Is Mia Love the Republican Party’s New Darling?

AdriHead 2012/08/30 23:00:00
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Mia Love is a first-generation Haitian American. She's also a Republican and the current mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah. Oh, and she gave one heck of a speech at the Republican National Convention a few days ago. Do you think she's on her way to becoming the Republican Party's new darling?

Mia Love had only two minutes to speak yesterday. Her time slot was during the 7p hour when most delegates are still milling around the hall and not paying much attention. But she managed to do what many of the later bigger name speakers failed to do: energize the hall and bring the delegates to their feet. That’s why there’s a lot of talk about Mia Love today.
bigger speakers energize hall delegates feet talk mia love african

Read More: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/08/mia-l...

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