it makes sense to get a job, keep ur job, or save ur money. Self responsible life. I am not writing a book to educate you on the subject...Now u are welcome to read a brief article I published that has 2-3 paragraphs within it that addresses this

  • deepblu... Luca 2011/11/22 08:39:06
    That's actually a very interesting article and I enjoyed reading it. The paragraphs about liberalism and psychology were enlightening and they make a persuasive argument as well.

    I noticed that the article draws attention to an "imbalance" in the liberal's psyche and rationalizes that this is the reason they think a certain way. Yet there was no analysis of the conservative psyche and it infers that conservatives are the ones with a normal mental balance between the ego and society. Perhaps I'm just too tired and not paying attention well enough or I'm reading too much into it, but is that correct?
  • Luca deepblu... 2011/11/22 08:45:31
    depends what yardstick you use...I went after Conservatives in another article...(kinda)

  • deepblu... Luca 2011/11/22 09:05:08 (edited)
    okay. not bad.
    I gotta say I found some respect for you in these articles and I understand more now about the right-sided way of thinking.
    I know you may not feel the same about me but that's fine. Thank you anyway.
  • Luca deepblu... 2011/11/22 09:45:47
    i don't know where you stand...you ask questions but make no stand that you are calling yours. By the way you are "leading" the conversation via your questions...i know you are a Liberal...and probably think the noble idea of health care for everyone is great...maybe it is..but not at the price of freedom. Not THIS healthcare bill...Not the way this power grab has been constructed...so you must set aside the ideology and look at the pragmatic and reality
  • rustyshackelford 2011/11/21 11:26:51
  • mrdog 2011/11/21 09:46:42
    Sounds kinda bad to me
    Yes...and I stand against our government running healthcare for all citizens...
    it is that simple for me.... National healthcare...no thank you...bark
  • Jacob Mahurien 2011/11/21 09:12:09
    Sounds very bad to me
    Jacob Mahurien
    Let's just say this. This year my father's healthcare insurance shot up to about a fourth of his paycheck.
  • Simmering Frog 2011/11/21 09:11:38
    Sounds very bad to me
    Simmering Frog

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