Is Kofi Annan’s resignation a consquence of the Obama's approving US special operations in Syria being leaked in the USA news???

michael 2012/08/02 21:01:01
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I noticed the Kofi Annan’annoucined his resignation today after it was announced that Obama had siigned a "finding" allowing the CIA and other US governmental agencies to become more involed in the low level Syrian Civil War. I couldn't help but notice the timing of Kofi's statement and I couldn't help but draw a linkage between these two news stories. I thought the real source of Kofi Annan’s statement was he was ALREADY failing in his efforts to keep peace in Syria BEFORE the news about Obama's finding for special operations ended up in the USA news media hence he was LOOKING for a way out the of this thankless job of trying to keep the peace in Syria. Or does now Kofi Annan’ is at odds with Obama. Please tell me what you think.
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  • SoCalEx-Dem 2012/08/04 02:43:26
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    I believe their is a correlation between the two events.
  • michael SoCalEx... 2012/08/05 01:11:19
    I do too ..namely tha Kofi knew the USA would tend to undermind anything he did and he simply didn't want to get blamed for ANOTHER of his failures ( which are numberous) so he "bravely" took the cowards way out and quit!
  • SoCalEx... michael 2012/08/05 02:55:00
    Sure seems right to me. Especially since they have been sending weapons to the Syrians on the down low. Its gonna get real ugly!
  • michael SoCalEx... 2012/08/06 00:05:29
    sadly true, but the trend is againsr usa
  • SoCalEx... michael 2012/08/07 03:16:17
    Absolutely! He isn't interested in helping America only Islam.
  • ProudProgressive 2012/08/02 21:18:28
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    The two factoids don't seem to have any connection to each other besides both concerning Syria. The news reports concerning Annan's resignation seem to indicate that he feels that the fact that the UN's "superpowers" (the US, the UK, Russia, China and France) are unable to work together to come up with a coherent overall strategy for how to deal with Syria makes it impossible for him to effectively do his job. It had nothing to do with President Obama.


    Tell me, when you see that it's raining in the morning, do you blame President Obama for that, too?

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