Is Lady GaGa is different from past?

Siingle'Forreverr Ana 2011/04/15 03:44:13
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i still wondering when she was young,is she has same personally from now?? Or when she turned older,she changed her life? changed her hair?? changed her body?? changed her face?? Etc...that's why i asking yall
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  • Punky 2011/04/15 06:16:14
    I mean, a lot of people change as they grow up. Love her style though.
  • Frank Butler 2011/04/15 05:51:14
    Frank Butler
    Yes she is getting older and less hot, sorry.
  • sd *TROUBLE* 2011/04/15 03:56:05 (edited)
    sd *TROUBLE*
    Of course she is. Noone is the same from birth till death. We are constantly evolving and changing as people, just as gaga has.
    But not just her look, she satrted off doing rock, then disco, then bubblegum dance pop. Then a bit heavier electropop. And now she has a more heavy industrial influenced dance sound.
    Gaga 2006
    heavier electropop heavy industrial influenced dance sound gaga 2006 lady gaga 2006
    Gaga 2008
    heavy industrial influenced dance sound gaga 2006 gaga 2008 lady gaga 2008
    Lady gaga Now
    influenced dance sound gaga 2006 gaga 2008 lady gaga lady gaga 2011 monsterball
  • bongsomedodongo 2011/04/15 03:45:17
    I don't know anything about her but that she is a disgrace to music and that she has ripped of Cher for most of her look.
  • sd *TRO... bongsom... 2011/04/15 03:53:45
    sd *TROUBLE*
    Disgrace? How? lol
  • bongsom... sd *TRO... 2011/04/15 03:54:55
    Trashy lyrics, offensive voice, everything about her. And then just totally ripping of Cher every left turn she makes. She must burn.
  • sd *TRO... bongsom... 2011/04/15 03:58:18
    sd *TROUBLE*
    You are entitled to your own opinion, and i respect that so don't think I am trying to convert you or anything.
    But I think if you were to look past her first album you would see she has grown alot lyrically and musically, especially with her latest as of yet unreleased album.
    But then again, you probably don't care to lol. Just sharing my thoughts, though.
  • bongsom... sd *TRO... 2011/04/15 04:04:57
    I appreciate that you don't bitch me out for my opinion. Although I still disagree with you, I haven't followed her much, I didn't even know who she was until late November.
  • sd *TRO... bongsom... 2011/04/15 04:09:52
    sd *TROUBLE*
    Yeah thats understandable, i mean lady gaga is an acquired taste, and you either love her or hate her.
    but yeah you probably don't care haha, but like i said with her new album shes ditching the bubblegum pop sound and superficial lyrics of her older stuff and going with a metal-industrial influenced dance sound and much darker and political lyrical subject matter.
  • bongsom... sd *TRO... 2011/04/15 04:37:48
    I think that's why a lot of people don't like her either... because she just changes so often.

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