Is ‘Nude Cleaning Woman’ a Glorified Prostitute?

Living 2010/06/03 22:00:00
Hiring a nude cleaning woman sounds like a bachelor party gag -- or worse. But Kia Carroll, owner of the Odd’z and En’z Janitorial Service, says she’s just trying to make a living in today’s economy.

“It would sound like that, like I’m soliciting prostitution, but I’m not,” she told KETV. Carroll said her business is a combination cleaning, entertainment and party service. Some of her employees are dancers, and if they choose to engage in sex with their clients, that’s their business.

“We are strongly set on that we are not soliciting sex and we are strictly here to clean. If you want something other, you’re going to have to take that up with that person there, but I don’t condone that at all,” Carroll said.

The business charges $85 for fully-clothed cleaning and $300 for nude, full-service cleaning.

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  • tammerz/zɹǝɯɯɐʇ 2010/06/03 22:35:39
    Nah. She just explained it, the business is not officially condoning it. But who cares if the cleaning lady is a prostitute? You get your kitchen mopped and blow job, it's a win-win.

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  • john doe 2011/02/18 00:00:24
    john doe
    no only if she has sex with you
  • The Big Taboo [AKA Phuck No... 2010/06/08 22:57:16
    The Big Taboo [AKA Phuck Norris]
    I don't even know what to say here... I'm left at a loss. It's certainly creative/
  • Morningstar 2010/06/07 18:57:06 (edited)
    You get your floors waxed then you could.
    wax her floors/ Shampoo her carpet/ spray the runway
    (i cold go on.

    I would hire her service to see how good her workers clean. I wonder if the costumer could pick what type of woman he wants to clean his house.
  • jacose 2010/06/07 01:20:30
    i'd pay extra for the full-service cleaning...i mean, hell...why not
  • musiklstnr121 2010/06/06 20:03:03
    From what i'm reading -- it's plainly cleaning. Honestly, it's less for a fully clothed woman to clean your house than a nude woman, which is $300. I mean, if the woman is comfortable with her body then that's absolutely fine.
  • Broken 2010/06/06 17:00:18
    It is not prostitution unless sex is solicited or offered. I think it is fine if someone wants to pay a good looking woman to clean their house in the nude.

    prostitution sex solicited offered fine pay woman clean house nude
  • R.P. Bliss.::ρнαɛт::.►Ѳиɛ Ħιт Яαɢɛ Ǫʋιт◄
    She stated that the company doesn't condone sex. They're there to clean.
  • KMarieNieto 2010/06/06 03:18:52
    I think it's sick. Just another way to dehumanize women and sell them as products.
  • TexicanRGV - Noblesse Oblige 2010/06/06 02:31:51
    TexicanRGV - Noblesse Oblige
    Meet the cleaning crew!

    meet cleaning crew
  • ~Doll P... Texican... 2010/06/07 01:13:08
    ~Doll Princess~
    -gag- That's disgusting enough to turn someone onto Anorexia. -.-;;;
  • Naui 2010/06/06 01:57:04
  • ~Doll Princess~ 2010/06/06 01:33:41
    ~Doll Princess~
    As a model who sometimes models nude, I am miffed that you would put nudity and prostitution as the same thing. It's not. She's just making a buck. .Please...-rolls eyes-
  • KMarieN... ~Doll P... 2010/06/06 03:16:11 (edited)
    There's a huge difference between modeling and cleaning. I agree that nude modeling can be done for the purpose of good art. But as a former residential/commercial cleaning lady, I can attest that cleaning nude is both impractical and unnecessary. Just like bikini car-washing, it's just another way to use women's body as a sellable product. Like we're money-makers and billboards instead of people.
  • ~Doll P... KMarieN... 2010/06/07 01:12:43
    ~Doll Princess~
    Hm. Yeah,but nude modeling is also more lewd than the artistic modeling ( which I haven't done the lewd, I just know)

    It may be impractical,but it's not prostitution. Some people see themselves as a moneymaker or billboard, all the power to them.
  • ~*PoliceGirl*~ (>^-^)> 2010/06/05 21:46:00
    ~*PoliceGirl*~ (>^-^)>
    personally i say jst go wit it say wat u plz its all the same to me
  • Death Faerie 2010/06/05 21:21:33
    Death Faerie
    Nope its not prostitution as she clearly explained. Its no more prostitution than being a nude model is.
  • Shadowhunter<3 2010/06/05 21:12:44
  • bags 2010/06/05 20:00:15 (edited)
    Man....have cleaning ladies changed since Carol Burnett's day! cleaning ladies changed carol burnetts
  • ke$ha 2010/06/05 12:58:09
    ewwwwwwww ya?!
  • Autarchic 2010/06/05 11:33:13
    Most prostitutes just trying to make a living in today’s economy.
  • future blk 2010/06/05 09:45:49 (edited)
    future blk
    How much does she charge to clean nude people, nude? charge clean nude people nude
  • Blueskies 2010/06/05 09:01:32
    I'm just so darn cheap, lol.
  • Ziggyortiz 2010/06/05 08:38:38
    It's a free country if you can hire anybody nude and it's not against the law or offensive i see no harm in it .
  • Nabael 2010/06/05 07:29:30
    Hey, it's their job, they can do as they please. It isn't technically prostitution unless you are getting directly paid for sex. Perhaps she just though the client was a stud and thought "hey why not?"
  • ~Roxy~Navy~Brat~ 2010/06/05 05:05:39
    that's not a job I'd take but if someone else wants it that's their choice
  • Dolly 2010/06/05 04:25:43
    That sounds like one way to make a living but not how I want to.
  • UnckSam 2010/06/05 04:02:25
    Fiery but unbalanced ......... No, that's not true..YES IT IS!!!!

    Your name also says you are:

    Moral but jealous ..................... I'm really not a jealous person.
    Harmonious but subservient...... If that's what you want.
    Passionate but flighty ............... I once carved a 40' heart in the beach with mine and the girl I loved names in it. She was living with her boyfriend at a beach house at the time... I hear you laughing...We are married and have been for 15 years and been in love for 25.. Life is great. Two kids, a dog, and a mortgage
  • Erica 2010/06/05 02:05:42
    Wow!! I don't see anything wrong with it! Do it respectfully though.. The economy is hard right now and things like this are getting pretty popular! If you are proud of your body and want to entertain someone with it, go for it! As long as you aren't doing anything you are not comfortable with! Only strong willed women should be doing this! They should have someone near by just in case something does start to go wrong.
  • emmamess ~ In My Conscience... 2010/06/05 01:56:01
    emmamess ~ In My Conscience I Trust ~`
    I thought about doing this a decade ago. I've worked as both a stripper and a cleaning contractor so it could work out well for me.

    It becomes difficult to deal with angry clients who assume they are eventually gonna get some sex though. That's why I left the strip business in the first place - so I think I'll stick to cleaning and dancing clothed.
  • Tucker 2010/06/05 01:11:04
    Wow they will do that!
  • juandefuca 2010/06/04 23:36:15
    But only with a condom
  • wildernick 2010/06/04 22:59:06
    her choice...she wouldn't be doing her cleaning job that I hired her for though??
  • Howling Hank 2010/06/04 22:44:42
    Howling Hank
    With my luck I'd get the 500lb nude hairy gorilla who will demand sex.....
  • Death F... Howling... 2010/06/05 21:24:14
    Death Faerie
  • wolf 2010/06/04 21:36:43
    are the nude yoga or aerobics videos porn?
  • greblaas 2010/06/04 21:27:02
    I suppose she can be if she starts shining male client's whistles.
  • comptech - Quit whining please 2010/06/04 20:25:25
    comptech - Quit whining please
    Nudity isn't that big of a deal to me, I just wouldn't pay $300 to clean my house with or without clothes...
  • Red high priestess in Nyx I... 2010/06/04 19:12:15
    Red high priestess in Nyx I trust
    I am a women I don't clean nude!
  • Bonnie Red hig... 2010/06/04 22:13:54
    I do. Well, I don't generally start out that way...but good Lord, it gets SO HOT doing all that scrubbing and washing and vacuuming!! I usually end up cranking down the A/C and stripping to my skivvies. Of course, I'm not doing it in front of strangers, hahaha. The other day, actually, I was in the kitchen next to the washing machine, and I had stripped EVERYTHING off so I could toss it into the wash with the load I had in there. I was going to run the wash and go shower off and put on some fresh clothes. Well, in the middle of pouring detergent, my husband walks in - I wasn't expecting him home for lunch, LMAO!! It was awkward...he was pleasantly surprised to come home to a naked wife, but I was embarrassed because I was sweaty and gross and naked in the kitchen!!
  • Red hig... Bonnie 2010/06/04 23:56:11
    Red high priestess in Nyx I trust
    Atleast it was your husband and not another man!

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