Is Obama scared of Putin?

SonSpeaker AaL CCLA-ZWC 2013/08/07 14:08:44
When president Obama took office back in January, 2009, he stunned the press and everyone else when he stated, "The United States, in a move to further diplomacy, and the need for worldwide peace, has taken the nuclear option off of the table." What???
Now, no country on earth fears the U.S. might use the fear of a nuclear strike against them is a viable move as long as he is in office. "What are we going to do," said Senator John McCain (R-Az), "throw rocks at them?"

Again, Obama has taken the nuclear option off of the table for use against Iran.

Iran could move America towards a deadly, albeit unwanted, conflict. The reason why Barack Obama, in a letter written to Iran this past winter, announced openly that the military option from his country’s perspective is not on the table, was exactly because the Americans saw that Iran was not afraid but in fact was preparing for war!

Now, Russia's Vladmir Putin has ignored all requests from the U.S. regarding that Edward Snowden be extradited back to the states.

"Why would he?" says one opinion writer,"He has nothing to fear from this weak administration that has become a laughingstock all over the world."
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  • Betty jo 2013/08/07 16:58:31
    Betty jo
    obama is afraid of his own shadow.
  • Bronar 2013/08/07 14:58:23 (edited)
    I don't know, but let's face it, Putin respects Obama about as much as he likes gays. Obama knows he would leave a Russian summit with nothing other than a few photo ops because he hasn't the leadership skills to make anything of the opportunity.
  • Don 2013/08/07 14:21:08
    He's not that smart.
    I can tell you Putin is not afraid of him.

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