Is It OK to Seize Unused Gift Cards After Two Years? (New Jersey Plans to)

News 2012/04/11 19:17:14
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Most retailers these days don't have expiration dates on their gift cards, a blessing to consumers who are slow to spend their credit. But soon New Jersey residents won't have that luxury. A law passed in 2010 will go into effect this year and allow the state's Department of Treasury to take the money from gift cards, travelers' checks, and money orders that haven't been used up within two years of purchase. American Express has already pulled gift card sales from the state.

According to NJ.com, the state projected it could have seized $79 million in revenue in 2011 from the law, but they needed to collect buyer ZIP codes to enforce the law, and that lead to lawsuits and a suspension of ZIP code collection. Treasury spokesman Andy Pratt said, "We're working with industry groups to determine the best way to have merchants collect ZIP codes. We're not requiring it until we come up with a policy that is uniform and as least onerous as possible." Does this gift card idea sound like a good way to generate revenue -- or a just a slimy way for the government to take some cash?

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  • CREW grand 2012/04/11 22:40:39
    CREW grand
    Most corrupt state.
    How does my procrastination entitle them to my assets?
    "the state projected it could have seized $79 million in revenue"
    Well, yes, theft is an easy way to increase one's revenue.
    What next, seizing automobiles from people who don't drive them for a month?


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  • william... JohnT 2012/04/12 10:07:32
    william keegan
    John T, I'm having a problem following your logic! What in God's name are you going on about? It makes no sense, you are commenting on stuff that has no relationship to the comments I have made. Please try to stay on track.
  • JohnT william... 2012/04/12 23:10:00
    My apologies but my point was I don't care what party does what, it is the state government acting not in the interest of the people and like lemmings they tolerate it without trying to put and amendment on the ballot to get rid of and outrageus law.
  • william... JohnT 2012/04/13 13:50:29
    william keegan
    It is the people's responsibility to elect reps that accurately reflect the people's views. If they elect reps that consider this type of confiscation to be proper, then the people have no basis for complaint. They are the ones that elected the Legislature, and they, in the end, are responsible for what the legislature does.
  • JohnT william... 2012/04/13 16:43:48
    It is not that simple and you know it. I worked for the Feds for 30yrs and I can attest to regulatory procedures at the point of stupidity. Perhaps not enough people got involved in the bill as it was going forward, but those legislators are supposed to work for the people not fleece them. Why do you think there wars, and uprisings? Because of Government that oversteps it's authority. You must be a lobbyist or someone who works for them, or the typical I have got mine so to heck with everyone else. I really dislike superiority attitude
  • william... JohnT 2012/04/13 18:14:20
    william keegan
    My attitude is not superior at all. My attitude is that people, even elected reps, are and should be basically honorable, and have an obligation to act honorably. If a person campaigns on the premise that he/she will always act as a fiduciary with respect to the people’s property and then, when in office, does not behave honorably and votes the opposite, the people have an obligation to "throw the bum out".

    But what regularly happens especially with liberal/progressives is, they dismiss honorability and convince the ignorant (government run school educated) masses that there is a 'free lunch' and point at some group: whites, rich, male, business owners, or what have you, and tells the people that those people are what is preventing him/her (the politician) from providing their free lunch, and then get reelected and then continue to fleece all of their constituents under the guise of fairness!
  • Lakota ... william... 2012/04/13 22:18:21 (edited)
    Lakota Deviant
    Your whole argument was strongly positioned against Democrats/liberals when in fact if u read my link DEMOCRATS were fighting this law. Once again our facts are wrong. U were blaming voters for voting for democrats when they in reality they voted for a Republican who made this into law. This whole law and how it went through goes totally against what you are saying. It's fine to beleive what u stated but u can't use this as an example to prove your point.
  • william... Lakota ... 2012/04/13 23:02:32
    william keegan
    The Democrat party controlled the New Jersey Legislature in 2010 as it does today! If the Democrats did not want this bill to become law they should not have introduced and passed it! The bill could not have been presented to the Governor with out the Democrats in the Legislature first introducing and then passing it!

    And yes, I blame the Democrats for this and just about everything that is wrong in the country! They care nothing for the people! The only motivation for the Democrat Party is to assume and maintain political power by what ever means available, legal or not, just or not, and once attaining that power to use it to increase the wealth of the Democrat elite at the expense of the common people!

    The Democrats have done nothing to better the lives of the people in the past 30 years or so. They consistently withdraw more and more of the people’s freedom, and they do it with a vengeance!
  • Lakota ... william... 2012/04/14 00:20:09 (edited)
    Lakota Deviant
    Your obviously stuck on this even when the facts say otherwise. A Democrat sponsored bill to repeal the law (A-1871) was passed in the NJ Assembly a few weeks ago. All Democrats voted in favor of the bill (to repeal the law) while all Republicans voted against the bill.
  • Lakota ... william... 2012/04/14 00:44:40
    Lakota Deviant
    http://www.newsworks.org/inde... another link that does not fit what u say
  • wpsark 2012/04/11 19:39:31
    that's nothing but thievery..
  • mali 2012/04/11 19:36:59
    That's just theft, it's your money you should be able to keep it as long as you want.
  • StanK 2012/04/11 19:36:47
    WTH!? The government takes away your money for not spending it? That sounds completely illegal, how can they possibly justify this!? Seems like they don't like people saving money, either you buy something and pay sales tax, or you hold onto it and lose it all....
  • cellophane 2012/04/11 19:35:39
    It's definitely slimy.
  • Eliot Loney 2012/04/11 19:35:32
    Eliot Loney
    No that is legalized theft by our way to out of control government, it`s time to get our guns out and rein it back in.
  • Fred 2012/04/11 19:32:45
    My understanding was that the credit card companies were keeping it and the state is creating a dept that would put the $$$ left over on a site were people can claim it. This is money that the credit cards were keeping from unused or lost gift cards. I know that here in Texas we have an unclaimed website the state refunds deposits and money that the companies could not refund . If the companies can not find the person to refund the send it to the state and the state posts on website. Ex wife had a 1200.00 credit from 10 years ago that she reciently claimed
  • W W Woodward 2012/04/11 19:31:58
    W W Woodward
    What next? If you don't spend your collection of two dollar bills within a state mandated time frame, the state's Department of Treasury's armed agents will be knocking on your door?
  • Chief 2012/04/11 19:31:55
    I thought New Jersey was the land of the free and home of small government? What gives Gov. Christie?
  • william... Chief 2012/04/11 19:46:38
    william keegan
    The law was passed by a Democrat controlled legislature and signed by a Democrat governor before Christie was elected!
  • DonFoust william... 2012/04/11 20:32:00
    Law was passed in 2010..think Christie was gov. Then
  • william... DonFoust 2012/04/12 10:18:56
    william keegan
    Sorry, my bad, Christie did sign the law!
  • Keith Herriott 2012/04/11 19:31:51
    Keith Herriott
    It IS a slimy consumer tax. Having said that I'd never give one as a gift. Totally unimaginative and insulting that you can't be bothered to put some thought into a gift.
  • jaspirita Keith H... 2012/04/11 21:00:41
    To be honest, I always request gift cards because I'd rather be able to choose my own gift than have somebody give me something I might never use. My quirky likes and dislikes make it hard for people, so to give me a gift card to a bookstore instead of some embroidered napkins makes me very happy indeed. :-) But, that is just me.
  • Keith H... jaspirita 2012/04/20 14:57:25
    Keith Herriott
    Absolutely if that is your preference. I was just generalizing. Puts me in mind of an old joke, gift vouchers are just like money-except you can only spend them in one store!! ;0))
  • lu lu 2012/04/11 19:30:36
    lu lu
    It only tales the mafia state new ways to scam consumers these are gifts and each individuals has the right too use their gifts when and were they chose
  • smitty 2012/04/11 19:29:53
    HUH? Unless it is some type of Unclaimed funds...But what an administrative nightmare. It probably cost 125 mil to collect on that 79 mil. Come on Christie.

  • GLaDOS 2012/04/11 19:27:21 (edited)
    The money put into those things shouldn't just disappear, neither does it belong to the government. - .-
  • william... GLaDOS 2012/04/11 19:47:48
    william keegan
    Unless you live in NJ!
  • GLaDOS william... 2012/04/11 19:50:54
    It shouldn't be anywhere.
  • william... GLaDOS 2012/04/11 20:24:33 (edited)
    william keegan
    If Democrats were NOT elected it wouldn't be!

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