Is Mary Fallin a Better Oklahoma Governor Candidate Than Jari Askins Because She's a Mom?

Elections 2010/10/27 21:00:00
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Oklahoma will make state history next week when it elects its first female governor. But should the choice of either Democratic Lt. Gov. Jari Askins or Republican Rep. Mary Fallin be based on who has been a mother?

Fallin appears to think so. See the video below.


55, Fallin was the first woman to serve as lieutenant governor of Oklahoma and the second woman elected to Congress from the state.

Positions on major issues: Fallin is anti-abortion. She voted against the stimulus package and the auto industry but voted for the Wall Street bailouts. She opposes same-sex marriage and also wants to repeal the recent health care reform legislation.

Tactics: She has repeatedly brought up that she is a mother of two, as opposed to Askins who has no children.

Achilles Heel: She was tied to allegations by her now-ex-husband that she had an affair with one of her bodyguards when she was lieutenant governor. She also voted for the bank bailout, and while she voted against the stimulus packaged, she did ask for funds.


57, Askins was a member of the state House, elected in 1995, and served six terms. She was elected lieutenant governor in 2006.

Positions on major issues: She is anti-abortion except for certain circumstances. She opposed the recent federal health care reform legislation and Cap and Trade. She is aggressive illegal immigrant though she opposed the Arizona crackdown.

Tactics: She is running as a conservative Democrat and has already said she would opt out of the recent health care reform.

Achilles Heel: It's a Republican year.


Despite the similarities between these two candidates, the one with the 'R' next to her name will probably win. So it's Fallin.

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  • Common Sense 2010/10/28 01:14:50
    Common Sense
    What a silly question. It's as arbitrary as saying she's a better candidate because she eats Raisin Bran every morning. But the Republicans will vote for her, nonetheless, simply because she's Republican. It doesn't matter what either candidate believes in.

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  • DixieBiboy 2010/11/01 22:54:40
    Family type people usually have better balance in their decision making! :)'s
  • CCarm 2010/11/01 20:15:22 (edited)
    We have convinced our republican mother to vote for Askins. Fallin can't stand on her accomplishments, she has to resort to putting her opponent down.
  • Jan 2010/10/29 01:19:03
    What a ridiculous argument
  • texasred 2010/10/28 22:45:40
    She's a better candidate because she's a Conservative.
  • Mrs. V 2010/10/28 20:32:18
    Mrs. V
    I am just saying Yes, because I am voting for Mary Fallin. While Jari Askins is a nice person, Mary is more qualified to represent my State. And we've had 8 years of Democrat Governorship, time for a change.
    Mary Fallin is against Obamacare and Jari is an Obama supporter.
    Mary stood up to Obama and has the guts to do what is necessary for the betterment of the Great State of Oklahoma.
  • Arclight 2010/10/28 20:08:58
    Motherhood is one of the most beautifully special things in the natural world, but it should not be politicized.
  • Angela M 2010/10/28 20:01:32
    Angela  M
    I haven't lived in Oklahoma in 32 years, can't vote there, but what kind of question is this, What does being a mother have to do with who is more qualified? Has it ever occurred to you all that whether or not a person is a parent is potentially a sore subject, something too upsetting to discuss?
  • srini 2010/10/28 19:06:22
    I don't live in OK--but those running as "conservative" Dhimmicruds (sounds like an oxymoron) are basically doing a flim-flam--ergo, Askins is the WRONG choice.
  • lalouisiane 2010/10/28 18:32:00
    No, I think the choice of Fallin for Govenor should be made because she's not a Democrat and she's the more conservative candidate.

    If Askins was serious, she would leave the Democrat Party. Anyone with a conscience or any degree of moral fiber would leave the Democrat Party.

    Since Congress and Obama did NOT listen to us before.. maybe they'll listen when we vote next Tuesday.
  • Old Poet 2010/10/28 18:11:25
    Old Poet
    Has nothing to do with anything. I will vote Fallin next Tuesday. Welcome to Oklahoma politics. We love Arizona!!
  • lalouis... Old Poet 2010/10/28 18:33:36
    Good for you!!!!
  • cosmiceyes versus Marxist s... 2010/10/28 17:18:35 (edited)
    cosmiceyes versus Marxist sock puppets!
    Not just because,but in addition too yes! As she represents a broader profile of knowledge to the voters.This question would still be misrepresenting her qualifications in so much if you would have asked the same question of Obama's qualifications because of his multiple race back grounds.In his case a empty suit is a empty suit going down the toilet!

    misrepresenting qualifications obamas qualifications multiple race grounds case suit toilet
  • Old Timer 2010/10/28 16:42:16 (edited)
    Old Timer
    No, Mary Fallon just has a better agenda for our state. It was said once and then repeated many times by LIB MEDIA not by Mary. Besides raising and dealing with children is kinda like dealing with the LEGISLATIVE BEANCHES of State Government. They all whine and have to be corrected.GO MARY!!!
  • Dhawgg 2010/10/28 16:06:27
    she's not necessarily better JUST because she's a mother, but it's not as arbitrary as "common sense" (Ha!) suggests. being a mother- a parent in general- absolutely teaches you a lot about Life that non-parents just will not understand.

    also, that "common sense" fella (Ha!) is wildly blind if he doesn't think almost all Dems vote Dem just because they're Dems.
  • Carol 2010/10/28 15:42:10
    Having children has nothing to do with where you stand on issues.
  • DeafGary 2010/10/28 15:26:33
    Frankly, all I can say is a political position should be based upon ideals and experience. Other than that, things, like Motherhood, shouldn't be an issue.
  • jacktown kid 2010/10/28 14:57:51
    jacktown kid
    Anything goes just like a Texas Death Match texas death match
  • Shelo 2010/10/28 14:24:07
    Questions like these never come up when men are running for office. It seems that no matter how far women progress in the world of politics, they will always be stuck with the stigma of marriage and motherhood.
  • STEVE 2010/10/28 14:03:38
    YES, because she is a red hot mama...Seriously she is the far better candidate, I saw the debate and she was not rubbing it in anymore than a male candidate saying "I am a proud father" I don't think she was pointing out the rummers about Jeir (aka Jerry) Askins male candidate proud father pointing rummers jeir aka jerry askins
  • kmay 2010/10/28 13:54:15
    AND...... SHE DIDN'T SAY SHE WAS "BETTER" becuase she was a mom but it was what sets her apart from her opponent. It is a part of who she is and that's OK.
  • kmay kmay 2010/10/28 14:09:46 (edited)
    Also for these reasons....

  • smitty kmay 2010/10/28 14:36:31
    Amazing isn't it on the media. Of all the issues that each candidate id for or against, what do they pull out? One says she is a mother. On the issues the candidates are not the same. It is sad.
  • Koatz 2010/10/28 09:37:29 (edited)
    For me, the only issue that matters is the candidates stance on illegal immigration and amnesty.

    I wonder what Fallin's position is (on) those issues?

    Is she the type of Reagan Republican who passed the 1986 Illegal Immigration Amnesty Act? If so, I will not vote.

    I refuse to vote for any (Democratic) candidates, because the whole lot are a bunch of weasels (determined) to sink America into third world-om.
  • kmay Koatz 2010/10/28 13:58:46 (edited)
    Askins support Amnesty for illegal aliens.

    Fallin is a constitutional conservative. No amnesty.

    Askins is liberal who has no clue about economic matters. Business is the fuel of the economy and whomever wins needs to understand Government does not create jobs.
  • Koatz kmay 2010/10/28 15:05:17
    I'd really like to here Fallin state that she is against Amnesty in any form.
  • Myrle Hulme 2010/10/28 08:26:31
    Myrle Hulme
    Motherhood and polotics shouldbe seperate, Like I am a mother but my home life does interfere with my work
  • there_was_a_moose 2010/10/28 06:59:15
    Being a mother (or not) should have no bearing on who is the better candidate.
  • Ron_Helton 2010/10/28 05:38:56
    "Fallin has repeated said she is a mother of two..." should have been changed
    to read and this was from her own website. "I am a mother of 6"
    None of which you raised not even her own two children. Sorry, I am tired of all the lies and hypocrisies. Let's just abolish the party systems altogether and vote on what candidates say they are going to do for their country?
  • Redneck 2010/10/28 04:48:35 (edited)
    It would certainly help in certain situations. Besides all of that, Mary Fallin is the best candidate over all. I would rather have seen J.C. Watts run, but oh well.
  • Stay'nalive @ 65 2010/10/28 04:31:16
    Stay'nalive @ 65
    No motherhood won't decide it. But Mary will win. We are tired of the spending democrats.
    She will win because she is a Republican. I am voting for her.. I am tired of the last 4 years with a do nothing democrat as Governor. Anyway she seems a lot smarter then the looser running against her. Oh, by the way I voted democrat last time for the OK governor. Have been sorry ever since..
  • jimrthy... Stay'na... 2010/10/28 06:11:47
    jimrthy BN-0
    Mary's one of the "spending republicans."

    Yes, she'll win. And she'll stab us in the back [again] while we're trying to "push the car out of the ditch."

    I don't think Askins would actually be any better. But how many times do you let someone kick you in the teeth while you're down before you say "Enough!" Mary's proved that she's been corrupt. At least Askins is only promising she's in the same mold.
  • FumbDuck 2010/10/28 04:28:48
    This text that you have is not 100% accurate and also does not address important things that have to do with who is better qualified. Fallin should not be governer just because she is a mother but men are always pointing to the fact as in " I am a family man " or in an ad it will say " He is a family man " so why shouldn't a woman do the same thing? Anyway Askins is saying she has never been out of town. She lost any chance of me voting for her when she said that. Not the kind of experience I want in my governer. Fallin has my vote and I bet she wins wanna take me up on it?
  • Charu ∞ijm♥∞ 2010/10/28 03:11:49
    Charu ∞ijm♥∞
    I have met both ladies and I do NOT want either one of them as my Governor to be quite honest. I do not believe the ALLEGATIONS by her ex-husband (probably why the judge would not premit it). Not sure if Jari is gay or not & don't even care.
  • Stay'na... Charu ∞... 2010/10/28 04:32:27
    Stay'nalive @ 65
    You don't know if Jari is gay or not? Look at her!!!!
  • Charu ∞... Stay'na... 2010/10/29 13:24:28
    Charu ∞ijm♥∞
    I am.....anddddddddddddddddddd?...
  • jimrthy... Charu ∞... 2010/10/28 06:06:19
    jimrthy BN-0
    If *only* we could get someone (anyone!) from a 3rd party onto the ballot. At least then I could "waste" a vote for them.

    Or even write in a candidate.

    And Oklahoma probably has the best ballot system in the country...I should apply for a job at Diebold to explain to them how this should work. It ain't complicated.
  • Charu ∞... jimrthy... 2010/10/29 13:25:11
    Charu ∞ijm♥∞
    LOL...I could not agree with you more!
  • serial killer 2010/10/28 03:10:32
    serial killer
    if anything its worst!
  • American Muslim 2010/10/28 02:46:19 (edited)
    American Muslim
    Fallin took a calculated risk in making her statement.

    The implication she wants Oklahomans to absorb is that Askins is a lesbian (which she isn't). Apparently some think that should disqualify anyone from public service in OK....

    Secondarily she was probably hoping someone would go "wide" with the fact that she's really a sh*tty example of marital bliss and motherhood since her first marriage failed because she was reportedly banging a State Trooper assigned to her security detail. That hasn't happened, of course, and she's been robbed of her hoped-for opportunity to cry Palin-sized crocodile 'victimized, attacked' woman status.

    Hopefully Oklahomans will realize she's just another empty vessel, red-suited Palin wanna-be MILF who really possesses not discernible skills or political savvy, and that the only thing that can come of her election is total Republican control of the Legislature and Governor's office. You think Randall Terrill, Jim Inhofe and Sally Kern haven't made Oklahoma enough of a joke? Elect Fallin.
  • jimrthy... America... 2010/10/28 06:03:43
    jimrthy BN-0
    In Oklahoma, any hint of homosexuality disqualifies a person from political office. It's sad, but that's the way it is.

    BTW...in your list of jokes, you missed Tom Coburn. Latest polls I ran across predicted him as the "Most Likely Senator to get Re-Elected" in the country. Yay!

    And my friends wonder why I want to move to another state.

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