Is It Smart to Invest in a Doomsday Bunker?

News 2011/03/25 11:00:00
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Remember after the 9/11 terror and anthrax attacks and the Y2K paranoia when suddenly the idea of digging a doomsday bunker in your backyard or shelling out thousands to buy a spot in a professional underground hiding place seemed like a totally normal idea?

Well, paranoid days are here again thanks to the Japanese earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster. With unrest in the Middle East drawing the U.S. into a third armed conflict, this time in Libya, CNNMoney tells us that U.S. companies that traffic in doomsday bunkers say sales have shot up from 20 to 1,000 percent.

Some companies are getting so many orders they’re having trouble keeping up. Among them are Northwest Shelter Systems, whose shelters range in price from $200,000-$20 million, with sales up 70 percent. Keep in mind, that’s 12 shelter bookings versus the normal four the company typically sells in a year.

Other companies that sell portable shelters and underground bunkers (including a $9,500 nuclear biological chemical shelter tent) have seen sales spikes from 20 to 400 percent for those items as well as nuclear, biological and chemical air filters.

The company that made the most noise the last time around, Vivos, said reservations for rooms in its 200-person doomsday bunkers have gone up 1,000 percent since the Japanese disaster, with scared doomers backing up their dread with a minimum $5,000 deposit.

One doomsayer, Elan Yadan, told CNN that he took the $20,000 he had put aside as a down payment on a new home as a deposit for a Vivos spot for his family because he’d rather be safe than sorry. His big check will secure him a spot in a 137,000 square foot bunker being built under the Nebraska grasslands that can house 950 people for up to a year and withstand a 50 megaton blast. It will feature four levels of suits, a medical and dental center, kitchens, a bakery, detention center, prayer room, pet kennels and a fully stocked wine cellar.

Is it time to buy a doomsday shelter?

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  • Q 2011/03/25 11:42:35 (edited)
    Smart or not its their money?

    December 21st, 2012 is fast approaching! smart money december 21st 2012 fast approaching smart money december 21st 2012 fast approaching

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  • All_Hail_Hurley 2011/03/25 21:22:17
    Wow. Just... wow.
  • Thomas 2011/03/25 21:15:36
    Doomsday doesn't exist. Earth will continue on for billions of years. The human Race will continue in one form or another for longer than we could ever imagine. We were constructed perfectly to survive any and every event Nature can throw at us. Humans Adapt and learn from each mistake. History may repeat itself, and does often, but we don't make the same counter-decisions twice.
  • Ray1961 Thomas 2011/03/25 22:14:04
    Thomas, you can't be serious! One extraordinary sun spot gamma burst from our very own sun and Earth is "toast"... and I mean "irradiated burnt toast". You won't have time to get to a shelter and NOTHING will shelter you. In this scenario, ALL LIFE will end instantly, period.
  • Thomas Ray1961 2011/03/26 22:33:49
    It hasn't happened yet. And, if Life ends here, it will continue elsewhere. Maybe I'll be reincarnated as a Cockroach.
  • Birthpangs Thomas 2011/03/26 16:36:24
  • Thomas Birthpangs 2011/03/26 22:44:43
    Why is God such a Warlord? Tales about Death and Destruction follow only the Christian Philosophy. Why do we need to suffer and bleed for a God that allowed himself to be killed? Jesus Christ is not a nice man. He apparently believes we were created to become his Slaves. I say if he does come back, we should be prepared to destroy Him, lest the Human Race suffer yet again.
    In my view, Bloodshed, Illness, and starvation can only lead to an opressive reign of a false king.

    Earth doesn't belong to an absent ruler. Earth belongs to its People. Us. Humans. Nobody should come out of space and take it from us. They have no right. Earth created us. Not some absent God with no name. Jesus died so he can take over the world? No. He died because he was an idiot that told Pilot he was the King of the World, so the Roman leaders had their army Crusify Him.
  • Birthpangs Thomas 2011/03/26 23:01:35
  • Thomas Birthpangs 2011/03/26 23:21:02
    I say Humanity will win, and we'll dump this God fellow in a Black Hole somewhere. He better get to coming back soon, or we will evolve to the point He can't win. We are on the verge of Greatness. If He doesn't return soon, we will have no use for Him.
  • Birthpangs Thomas 2011/03/26 23:25:13
  • Racefish 2011/03/25 21:07:17
    Too much money, and I might not want to live through it anyway.
  • BackInAction 2011/03/25 21:04:01
    i thought it said doomsday humper...well i say no because ITS STUPID
  • harry 2011/03/25 21:02:51
    Its better to buy a spaceship and keep it ready at all times. Stock it with as much beer as allowed by weight. Keep it stored in a circular landing zone. The landing zone should be kept at 65 degrees with a 40% chance of rain at all times. If you don't have money for a spaceship, then you should become friends with Glen Beck. Glen has 4 spece ships. Each one can carry 100 people.
  • no1badboy56 2011/03/25 20:59:49
    Lets see, radition contamination has a shelf life of what, 10 yrs? The bunkers are good for what, 1 yr? Do the math!
  • larry bohannon 2011/03/25 20:58:51
    larry bohannon
    why what would you have to live for or look forward too , you may have to sit in a bunker till supplies run out and come out to a radiated nightmare ,I believe it would be easier to die right then then have to suffer and lament over disater
  • verybossy101 2011/03/25 20:52:27
    i'm not sure - they are really expensive
  • Michelle 2011/03/25 20:44:40
    Paranoia: this is it.
  • xxxx_XX 2011/03/25 20:42:59 (edited)
    A bunker like that is great for Hollywood movies, but the reality is: anything that would force you into such a bunker for refuge would be a coffin, as no such incident would end before you ran out of supplies and died anyway.
    (Not to mention people like me would be digging into it and taken everything you have anyway!!! For those of you that think you would be safe: one small grenade placed into your air intake will shut it off and force you out, or worse!)
  • larry b... xxxx_XX 2011/03/25 21:00:46
    larry bohannon
    wouldnt need anything that drastic closing off the airtube alone would be easy
  • xxxx_XX larry b... 2011/03/25 21:09:46
    Yes Bender, but the grenade is so much more fun! (signed: FRY)
  • Dhawgg xxxx_XX 2011/03/25 21:18:50
    thanks, Mr Schrute.
  • xxxx_XX Dhawgg 2011/03/25 21:26:25
    You can call me Dwight my friend!
  • LesWaggoner BN 1 2011/03/25 20:42:09
    LesWaggoner BN 1
    Japan proved that no matter what you plan for your imagination and cash is not enough.
  • Little Tina 2011/03/25 20:41:15
    Little Tina
    Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
  • Little ... Little ... 2011/03/25 20:44:51
    Little Tina
    But... I don't have one.
  • the_old_coach 2011/03/25 20:40:14
    Nope. Waste of money. It won't stop me from keeping my weapons clean and oiled and my supplies fresh and current, though.

    nope waste money weapons clean oiled supplies fresh current mini 14
  • Stan 2011/03/25 20:22:33
    I think it's pretty stupid and probably 20% of Americans already have bunkers. In the next 10 years bunkers might be a selling point for the average house. lol

    Who really cares if they have the money then why not? I don't really care what other people do with their money as long as don't build some stupid Pee Wee's Play House next to mine!
  • Birthpangs Stan 2011/03/25 21:33:55
  • Stan Birthpangs 2011/03/26 14:47:01
    lol I was being sarcastic, I just think it's funny that Americans are so paranoid. Especially when it comes to the gun issue. There are so many on here claiming that they want to train their 2 year olds how to fire a weapon because the sky is falling. So bunkers, just seem to be a logical investment for many of those passionate gun owners and advocates.
  • Blueskies Stan 2011/03/27 06:24:15
    The problem is the damn Graboids will get you down there!
  • SlightlySweet 2011/03/25 20:18:53
    I don't have money to dish out over something so ridiculous. I've figured when the world ends there's pretty much nothing I could do to stop it.
  • Mr.Hoodz the Truth Troll 2011/03/25 20:12:25
    Mr.Hoodz the Truth Troll
    If you have the money why not? Better safe than sorry. The elite already have their Bunkers ready for all the NO voters.
  • sakljdadjslfkj 2011/03/25 20:10:22 (edited)
    Sure why not. Shrug gif
  • Bulldog 2011/03/25 20:06:12
    Yes, I just bought my new tent! It is really nice too!

    I think if the stuff hits the fan that bad, a shelter will only prolong the inevitable, so may as well look for a front row seat and enjoy the show.

    Meanwhile, unless you are in the Uber rich class, chances are all you can afford is to buy your next week's food!
  • Isma'ila (God has heard)! 2011/03/25 20:05:38
    Isma'ila (God has heard)!
    I can understand why people would do that.
  • Leo 2011/03/25 20:04:31
    If you have the money it would be cool for a theme party.
  • Shaina 2011/03/25 19:59:27
    I'm feeling like Shadrach, Meshech and Abed-nego these days. The fire can't harm one hair on my head.

    Good business idea, though. There certainly seems to be a market for it.
  • Brad 2011/03/25 19:51:59
    Its a legitimate concern people have and i understand. But i think they will end the same way the nuke bunkers did during the cold war. I could always be wrong though.
  • dispatcher 2011/03/25 19:24:28
    No the best measure to take are stocking up on canned foods & bottle water, constantly rotating your stock. If your able to hide away some cash & make sure you have enough blankets & clothing for you & your family. if you have prescription meds, try to keep some aside as well again rotating the stock so nothing is out dated.
  • Katherine 2011/03/25 19:23:31
    Is it smart to be prepared?


    Should people be running out investing in their own bunker?

    People have been doing things like this for many decades and nothing has happened to necessitate its existence.

    If you have enough money that you can afford the possibility of never using it, go for it. Think of it as insurance. You're paying for something you might not use, but it's there in case of emergency.

    I like their bunkers, btw.
  • Katherine Katherine 2011/03/25 21:42:12 (edited)

    If they can do it like Norad.

    "His big check will secure him a spot in a 137,000 square foot bunker being built under the Nebraska grasslands that can house 950 people for up to a year and withstand a 50 megaton blast. It will feature four levels of suits, a medical and dental center, kitchens, a bakery, detention center, prayer room, pet kennels and a fully stocked wine cellar."

    Now that's planning! Hah! They need to design it to last about 10-30 years, though. The rest of us will sit and watch the light show.........

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