Is Michelle Obama - what you would call HIGH MAINTENANCE?

OhioCritter-Adopt a Homeless Pet 2009/08/26 00:50:41
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http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/13827 26 Staff Members
Michelle Obama has THE HIGHEST NUMBER of Staffers including a hair dresser and Make Up artist on her staff. THE Largest for Any First Lady.

http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/13827 Expensive Tennis Shoes
http://www.postchronicle.com/cgi-bin/artman/exec/view.cgi?arc... purse
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  • db cooper 2011/05/31 00:50:36
    Yes I think she is
    db cooper
    Socialism, the elite live it up while others suffer. Government knows what's bet for our money.
  • Larry Moo 2010/08/07 22:30:21
    Yes I think she is
    Larry Moo
    When they were talking 'stimulus money' and the $600 amount...she supposedly said.."You can't get a good pair of earrings for THAT!!? It's going to be a big shock when they're 'helped' out of office and she has to come off her pedastile...then take 40 friends to Spain with her on vacation..and it can be chalked up to the taxpayers because she's going to 'visit' with some official over there...yup...we were fools!
  • keliffa 2009/08/26 12:44:08
    Yes I think she is
    20 something attendants. Now, what the hell does she do all day?
  • Fannie 2009/08/26 07:34:54
    Yes I think she is
    heck there's a lot more unreported that is a go with Obama.
  • enlightened one 2009/08/26 04:18:16
    Yes I think she is
    enlightened one
    I believe she is high maintenance along with everyone in Washington DC.
  • beachbum 2009/08/26 03:12:13
    Yes I think she is
    A staff of 26? Sounds pretty high maintenance to me.
  • paulyman 2009/08/26 02:13:52 (edited)
    Yes I think she is
    They can only do so much =)

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  • Firekitty ∞ijm♥G☮F♀U∞ 2009/08/26 01:58:07
    Firekitty ∞ijm♥G☮F♀U∞
    She is not high maintenance she is just low fashion oops... I mean No fashion!
    undecided high maintenance fashion oops fashion
  • kahless 2009/08/26 01:32:59
    Yes I think she is
  • hook 2009/08/26 01:05:54
    she is a bright shiney garbege can,inside it stinks!!
  • Firekit... hook 2009/08/26 01:56:42
    Firekitty ∞ijm♥G☮F♀U∞
    Oh My Gosh!!! LOL to funny!

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