Is obama a one term president?

American eagle 2011/03/22 05:11:10
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  • Marcus Aurelius 2011/03/22 05:33:49
    Marcus Aurelius
    This piece of garbage isn't even a "OTP"........................... has never been a president, he does not know how to preside, he is a waste of the American taxpayers dollar and probably the most expensive welfare recipient in the history of this great land!!

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  • This is W³ 2012/03/05 06:52:28
    This is W³
    No. It looks more and more likely that President Obama will be elected for a second term.
  • Michael 2011/08/26 02:13:07
  • BIGK27 2011/04/01 04:52:59 (edited)
    Sounds like he is loosing his support.

  • harley oldman 2011/03/31 23:13:02
    harley oldman
    .....LORD........I HOPE so..!
  • chief 00 2011/03/31 19:59:03
    chief 00
    I think so.
  • Anjmarie 2011/03/29 23:47:52
  • Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel 2011/03/29 06:05:09
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    Hope BO is only a one termer. BO could make it easier on ALL patriotic Americans by resigning and stepping down as POTUS.
  • BIGK27 2011/03/29 05:56:33
    I don't think he will finish his term.
  • Annie~P... BIGK27 2011/03/29 06:02:21
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    So hope you are right BIGK27!
  • Lee The Hybrid Snowflake 2011/03/25 22:17:25
  • Giantsfan 2011/03/25 21:55:16 (edited)
    Considering what the republicans have to offer I hope he's a two term president. Newt, Bachmann, Pawlenty, Santourm. Maybe Palin or Trump. Goodness gracious, give us a freakin' break.
  • ronbo51 2011/03/25 13:47:04
    and then we can rid ourselves of it!
    rid toilet flushing
  • harley ... ronbo51 2011/03/31 23:12:14
    harley oldman
    A great pic from the Andouille Capital of the World.
  • ronbo51 harley ... 2011/04/01 14:58:36
  • harley ... harley ... 2011/04/01 17:52:24
    harley oldman
    As your reply activated the Profanity filter , I`m a bit confused! I complemented you on the pic and La Place was(?) the Audouille Capital of the World. Please explain.
  • ronbo51 harley ... 2011/04/01 20:01:44
    yeah , am a bit bent with the whole lot of of them in DC today.either party is a disgrace.

    sorry for outburst . meant to jus type BS. but. just paid my taxes for 2010 and not happy with the waste and spend.
    yep Laplace is the Andouille capital of the world. its actually called the German coast.
    i live in farming town next to it. called montz. very german name.
  • harley ... ronbo51 2011/04/01 22:54:21
    harley oldman
    I know what you mean, that whole bunch (D & R) in DC are completely worthless. What really pissed me off was the Moratorium on the Gulf drilling. It stung hell of of the people of So.LA. I got relatives in Morgan City, Laf., Eunice , Mamou, and two sons in BR.
    I have lived in Pt. Sulphur. Paradise, Kenner and bought my 1st house in LaPlace.
    I was raised in BR. OBTW.I got Savoie`s Andouille and Roux in my fridge .
  • ronbo51 harley ... 2011/04/03 22:26:55
    we favor Best Stop from Scott ,la.smoked meats as well as a few others, Hebertts, and Adrians meat markets in area.

    at this point repubs and dems need to get off the thumbs stuck up their AS--S and get drilling back on trakc and production and cut off the foreign oil flow completely.or at least import from freindlys. canada, South america, mexico,. right now i want all of them gone that is not going for this juncture. including the fool at the top. he could be repud or dem . doesnt matter. we will be looking at 6-8$ a gallon in 1 year if we dont!
    its time to act and throw the trash out!
    diesel prices are killing the farmers. so you know what come snext!! higher food prices!
  • harley ... ronbo51 2011/04/04 01:43:41
    harley oldman
    Your so right about the diesel and high food prices.

    I stop at Heberts in Maurice when I go down to Shucks for raw Oysters.
    I can buy Savoies Andouille here in Western NC.
  • harley ... ronbo51 2011/04/01 17:54:25
    harley oldman
    Please read harley to harley below....I hit the wrong button.
  • Rainy 2011/03/24 23:24:00
    Let's hope so.
  • santa6642 2011/03/24 20:31:53
    God I hope so.
  • braveheart 2011/03/24 18:29:45
    I think so..
  • SolelyShe 2011/03/24 13:01:53
    Time to try a woman for president.
  • kyle 2011/03/24 06:36:48
  • Purple Guy/Vincent 2011/03/24 04:38:48
    Purple Guy/Vincent
    Hmm, he's done enough damage. As has Bush. Do you think Obama made it worse or isn't trying to fix it at all? Either way. I agree. 1 term...Get the hell outta here.
  • Munster 2011/03/24 04:27:13
    My sources say "yes". I don't think he is really cut out to be president of the U.S. He's got good public speaking skills, but that's about it. It seems to me that he enjoys the celebrity status more than anything. It makes us look bad when we have our president goofing while Japan is in turmoil. I'm not just saying Obama is the only president that's did this sort of thing. I'm just saying we need a strong leader that knows what to do when things get sticky.
  • SolelyShe Munster 2011/03/24 13:01:00
    well put.
  • Munster SolelyShe 2011/03/24 18:58:29
    Thank you.
  • Idiot repubs 2011/03/24 04:19:20
    Idiot repubs
    No, not with the line up of reality stars and fox personalities the GOP is intending to run against him. Obama in a landslide.
  • Prime Time Lime 2011/03/24 04:02:14
    Prime Time Lime
    With the potential candidates on the Republican side right now I would say the odds are very high that he will serve a second term.
  • steve 2011/03/24 03:21:52
    Obama should get re-elected. He got us out of Bush's big recession & got healthcare reform
    passed . According to polls , he will beat the Republican candidates by 10% to 15% ,
    depending on which one they pick . The tea party has made the Republicans crazier
    & more radical & they have got middle class mad by going after union workers.
  • seattleman 2011/03/24 01:46:55
    My crystal ball says.... Obama/Biden win re-election over Romney/Pawlenty. It also says .... Red Sox beat Phillies to win World Series in classic game 7 thriller. It also says... NFL season cancelled - no Super Bowl come February of 2012. Football fans flock to LFL (Lingerie Football League) february 2012 football fans flock lfl lingerie football league lingerie football league
  • Scott 2011/03/24 00:45:06
    GOD , I Hope So ! Even so , he is Hell Bent on leaving a GUTTED SHELL of what our great country used to be . It will take MANY years to return us to greatness thanks to this Marxist .
  • steve Scott 2011/03/24 03:26:36
    Bush ruined our country with his tax cuts for rich & stupid wars & deregulation that caused
    housing/banking crisis & big recession. Obama got us out of Bush's recession & passed
    healthcare reform, which will help millions , & passed regulation reform , which will help stop
    future banking crisis . Most of world hated us under Bush & his stupid wars , but most like
    us now , thanks to Obama .
  • Scott steve 2011/03/24 05:01:26
  • Rainy steve 2011/03/24 23:26:02
    Yeah, he bows down to them and grovels at their feet.
  • Giantsfan Scott 2011/03/25 22:00:42
    Gutted shell. Explain what was gutted? The only thing I see being gutted is being gutted by republicans. Like money for schools and universities. Now all you conservative dimwits that voted these republican governors in will be paying higher property taxes to make up the difference while large corporations get to pay nothing. Idiots.....
  • Scott Giantsfan 2011/03/26 02:17:52
    It is fools like yourself that just don't get it . THERE IS NO MONEY ! We have been borrowing and it has been kicked into high gear by this president 3 TRILLION DOLLARS in 24 months with nothing to do with republicans ( Dems controlled Everything ! House , Senate & President ) . Bush did his share too and gets plenty of blame as well . BOTH political parties since Clinton have sold America out ! Clinton with NAFTA - AND - the expansion of NAFTA to Asia as well . Clinton sent all our jobs out of America to Mexico & China . Bush took the Afgan. War and got us in neck deep in Iraq .
  • Giantsfan Scott 2011/03/26 03:08:16 (edited)
    No, nothing to do with the republicans? Right. Did you forget the super sized recession Bush left Obama? What was he suppose to do, nothing? Oh yes, that is what the republicans would have done. Let the job loses accelerate from 550,000 to 650,000 to 750,000. Oh right they were doing that. Obama spent to get us out of the recession and stop the job loses and guess what? It worked. Republicans said let Chrysler and GM fail. With suppliers and mom and pop businesses it would have cost another 3 million jobs on top of the 8 million already lost. They, republicans, have no damn clue what do they. GM is back to making big money again for the first time since 2004. You spend to stop and reverse a recession. So Obama spent. It worked. Now we can start on the budget cutting starting with the bloated military budget and the subsidies for the oil companies. And making companies like GE and Exxon/Mobil pay taxes. I voted against Clinton the second time because of NAFTA. Iraq never should have happened. But if done right Afghanistan would have been over in a year with Bin Laden and his number two dead. But they F---ed that up big time. I only give Obama through this budget then he'd better watch the spending.
    PS 22 million jobs were created in the US while Clinton was president. Pretty damn good I'd say. And with a higher tax rate too.
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