Is Obama bad for blacks?

Uranos7 2012/04/29 20:09:18
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Black Unemployment the highest in 27 years!

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- The August jobs report was dismal for plenty of reasons, but perhaps most striking was the picture it painted of racial inequality in the job market.

Black unemployment surged to 16.7% in August, its highest level since 1984, while the unemployment rate for whites fell slightly to 8%, the Labor Department report.

"This month's numbers continue to bear out that longstanding pattern that minorities have a much more challenging time getting jobs," said Bill Rodgers, chief economist with the Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University.

Black unemployment has been roughly double that of whites since the government started tracking the figures in 1972.

Economists blame a variety of factors. The black workforce is younger than the white workforce, lower numbers of blacks get a college degree and many live in areas of the country that were harder hit by the recession -- all things that could lead to a higher unemployment rate.

But even excluding those factors, blacks still are hit with higher joblessness.

Unemployment rate, state by state

"Even when you compare black and white workers, same age range, same education, you still see pretty significant gaps in unemployment rates," said Algernon Austin, director of the Race, Ethnicity, and the Economy program at the Economic Policy Institute. "So I do think the fact of racial discrimination in the labor market continues to play a role."

About 155,000 blacks got jobs in August, but the group's unemployment rate still went up because those jobs weren't enough to make up for all the people who started looking for work during the month.

However, the gain for whites of 211,000 jobs was enough to bring their unemployment rate down.

Overall, black men have it the worst, with joblessness at a staggeringly high 19.1%, compared to 14.5% for black women.

Black unemployment has now remained above 10% for four straight years, and the given current economic sluggishness, some experts say it's safe to predict the rate will remain above 10% for four more years.

"Our job creation is just not happening -- certainly not at the rate necessarily to bring rapid reductions to the unemployment rate," Austin said.

Latinos saw their unemployment rate remain unchanged at 11.3% in August. Unemployment remains at 9.1% for the country as a whole.

Increase in welfare recipients:

The federal government's fiscal stimulus includes $5 billion for states where
more families receive welfare or spending increases on employment subsidies or
short-term emergency assistance. That provision sparked concerns from the
Heritage Foundation and other conservative groups that President Barack Obama
was undoing the provisions of the 1996 law intended to encourage states to get
people off welfare and onto payrolls.
Twenty-three of the 30 largest states, which account for more than 88% of the
nation's total population, see welfare caseloads above year-ago levels,
according to a survey conducted by The Wall Street Journal and the National
Conference of State Legislatures. As more people run out of unemployment
compensation, many are turning to welfare as a stopgap.

The biggest increases are in states with some of the worst jobless rates.
Oregon's count was up 27% in May from a year earlier; South Carolina's climbed
23% and California's 10% between March 2009 and March 2008. A few big states
that had seen declining welfare caseloads just a few months ago now are seeing
increases: New York is up 1.2%, Illinois 3% and Wisconsin 3.9%. Welfare rolls in
a few big states, Michigan and New Jersey among them, still are declining.

Unemployment is up and due to Obama's Stimulus more people qualify for welfare. The number of peope on welfare is higher than it has been since the 90's.
To me that means that all of us but blacks especially are worse off under Obama.



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  • GettingBarried 2012/04/29 20:52:55
    We have a black president so things are automatically better for blacks no ma...
    Sadly, those that voted for Obama because he is black probably will do so again.

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  • diane RN 2012/05/15 03:05:30
    Yes; blacks are worse off so are the rest of us.
    diane RN
    Of course, unemployment for black males has reached its highest level ever...
  • Uranos7 diane RN 2012/05/15 04:09:28
    Good one; even stronger worded than the CNN one.
    The Obama Administration has a serious problem. Every time the numbers show that chronic Black unemployment has reached crisis levels, I think back to the Obama Administration’s delusional assertion three years ago that a “rising tide will lift all boats” (that targeted economic policy would not work as well as a general policy that helps everyone – after all, he is “everyone’s president”). Well, I’m here to report to the Obama Administration: The tide not only missed our boat, but Black folks are sinking to the bottom of the economic ocean.

    That sums it up very nicely.
  • Arel 2012/05/14 23:40:22
    Yes; blacks are worse off so are the rest of us.
    and most will still vote for him again.
  • Libertys Martyr 2012/05/14 23:25:30
    Yes; blacks are worse off so are the rest of us.
    Libertys Martyr
    He's bad for you, he's bad for me.
    But so is Bush, and Romney!

    Intellectual revolution, Liberty and Freedom!
    So elect Ron Paul! You know we need em'!
  • Uranos7 Liberty... 2012/05/14 23:33:55
    Unfortunately Ron paul dropped out today, confirmed by CNN and his own forums. ;{
    It's all up to Romney now.
    Anyone is better than Obama.
  • Liberty... Uranos7 2012/05/14 23:42:41
    Libertys Martyr
    He did not drop out, and never believe anything you hear on the television my friend, especially CNN.
  • Uranos7 Liberty... 2012/05/14 23:57:44
    Perhaps you will believe it from his own mouth.
  • Liberty... Uranos7 2012/05/15 04:24:25
    Libertys Martyr
    Sigh* What you just posted was literally 3 years and and 11 months old.

    How about you read this brother.

  • Uranos7 Liberty... 2012/05/15 18:13:15
    Yes I didn't realize it at first...........Sorry.
    Sorta strange that he said almost the same thing at almost the same time last campaign though.
  • Headhunter 13 2012/05/14 23:01:21
    Yes; blacks are worse off so are the rest of us.
    Headhunter 13
    My SO is Black back in 2008 she said she was afraid that obama was the worst thing that could happen to Blacks in America. That even though it was time we had a Black President, her fear was he would fail and hurt any and all advances made in the last 50+ years. That he was just not up to the job
  • Yes; blacks are worse off so are the rest of us.
    Jerry (Iron Priest)☮ R ☮ P ☮ 201
    He wants everyone to be dependent upon the government when what a good leader does is make is possible for us to depend upon ourselves.
  • BlueRepublican 2012/05/14 22:30:46
    Yes; blacks are worse off so are the rest of us.
    hey barry, I know you heard what Obama told black people at the CBC who were worried about unemployment and jobs, right?
    He told them to, "stop grumbling, stop complaining"
    Yup, if Bush did that to white people he would've got IMPEACHED!!!!
  • Uranos7 BlueRep... 2012/05/14 23:29:34
    "I expect all of you to march with me and press on. Take off your bedroom slippers, put on your marching shoes. Shake it off. Stop complaining, stop grumbling, stop crying. We are going to press on. We've got work to do, CBC."

    Yes they would have been rioting in the streets if Bush or any republican had said that.
  • Contarded Guru Chickenhawk 2012/05/10 15:46:40
  • Uranos7 Contard... 2012/05/10 18:56:38
    black unemployment
    read it and weep.
    Don't bother with the 'Oh it's getting better now' Too little too late.
  • Contard... Uranos7 2012/05/10 19:13:10
  • Uranos7 Contard... 2012/05/10 19:23:34
    The fact that it stayed that high for 2 years already has people P.O.'d.
    That is why it is too late.
    empty suit
  • Contard... Uranos7 2012/05/10 20:34:14
  • Uranos7 Contard... 2012/05/10 21:17:10
    Maybe those following the Obamah messiah but most othersare waking up and seeing that the change he brought took the change out of thier pockets.
    no change left
  • Contard... Uranos7 2012/05/10 21:21:05
  • Uranos7 Contard... 2012/05/10 22:06:49
    Well if your admitting tha the GOP are smart enough to manipulate things so well and that democrats are powerless to do anything about it.
    Why bother voting democrat?
    = just say no to liberals
  • Contard... Uranos7 2012/05/10 22:26:54
  • Jerry (... Contard... 2012/05/14 22:35:57
    Jerry (Iron Priest)☮ R ☮ P ☮ 201
    I certainly admit that. They both suck like dirty whores. That's why I'd really like to see the people support third party candidates. Sure, they may suck too.
  • Contard... Jerry (... 2012/05/14 22:39:28 (edited)
  • Jerry (... Contard... 2012/05/14 22:48:44
    Jerry (Iron Priest)☮ R ☮ P ☮ 201
    I'm actually a right leaning Libertarian. I believe in small government and personal freedom. Less of the man taking my money and rights away; therefore, allowing me(and you) to live my life as I see fit as long as I don't hurt others. More and more rules just keep piling higher and higher. I have things in common with the left also. Our troops need to come home and stay home. We go overseas only to respond to a direct attack, kick their asses, and come back home. You probably already know what Libertarianism is about. Even if you disagree with the Libertarian platform, there are other third parties that will be far more honest with us than the Democrats or Republicans. They look out for themselves, not the people.
  • Contard... Jerry (... 2012/05/15 12:38:48
  • svenn13 2012/05/09 22:20:59
    We have a black president so things are automatically better for blacks no ma...
    If you support mass immigration and “assimilation” for all White countries and ONLY White countries, you are an anti-White.

    If you say the continued existence of White children is “irrelevant” and should not be defended from policies that will lead to their extinction as a group, you are an anti-White.

    If you insist White people are not allowed to have their own countries and self determination like non-Whites have in non-White countries, you are an anti-White.
  • ----- 2012/05/09 19:36:49
  • H H 2012/04/30 05:08:56
    Yes; blacks are worse off so are the rest of us.
    H H
    BO is bad for everyone.
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/04/30 01:07:57
    Yes; blacks are worse off so are the rest of us.
    Welfare is another chain. Some of them don't know it yet, but others do. He's chaining them to dependency and us to extortion.
  • lm1b2 2012/04/30 00:17:41 (edited)
    Yes; blacks are worse off so are the rest of us.
    Blacks unemployment is always higher do to lack of education,etc,this is not news,the same reason Latino unemployment is higher,again this is not news,these are sad facts. It would not make any difference who was President,and you people know it!
  • Uranos7 lm1b2 2012/04/30 00:35:00
    It is true that it is usually a point or two higher but under Obama the gulf has widened.
    black unemployment 2012
  • lm1b2 Uranos7 2012/04/30 14:53:44
    This is not a ordinary recession,this is a depression,the only people who aren't admitting it is the people who say they represent us,and the Media.The sad part is because they have not punished the people who caused it(Wall Street),it can happen again!
  • Uranos7 lm1b2 2012/04/30 16:02:22
    Notice how the unemployment rate went up after Obama's 'stimulus', and the gap widened. That is because he expanded the number of people who qualified for entitlements giving them less incentive to look for a job, and he devalued the dollar (by borrowing more money to cover it) making inflation go up, which meant higher expenses for employers and people. So with higher expenses the employers cut labor cost. It would have recovered faster if he had done nothing.
  • GettingBarried 2012/04/29 20:52:55
    We have a black president so things are automatically better for blacks no ma...
    Sadly, those that voted for Obama because he is black probably will do so again.
  • Mr. T 2012/04/29 20:32:23
    Yes; blacks are worse off so are the rest of us.
    Mr. T
    Obama is no better than blacks who sold their own into slavery. He is just using them for his gain period.
  • jeane 2012/04/29 20:29:25
    Yes; blacks are worse off so are the rest of us.
    My hope is for black people to stand on their own without Government entitlements. The first building block is family! The black family is in serious trouble. 70 percent of all black children born in the U.S. are to women who have never been married.
  • Mr. T jeane 2012/04/29 21:02:54
    Mr. T
  • Dale 2012/04/29 20:21:02
    Yes; blacks are worse off so are the rest of us.
    Black, White, Asian, American Indian, Mixed Race, Other, or just plain American no matter color, gender, sexual preference, age, or religion or lack thereof. Damn few people, other than Government Workers(Federal) are better off then they were three and one-half years ago. Jest sayin' mind you, jest sayin'.
  • Uranos7 Dale 2012/04/29 21:03:07
    Not for government workers either, especially the women.
    "The ratio for men declined from 69.8 percent in 2007 to a low of 63.3 percent in Dec. 2009. It has since risen a bit, up to 64.5 percent in Jan. 2012 (still one of the lowest percentages on record.) For women, however, the employment to population ratio in 2007 was 56.6 percent and it has fallen virtually every month since then, hitting 52.9 percent in Jan. 2012. It has not been that low since 1987."

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