Is Obama A Secret Member of the Muslim Brotherhood?

atomikmom 2013/09/13 05:04:50
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Is Obama A Secret Member Of The Muslim Brotherhood?

September 12, 2013 by

Is Obama A Secret Member Of The Muslim Brotherhood?

It is a travesty that on the 12th anniversary of
9/11 President Barack Obama is poised to use our military to support
Syrian rebels, many of whom pledge: “Death to America!”

Obama is prepared to take up arms against the Bashar Assad regime
even though half of the anti-government rebels may be avid jihadists,
some of whom have been busying themselves with SS-style executions of
captured Syrian soldiers and attacks on Syrian Christians.

Last week, The Associated Press
reported that “al-Qaida-linked fighters launched an assault on” the
“Christian mountain village” of Maaloula, some 40 miles from Damascus.
The rebels commandeered a mountaintop hotel and were shelling civilians,
according to a nun who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Assad’s army, as brutal as it may be, had been protecting the
village, whose residents speak a version of Aramaic, an ancient language
that Christ is believed to have spoken.

“The stones are shaking,” a nun at Mar Takla told The AP. “We don’t know if the rebels have left or not. Nobody dares go out.”

The attacking of Christians by those supported by Obama is nothing
new. It happened in Egypt. The recently overthrown Muslim Brotherhood
destroyed churches and persecuted Christians. It is also an outspoken
goal of some of the anti-Assad forces, including untold multitudes of
al-Qaida affiliates that have entered the war and hail from as far away
as Chechnya, the country of origin for the Boston bombers.

These are the same Syrian revolutionaries that Obama is risking world
peace to defend with U.S. military might. The question we should ask
is: Why? Some people within the Arab world think they know the answer,
that Obama is a secret member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

So tweeted Shadi Hamid, director of research at the Brookings Center in Doha, Qatar.

The allegation was printed in Egyptian newspaper Al-Wafd.

“One could hardly come up with a more explosive allegation about a
U.S. president than secret membership in an Islamist group,” wrote The Blaze.

Jonathan Spyer, senior research fellow at the Global Research in International Affairs Center and an Arabic speaker, talked to The Blaze about Al-Wafd’s allegation.

Spyer said Egyptians are angry at the Obama Administration for not
taking a stand against the Muslim Brotherhood. “There is some degree of
justification” in the accusation that Obama is pro-Muslim Brotherhood,
according to Spyer, because the president has not condemned the group.

The truth is that Obama has come right to the edge of endorsing the
Muslim Brotherhood. Last week, in a story titled “‘My Administration is
Proud to be Your Partner’, Obama Tells Muslim Brotherhood Pro-Hamas
Group,” Frontpage Mag wrote:

Obama taped a statement congratulating ISNA [Islamic
Society of North America], an unindicted co-conspirator in the Hamas
Holy Land funding case, on its anniversary, telling the Muslim
Brotherhood terror-linked front group, “My administration is proud to be
your partner.”

ISNA’s president had met twice with Obama and Valerie Jarrett, making
this a high end meeting. And Jarrett had addressed the ISNA convention
back in 2009.

“Muslim Americans are integral part of our character and history and
we rely on your innovation and entrepreneurship to help keep moving this
country forward,” Obama told ISNA members. “Over the last half century,
you have upheld the proud legacy of American Muslims’ contributions to
our national fabric and this gathering is a testament of that

Many people maintain that the ISNA is a front organization for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama’s Ridiculous ‘Red Line’ Excuse

Obama could write a book: How to Win Enemies and Influence Jihadists.
The President has not improved the situation in the Mideast. And, after
all, the region’s continual turmoil stems largely from American policy
toward Saudi Arabia and Israel. Obama is simply aggravating the
situation by attempting to drag America into another war in which some
of those aided may bring terror to the United States in the future.

In May, I quoted the President in Paving the Road to Ruin with Islamists:

“We will not tolerate the use of chemical weapons against
the Syrian people.” Those are the words from President Barack Obama. He
also warned that if the regime in Syria is using chemical weapons, it
will have “crossed a red line” creating a “game changer” for his

I added:

The reasoning goes in Washington that America must stop
Islamic religious and tribal factions from killing each other. Yet three
thoughts come to mind:

  1. Does America not have bigger national security problems, namely
    North Korea and its long-range missiles, which may already carry nuclear
  2. If Muslims are killing each other, the Muslim extremists may be too busy to kill us.
  3. How in the world can military intervention in the Mideast do anything other than make things worse?

I have not seen a good answer from the Obama Administration on these
issues. What I have seen is an Administration with help from neocons in
the Republican Party itching to help radical elements in Syria, come
whatever may. To have it their way, they are harping on the use of
chemical weapons in Syria, allegedly by Assad. The warmongers are now
saying it was not the President who set the red line on their use; it
was the world.

Secretary of State John Kerry recently stated: “This really is not
President Obama’s red line. The president drew a line that anyone should
draw with respect to this convention that we have signed up to, and
which has been in place since the horrors of World War I.”

Are you serious, Secretary Kerry? For someone who brags about his
combat record in Vietnam and is a self-proclaimed “warrior,” you seem to
know little about the facts of that war, a war which you later so
vehemently opposed.

Some 388,000 tons of napalm were dropped on targets in Vietnam by the
Pentagon, resulting in the death of countless women and children. Since
Vietnam, the use of napalm has been banned.

Prospect reported:

When the US used firebombs against Saddam’s army in 2003,
the Pentagon vociferously denied that it was napalm. It later explained
it was another incendiary that did not yet have such a bad reputation.

In 2004, in Fallujah, Iraq, U.S. troops used white phosphorus
against Iraqi insurgents. Only after the Pentagon was caught lying
about its use did our government admit to it. That incident was
documented in the Italian television report “Fallujah, The Hidden
Massacre.” The ghastly images include video and photographs of dead
Iraqi civilians not so different from those used by the Obama
Administration to build its case for war against the Assad regime.

Imagine how our government would have reacted had Russia called those
incidents the crossing of a red line and lined up an attack fleet off
our coast to punish the Bush Administration. It is an absurd notion,
mostly because America is strong. However, Syria is weak.

Dispense with these inconvenient truths, say the neocon Republicans
and the Obama Democrats. After all, Obama has a war to be waged and just
perhaps a greater jihad to inspire.

Today is a sad day, my friends, not only because it is the
anniversary of 9/11 but also because, at the very least, our President
is a penny wise and a pound stupid when it comes to preventing another

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers

Read More: http://www.personallibertydigest.com

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  • Don Sena 2013/10/03 20:12:14 (edited)
    No he is not
    Don Sena
    Obama is a godless secular progressive. The very secular left and the Islamists are engaged in a defacto co-belligerency : They both hate the same thing, but for quite different reasons. (Consider that the Finns and the Germans in WWII were co-belligerents : The Germans attacked the Russians, and the Russians attacked Finland. Finland and Germany were not allies, but simply shared a common enemy.) The left here in US hates the whole of a nation as we were conceived in the late 18th century. The Muslims hate the West in toto -- everything from your daughter's miniskirt to the absence of Allah as the official god of the US. Both the secular left and the Muslims have the common goal of undoing the US one way or the other, so they don't attack each other -- just as we worked with Stalin in WWII to help undo the Third Reich in Germany.
  • kay simmers 2013/10/03 04:48:53
    Yes he is
    kay simmers
    I don't think there is any "secret" about it--he is!
  • Beccy 2013/09/14 18:46:10
    He was as a child I doubt it has changed.
  • Kingarthurup 2013/09/14 03:49:15
    The reason I chose undecided is because derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... read his book...he is a muslim....he my not be a card carrying member of the brotherhood, but he is a supporter....LOL... pretty obvious.
  • Bob Anderson 2013/09/14 01:47:32
  • Jeff 2013/09/13 22:18:43
    Yes he is
    Yes, he is but it's hardly a secret.

    Just follow the money.
  • Icanbean Arschloch 2013/09/13 22:16:04
    Icanbean  Arschloch
    I'm waiting on the conformation of the paperwork.
  • sick'n'tired PWCM 2013/09/13 22:05:37
    sick'n'tired PWCM
    I don't know. But I do know he is a mbh supported and sympathizer.
  • gaylehelen 2013/09/13 19:38:56
    No he is not
    I'm not surprised we have so many stupid people who can't distinguish an African name and just think it must be Muslim. Maybe technology has made progress, but humanity hasn't changed and probably never will until we finally kill each other off.
    Also surprising was how many young people (12-18) who had no idea how many planes crashed on 9/11, how many thought 2 planes hit the world trade center and totally ignorant of the other 2 planes. A local newscast on the date conducted the random questions and I was shocked at how stupid some of these kids are. So sad.
  • Billy J 2013/09/13 19:29:40
    No he is not
    Billy J
    not only nopw but HELL NO
  • GOP Poison 2013/09/13 19:29:23
    No he is not
    GOP Poison
    Sure he is....That is why he has killed so many of them. What a bunch of dumbasses.
  • Giantsfan 2013/09/13 19:27:07 (edited)
    No he is not
    First you must first understand why Al Queda attacked us then you must realize that many of the people not fighting are on the side of the rebels and thirdly you must realize the middle east is like a jigsaw puzzle with different factions fighting each other. As the saying goes, it's complecated". No matter which side you take you are defending someone who hates you. Syria is an ally of Iran and Hezbollah and sworn enemies of Israel and the rebels have menbers like Al Queda who hate America and Israel. This has more to do with using chemical weapons then picking sides. If that wasn't the case we could have used cruise missles to weaken the Syrian government troops a long time ago.
    Don't you think an article written by an "investment adviser" from Canada isn't the right source to quote here .........
  • Jigzy 2013/09/13 18:07:57
    Yes he is
    I've always known this.
  • Lorenz0 W. ElMenzo 2013/09/13 18:05:41
    Yes he is
    Lorenz0 W. ElMenzo
    it's no secret!
  • CMackley ~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2013/09/13 18:04:36
  • JustTheFacts 2013/09/13 17:58:35
    Yes he is
    I do not think it is a secret.

    Look at his governance of the Middle East. He does everything from give money to Palestine, to the management of Libya and now Syria. Everything he does is for the MB to gain in significance and power.
  • Magus BN-0 2013/09/13 15:23:11
    No he is not
    Magus BN-0
    What an absurd question.
  • sandra 2013/09/13 13:36:39
    Even if he is a Muslim, what is the problem. His decision to believe what he wants.
    No religion is better or worse than the next, Most people don`t practice the real meaning of them anyways. Most people just "hide behind the cloak" and what not, just to fool others into thinking they are so holy. I don`t believe in any of it! And I don`t get impressed by people who go to church or some other religious building.
    But I do respect other peoples belief systems even though I have my own beliefs, mine work for me.
    Al-Queida does not mean all Muslims are radical terrorists! After all wasn`t Hitler a religious man? I don`t know about him but most dictators from the past were religious .
    What about all the atrocities that Christians and Catholic believers caused throughout the centuries, way back starting from the 1500`s and probably even before that.
    And the Spanish conquistadors .
  • FAM of ... sandra 2013/09/13 19:57:27
    FAM of the OMC
    Yeah, those Presbyterian suicide bombers are simply running amuck.
  • sandra FAM of ... 2013/09/13 22:49:24
    hahaha...nah! they are too busy brainwashing people, like all the other man made religions.
    But not all Presbyterian`s are bad,just like not all people with other beliefs are bad!

    I forgot what religion Timothy McVeigh belonged to, was he a Muslim?
    Was the people who dropped the big bomb Muslim? hmmm! I wonder.....

    I also wonder if our past American leaders were Muslims, remember the ones who brought in Slavery and humiliated all those black families for many years.......
  • FAM of ... sandra 2013/09/14 01:43:49
    FAM of the OMC
    McVeigh was an athirst. The a bombs weren't dropped in the name of any god/religion. The attack of twin towers was. Do I really need to link the hundred of beheading videos, the thousands of suicide bombings, the hundreds of Arab Christians murdered, and their churches burned. You attempt at equate any other religion to the atrocities committed by Muslims is.ridiculous.
  • sandra FAM of ... 2013/09/14 02:22:11
    I am not equating anything, And the bombs were dropped by people who hide behind the cloaks of Christianity!Probably most of them church goers every Sunday!
    The point I am trying to get across is that the Muslim religion like most other religions are decent religions, but indecent people distort these religions with there own personal beliefs in the name of the Gods they worship!
    No where in the Koran does it tell it`s followers to become terrorists. These ideas come from sick minded radicals who think they knw what their God wants ,just to justify their evil deeds.
    The Muslim religion is not the problem ,the problem is within the minds of some sick Muslim believers.
    Same thing with some evil people who follow other religions.
    I wish people would stop hating all Muslim people, they are not all terrorists,
    That`s like judging the entire country of Germany because of what the Nazie`s did!
  • FAM of ... sandra 2013/09/14 04:09:09
    FAM of the OMC
    You obviously know little of the Koran, or of Islam. For one, the Koran does order the killing of infidels. 2nd and more important, is the fact that the teachings of Mohammed are far more prescriptively important in Islam than of the Koran. True faith in Islam means that you MUST accept jihad as the way.
  • sandra FAM of ... 2013/09/14 16:03:49
    oh sht! I just wrote a huge response but it didn`t go through! Oh well ,I will sum up my opinion , I just wish people would look at people as individuals not as symbols of what their religious belief`s are.
    I love people of every culture regardless of whom or what they believe in.
    And I don`t believe in any of it!
    But I also could never judge people by all the ones who do bad.
    Regardless of borders, cultures, religions,countries, skin color....we are all the same just human
    I would have to hate all people including my children and myself if I were to judge any other human. For you and I both know that evil people are everywhere, with or without any belief system.
    Thanks for your response,I was sure I read good things regarding the Koran... perhaps I will need to do a little more research on this and the Bible because I have conflicting knowledge about this one to.
    cat smile
  • FAM of ... sandra 2013/09/15 09:23:24
    FAM of the OMC
    You are a sweet soul, and I wish everyone could think as you do. Unfortunately, they do not. So people like me must do everything in our power to protect and defend those like you, so that beautiful shining light is not snuffed out.
  • sandra FAM of ... 2013/09/15 23:24:36
    Thanks for the compliments, Same goes to you for helping people.
    We certainly have a shortage of helpers to go around the world.
    And a definite shortage of helpers in every area of crime and hatred, abuse,.....racism... thanks for helping
  • atomikmom sandra 2013/09/16 00:46:41
    I have no respect for racist people!! They are no better than anyone else, even if they think so, but it is not true.
  • sandra atomikmom 2013/09/16 18:25:45
    you are so right about that!
  • irish 2013/09/13 13:07:20
    No he is not
    geez,people who think this just do not understand how the elite run this world.
  • RogerCoppock 2013/09/13 11:59:47
    No he is not
    Yep! Obama is the center of right wing nut fantasyland.
  • atomikmom RogerCo... 2013/09/16 00:47:42
    You got that right!! that's for sure.
  • Lady Whitewolf 2013/09/13 09:42:49
    No he is not
    Lady Whitewolf

  • Richard 2013/09/13 08:27:39
    Whether is a paid-up member or not is immaterial but pedantry apart, it is clear where his sympathies lie. Five or six years ago, identity politics allowed him to get away with the sort of politically correct language about Islam that is now much less acceptable and receiving scrutiny. Some people mouthed it out of political correctness, others because there was something more sinister afoot. Actions speak louder than words - and Obama's action clearly require the closest scrutiny of all.
  • USAF Vet 2013/09/13 07:46:24
    USAF Vet
    I'm having a desperate time struggling with the believe he's not...do I need therapy?
  • S* 2013/09/13 07:12:32
    No he is not
    Shhush, it is a secret, how would these nimrods know? LOL.
  • johngoodboy 2013/09/13 06:46:51
    Yes he is
    He sure seems to act like he is.
  • missthang 2013/09/13 06:36:48
    I do not know, but I hope Not!!!
  • perks-a real PATRIOT 2013/09/13 06:16:27
    Yes he is
    perks-a real PATRIOT
    I don't think there's any secret about it!!
  • atomikmom perks-a... 2013/09/13 06:21:24
    You are right!!!
  • perks-a... atomikmom 2013/09/13 07:17:16
    perks-a real PATRIOT
    Why isn't he being held accountable for his membership in a terrorist organization??

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