Is nj gov chris christie too fat?

joe mauro 2011/10/02 15:19:29
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We have been tought to be tolerant understanding,kind and respectful to our role models.But what if someone is rich powerful and wants more what then?Do we respect him even though he is fat very fat.
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  • Lady Whitewolf 2011/10/02 15:40:27
    no i dont think hes fat at least not orca fat
    Lady Whitewolf
    OH JEEZ....

    "too this"
    "too that"

    Give it a rest already. QUIT focusing on the EXTERIOR ans find out how the guy "ticks"! Is he an "Eliteist" or does he really want to help the AVERAGE American? If elected President, would he be able to do the job... he's NOT running the Boston Marithon!

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  • Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel 2011/10/05 08:06:04
    no i dont think hes fat at least not orca fat
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    I think Chris Christie is a sexy man.
  • Pedro Doller ~Inc. 2011/10/03 16:18:28
    yes he is fat
    Pedro Doller ~Inc.
    He's fat, but he isn't in the Olypics. If he is healthy, shouldn't matter to be Governer.
  • my2cents 2011/10/03 08:15:18
    yes he is fat
    Of course he is orca fat!
  • Flamingo Flame Gem *AFCL* 2011/10/03 04:43:29
    yes he is fat
    Flamingo Flame Gem *AFCL*
    I'm not denying he is, but no one is perfect and some of hollywood entertainers need to quit pointing at others..... I don't hear anyone pointing at Obama for smoking cigarettes, and eating junk food at times.......Go Governor Christie !
  • l 2011/10/03 03:01:26
    yes he is fat
    He is obviousley overweight. I believe he is in poor health because of it. I wonder if he would be more likely to run for President if he felt healthier. I like him but I would need to know a lot more about him before I would vote for him. Not much out there at the moment!
  • Rapier 2011/10/03 02:29:37
    no i dont think hes fat at least not orca fat
    Now this is Fat...

    fat people
  • Diana 2011/10/03 02:16:33
    yes he is fat
    He is,but I respect,his intelligence,his humor,his straight forwardness,plus he's a nice looking man.
    I think he would make a good President.
  • nails 2011/10/03 00:07:57
    yes he is fat
    I,don't care if he weigh's a ton.Was Obama judged on the color of his skin?
  • my2cents nails 2011/10/03 08:04:36
    Black skin isn't a health issue.
  • nails my2cents 2011/10/03 12:16:35
    I remember reading day after day the concern the secret service had for him because he was of
    a different color.Did'nt sound to healthy to me to be him at the time.
  • my2cents nails 2011/10/03 19:43:40
    Good point.
  • 4dc 2011/10/02 19:28:32
    yes he is fat
    and that would only make a difference to those ignorant enough to judge his ability as a candidate by his weight
  • Mopvyzo USA 2011/10/02 19:22:24
    yes he is fat
    Mopvyzo USA
    yes he is a fat pig.
  • joe mauro Mopvyzo... 2011/10/03 20:12:11
    joe mauro
  • nails Mopvyzo... 2011/10/03 21:09:15
    Please submit a photo of yuorself and your significent other.By the way,he would'nt be running
    on who weight's more.
  • joe mauro nails 2011/10/03 21:16:23
    joe mauro
    im not running for president
  • Dagon 2011/10/02 18:58:21
  • lin sugar lips 2011/10/02 18:42:28 (edited)
    yes he is fat
    lin sugar lips
    Yes he is fat. That doesn't have anything to do with whether or not I would vote for him any more than skin color I would hope people look at his record not his weight.
    Personally I wouldn't vote for him unless it was between him and obama.
    I think he needs to stay in Jersey!
  • "Abe" lin sug... 2011/10/02 20:54:13 (edited)
    Amen, Lin~~!! You got it ALL right~~!! :)
  • lin sug... "Abe" 2011/10/03 00:46:55
    lin sugar lips
    Thanks Abe !
  • "Abe" lin sug... 2011/10/04 20:56:18
    You're welcome. :)
  • joe mauro lin sug... 2011/10/03 20:13:36
    joe mauro
    what about americas fat image abroad
  • lin sug... joe mauro 2011/10/03 22:32:16
    lin sugar lips
    I have an idea that if they added up the people that have big weight issues you will find the majority are on welfare food stamps. As far as people abroad I personally don't give a damn
    what they think!
  • ed 2011/10/02 18:23:58
    yes he is fat
    and because our first lady has a problem with fat maybe christie should not be able to hold a job in government until he sheds those pounds.
  • edifyguy 2011/10/02 17:48:40
    no i dont think hes fat at least not orca fat
    MLK's dream needs some new variety: people be judged not by the shape of their body, but the sum of their deeds.
  • Risk 2011/10/02 16:45:10
    yes he is fat
    Take your choice a Fat Man or a Fat Liar like the present holder of the office ?
  • joe mauro Risk 2011/10/03 20:14:05
    joe mauro
  • FAWKES' NOOSE ~ ΔTX 2011/10/02 16:26:09
    yes he is fat
    This is why he shouldn't be President. One ROTUNDA in Washington is enough. (Plus its very bad Feng Shui to have a President who is shaped the same as his office AND the man generates enough heat to attract an Iranian Cruise Missile.)
  • Risk FAWKES'... 2011/10/02 16:43:52
    But he is not considered to be a liar like the present POTUS ! I'll take him being FAT MAN over a FAT LIAR any day !
  • FAWKES'... Risk 2011/10/02 16:50:16
    Oh my. This question is about Chris Christie, not President Obama. You must have....

    obama tourettes
  • joe mauro FAWKES'... 2011/10/02 16:58:37
    joe mauro
  • joe mauro FAWKES'... 2011/10/03 20:14:17
    joe mauro
  • joe mauro FAWKES'... 2011/10/03 21:55:19
    joe mauro
    he is soo fat he has his own ares code
  • FAWKES'... joe mauro 2011/10/04 00:31:00
    Top Ten Reasons Why Chris Christie Should Not Run For President...

    Number Ten:
    He can't stand up long enough to finish a debate. (___.___)

    Number Nine:
    There is no room in the Federal Budget to supply him with the required number of Twinkies.

    Number Eight:
    Marine Corps One won't fit on his kid's playing field.

    Number Seven:
    The Concorde Chair only supports up to 300 pounds.

    Number Six:
    State of the Union addresses should not consist exclusively of the words, "MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS."

    Number Five:
    He generates enough heat to attract an Iranian Cruise Missile.

    Number Four:
    They finally finished scraping FORD'S last booger off the bottom of the Resolute Desk.

    Number Three:
    Its bad Feng Shui for a President to be shaped the same as his office.

    Number Two:
    The closest Krispy Kreme to the White House is all the way up at DuPont Circle.

    And the Number One reason why Chris Christie should not run for President:

    One ROTUNDA in Washington is enough.
  • joe mauro FAWKES'... 2011/10/04 04:09:26
    joe mauro
    lol you r awesome
  • lurx: the soda jerk 2011/10/02 16:12:29
    yes he is fat
    lurx: the soda jerk

    ...William Howard Taft also liked to suggest that he never really wanted to be President as well.
  • joe mauro lurx: t... 2011/10/02 16:58:52
  • rustyshackelford 2011/10/02 16:11:14
  • FAWKES'... rustysh... 2011/10/02 16:29:37
    Congratulations. You win today's BEST RACIST AWARD.

    bigot award
  • rustysh... FAWKES'... 2011/10/02 16:31:19 (edited)

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