Is It OK to Abort One of a Pair of Twins?

News 2011/08/16 18:24:13
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Thanks to advances in in-vitro fertilization and more women waiting longer to conceive, the rate of multi births has skyrocketed over the past decade.

Doctors have been able to reduce the risk to the mothers and babies, but thanks to the risk to the mother of carrying three or more fetuses, OB/GYN's have developed a method of reducing multiple pregnancies down to a more manageable two fetuses. The procedure involves inserting a needle filled with potassium chloride into the heart of one of the fetuses around 12 weeks, which stops its heartbeat.

In fact, some women pregnant with twins who believe they don't have the resources to care for two babies have also decided to terminate one of the fetuses in utero. The New York Times tackled the sticky issue of twin reduction for non-medical reasons this week, speaking to the doctors who perform these procedures and the women who undergo them.

While author Sarah Hrdy argues it was more common for women to abandon a child moments after birth if they felt they couldn't take care of the baby in her book "Mother Nature: Maternal Instincts and How They Shape the Human Species," some Times readers have ben asking what constitutes "necessary resources" these days?
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  • CUDDLY BUT STILL CRABBY 2011/08/17 17:37:01
    No. It is not OK.

    Progressives/liberals/communists will pull out all of the stops to save the life of any convicted killer destined for judicially-mandated punishment, yet will murder thousands of innocents in the womb on a daily basis.

    That's an ongoing dichotomy of reasonable thought that perplexes the majority of us.

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  • Nuke William... 2011/08/17 09:16:45
    I would rather both die than for the mother to stay alive and grieve the loss of her child, that is a far worse punishment and I have seen it.
  • William... Nuke 2011/08/17 09:29:41
    William Day
    And that is your decision to make? Who appointed you moral leader for the human race? And what about the father? Losing both a child and his wife? If that happened to me I would walk out of that hospital and right in front of an oncoming train. It would be tough sure, but if she lived she could (probably, I'm in no way an MD) still have children sometime in the future. Many fertilized eggs are aborted naturally by the body anyway, how is this any different?
  • Nuke William... 2011/08/17 09:44:23
    That's on them and they will have to explain themselves to God, not me.
    It's different because it's a natural process where as having a doctor rip a babies arms and legs apart and then suck it's brains out and thrown into the trash is not...
  • William... Nuke 2011/08/17 09:53:48
    William Day
    That is only if god exists and it is your god or another god that thinks abortion is morally reprehensible. Now I'm not in favor of ALL abortion. I am in favor of it mostly in cases of rape or medical emergencies. I would support a woman's right to have an early abortion, but nothing too late on. You also failed to address the feelings of the father in the situation.
  • Nuke William... 2011/08/18 03:33:53
    Doesn't matter, I believe there is and they will have to still explain themselves to Him and not to me which was my point.
    I don't believe in any situation to be aborted at all, God [even if you don't believe in Him] can use anyone out of anything.
    He uses the broken and the rejected, the faulty and righteous alike, He can use anyone from some bad situation and use it for good.
    People wonder why we aren't farther in the world, they abort the scientists, the thinkers, the builders and creative people, genius' and humanitarians, the world will never know these people because they were never born, the world is far worse without them.
  • William... Nuke 2011/08/18 13:01:12
    William Day
    Yes, YOU believe that. Why should your religious beliefs have any bearing on the law? The law is supposed to be separate from religion in America. Very few people in this world are aborted, most of the great thinkers are out there now, thinking. People like Hawking, Kaku, etc. That raises another question though, if say the someone is aborted that in the future would have caused untold suffering, would that still be wrong in your eyes?
  • Nuke William... 2011/08/19 00:02:44
    Wrong, Separation of church and state was to protect religious churches from being run by the government, not to keep beliefs from being in government...
  • William... Nuke 2011/08/19 00:53:52
    William Day
    So you don't oppose sharia law being implemented? You also did not answer the question.
  • Nuke William... 2011/08/19 01:20:33
    I am not Muslim so no I don't agree with Sharia law.
    2. think about how many GOOD people are being killed, for every evil action there is someone to stand against it and myself believing in God know that there will be an evil that will arise and he cannot be aborted; he will be born and in the end he will be destroyed anyways.
    Every evil person that has ever lived has never lived forever, evil deeds come and go and in the end God is in control so I don't have to worry about it.
    You can worry about it but I'm not going to, they still deserve a chance to make the choice to do good or evil.
    You don't know who will be good or evil but if you abort them all you will never know who would have done what and how they would have impacted the world.
    For all you know the person that could have fixed things was aborted, the next great president was aborted, the next football player, artist and so on will never live to create.
    It's foolish to ask what if a great evil is born, there's always people who do evil things, I ask how many good people have been murdered because their parents didn't want to take responsibility or even give them a chance to make something of themselves.
    This shows your mindset vs. Mine, You think about evil, I think about good.
  • William... Nuke 2011/08/19 13:44:00
    William Day
    That was actually quite a good reply. I know there wasn't a question in there but yes; my mind is shadowed by the evil in the world. Like my significant other would like to have children one day, but all I can think about is 1) that I don't like children so what if I don't give a damn about my children and 2) what if my child was raped, murdered, tortured, etc. I have been plagued with (usually but not always) seeing the worst in humanity. The sharia law comment was toward your comment about you saying that beliefs should not be kept out of law. That if you believe beliefs should not be kept out of law then you should support sharia law because they are saying the exact same thing you are (about separation of c&s)
  • Nuke William... 2011/08/19 22:04:22
    No, Sharia law does not say the same exact thing, I don't want to kill gay people or people who don't believe...
  • William... Nuke 2011/08/19 23:58:48
    William Day
    Yes, it does. It says that religious law should be part of, if not above, the normal law. Both of which are ridiculous concepts.
  • Nuke William... 2011/08/20 00:11:24
    God's law is higher than man's, your notion and lack of understanding of this shows you are ignorant.
    One says to kill your enemy while the other says love your enemy so No they are NOT the same.
  • William... Nuke 2011/08/20 02:30:40
    William Day
    Really? What about Duet 13:13-19 basically saying if someone tries to convert you you should go kill everyone in their entire town and their livestock, and then burn the whole town to the ground? Sounds pretty much like an ancient version of 9/11.
  • Nuke William... 2011/08/21 03:09:47
    Jesus came, said love your enemy...The end.
  • William... Nuke 2011/08/21 04:36:28
    William Day
    Jesus also came and said (Matt 5:18) that not until heaven and earth disappear not the smallest letter of the law will be changed. If that was a law, then according to Jesus himself that is still in effect.
  • Nuke William... 2011/08/21 07:16:26
    I just love it how you have no clue what your talking about ...
    Jesus came not to Abolish the law but to make whole, It was written that you should take an eye for an eye BUT remember what Jesus said after that when He talked about it?
    You're foolish to think that everything in the old test is still in effect...
  • William... Nuke 2011/08/21 08:20:27
    William Day
    No, I think you are foolish to think that the bible does not contradict itself, just like you see here. The bible says that jesus made two completely opposite statements. It seems you know about all the things that make the bible unreliable, and yet you decide to muscle your way through them and believe anyway. Whatever that's your prerogative. However be aware that as soon as you try to legislate your beliefs into law me, and many like me (this includes some christians) will fight you every single step of the way because the worst government isn't fascism, it is theocracy.
  • Nuke William... 2011/08/22 04:37:19
    Yeah... You and many others claim that the Bible contradicts itself but every time They either can't tell me what they are or get things confused with something else because they didn't study.
    I'm not going to get into it with you because it would take far too long to straighten out and prove you wrong.
    Frankly you seem like the type of person who wouldn't believe me even if I got a hold of Jesus Blood, cloned Him, Killed you and had Jesus bring you back to life...
    You're far too ignorant to waste my time on. good night.
  • William... Nuke 2011/08/22 18:49:58
    William Day
    You are quite right, in fact no theist have provided evidence to us in over two thousand years, but you know I guess nothing is impossible.
  • mybrutalromance 2011/08/17 06:42:57
    In what way is abortion OK? Killing an innocent, defenseless child...it's horrible and inhuman.
  • carrotcat 2011/08/17 06:35:24
    I don't understand why would you only want one and kill the other? It feels like some twisted game- "which fetus should I abort"
  • Gregaj7 2011/08/17 06:27:36
  • ImSoMad 2011/08/17 06:25:59
    It's nit ok to murder an innocent baby that didn't have a choice in the matter! I find it horribly sad that parents that go through all the trouble to get pregnant and fork over tons of money for invitro are choosing to abort on or some of the babies!!! :( So sad! Heart breaking actually!
  • inevitable.scars 2011/08/17 06:22:35
    WTF, no lol. You decided to get knocked up, so just let fate take it's course...
  • Dee 2011/08/17 06:16:39
    How does a woman choose one child over the other? I think that killing one of your children would be a decision that would haunt you for the rest of your life.
  • moonchild Dee 2011/08/17 09:34:20
    That's also a difficult one right there. How do you choose? Okay- do it to that one there...

    If there were health reasons involved and that played a role it makes a little more sense. But just to say, 'I only want one- the other has to go'... I don't know how they do it.
  • your favourite worst nightmare 2011/08/17 06:12:09
  • NYCbrit 2011/08/17 06:10:50 (edited)
    I'm only undecided b/c it's no different to me than a "regular" abortion. Kind of a touchy subject to me having lost a child to an abortion I didn't know was going to happen. To edit: I'm a male.
  • ImSoMad NYCbrit 2011/08/17 06:27:52
    ??? You didn't know you were having an abortion? I'm do confused. But am very sorry for your loss! :(
  • NYCbrit ImSoMad 2011/09/12 17:23:16 (edited)
    I'm a male, that's how I didn't know AND felt like it was a loss.
  • ImSoMad NYCbrit 2011/09/12 18:22:21
    Gosh, I'm sorry for your loss! Hopeing for the nest for you in the future! :)
  • NYCbrit ImSoMad 2011/09/14 16:03:21
    Thanks, I do appreciate it. Ya know (one of) the worst things someone can tell you is they're doing something for you when it's something you'd NEVER ask/want them to do.
  • ImSoMad NYCbrit 2011/09/14 18:17:00
    Yeah, I don't even know how I would react to something like that. :( I am on my third and final pregnancy, and my spouse and I love our children so much! I couldn't ever imagine my life with out them in it. :( My heart aches for you! And seriously this is coming from someone that always thought we did't want kids or like them. etc. I was always the person that would see kids crying or whining at the store, and think to my self....."gosh shut your kids up!!!" But after my daughter was born, I was just smitten! I love them all so very much. And I tell you, I am not a happy pregnant lady, I hate being pregnant. I would much rather a stork appear and bring my little bundle of joy. But in the end they are so worth it. I wish more people would at least try it and see their baby before thinking about abortion, because holding your baby for the very first time. There just aren't any words for what it is like. It's like your heart just instantly melts and you become something else. It's so weird, but I can't really describe what the feeling is. I guess it's just LOVE. And I'll tell you that there is no other feeling like it. So when I hear someone not get the chance to have that it breaks my heart. :(
  • NYCbrit ImSoMad 2011/12/17 06:16:28
    I appreciate this, truly. I'm lucky to have nieces & nephews I'm close to. I hope your pregnancy has gone on wonderfully. Congrats!
  • silverr... NYCbrit 2011/08/17 07:05:04
    I'm not trying to start anything but I really don't understand what your saying. How did you not understand you were having an abortion?
  • NYCbrit silverr... 2011/09/12 17:24:27
    Please see my other reply. Sorry to confuse.
  • Deb NYCbrit 2011/08/17 11:00:10
    You didnt "lose" a child to abortion...you put a hit out on it and paid after the job was done. You had it scrambled into teeny tiny bloody little pieces while it screamed and tried to get away from the needle and the curette
  • NYCbrit Deb 2011/09/12 17:24:46
    Please see my other reply. Sorry to confuse.
  • Rafael 2011/08/17 06:00:21
    Its stupid and cruel to abort any child because God loves them so much and even us. Jesus loves YOU and He will always love YOU!! Jesus is the only way to eternal life and salvation! John14:6.

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