Is it allowed for Muslim followers to attend Christian church services or is Obama a Christian contrary to popular rightwing propaganda?

Pieter Joubert 2010/08/17 11:45:08
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Time Magazine
For the past five months, White House aides and friends of the Obamas have been quietly visiting local churches and vetting the sermons of prospective first ministers in a search for a new — and uncontroversial — church home. Obama has even sampled a few himself, attending services at 19th Street Baptist on the weekend before his inauguration and celebrating Easter at St. John's Episcopal Church.
Now, in an unexpected move, Obama has told White House aides that instead of joining a congregation in Washington, D.C., he will follow in George W. Bush's footsteps and make his primary place of worship Evergreen Chapel, the nondenominational church at Camp David.
A number of factors drove the decision — financial, political, personal — but chief among them was the desire to worship without being on display. Obama was reportedly taken aback by the circus stirred up by his visit to 19th Street Baptist in January. Lines started forming three hours before the morning service, and many longtime members were literally left out in the cold as the church filled with outsiders eager to see the new President. Even at St. John's, which is so accustomed to presidential visitors that it is known as the "Church of the Presidents," worshippers couldn't help themselves from snapping photos of Obama on their camera phones as they walked down the aisle past him to take communion.
The challenge of not only being part of a church community but also praying in peace has long been a problem for Presidents, according to historian Carl Sferrazza Anthony. "McKinley hated having people staring at him while he read Psalms, sang hymns, put money in the collection plate or took communion," he writes in America's First Families. "By the 1920s, getting a presidential family in and out of church was a production. Secret Service agents had to cordon off a clear path from the curb to the church entrance before the Coolidges arrived ... [and] they were swiftly escorted to their third-row pew."
The Clintons attended Foundry United Methodist Church on 16th Street, and were particularly active during the years before Chelsea left for college. But White House aides say that security measures required by the Secret Service have become stricter since 9/11 and would cause significant delays for parishioners — and at significant cost to taxpayers — on Sunday mornings. Given Obama's popularity within the African-American community, the President also worried that if he chose a local black congregation, church members would find themselves competing with sightseers for space in the pews.
The First Family won't have that problem at Camp David, where the 150-seat Evergreen Chapel attracts a congregation of between 50 and 70 people most Sundays. The rustic stone-and-glass octagonal structure was built nearly two decades ago through private funds; President George H.W. Bush dedicated it in 1991. At the ceremony, Christian singer Sandi Patti sang and the late Cardinal James Hickey of Washington delivered a sermon calling the chapel a "witness to our common belief that we need to seek divine guidance in the conduct of our national affairs."
Each week, regardless of whether the President is on-site, Evergreen Chapel holds nondenominational Christian services open to the nearly 400 military personnel and staff at Camp David, as well as their families. A music director from nearby Hood College coordinates adult and children's choirs (Clinton sang occasionally with the choir when he visited). In December, the kids in the congregation put on a Christmas pageant and the chapel holds a candlelight service on Christmas Eve. The Bush family enjoyed Christmas at Evergreen Chapel so much that they celebrated the holiday there for all eight years of Bush's Administration.
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  • NYC Firedog 2010/08/18 10:08:21
    Obama is a covert muslim who is allowed to break muslim law
    NYC Firedog
    Obama is used to the Black Liberation "White Man and the Jews are devils" kind of theology. He was with the most hateful Non man of God I ever heard speaking from a pulpit. He can't do the religious hate thing anymore with everyone watching.

    devils theology hateful god heard speaking pulpit religious hate watching devils theology hateful god heard speaking pulpit religious hate watching
  • Pieter ... NYC Fir... 2010/08/18 12:15:38
    Pieter Joubert
    You should get out of NY, the air polution is destroying your brain
  • NYC Fir... Pieter ... 2010/08/18 12:49:43
    NYC Firedog
    What a devastatingly effective comeback. You are quite the wit. Maybe you ARE dimwitted.
  • Wow 2010/08/17 16:31:42
    I was a real dope to believe the rightwing propaganda
    I wish there were an "other" or "I think" box because I have never known what his real spiritual beliefs are - if he even has any. Religion is personal, and it is nobody's business how somebody worships the entity(s) of choice. From what I understand, and please correct me if I'm wrong, his mother married a muslim, but his christian grandmother took him to church with her. Frankly, in a country where religion is supposed to be a choice, it shouldn't be a concern. Once more, it is nobody's business.
  • ducdodger 2010/08/17 14:57:32
    Obama is a covert muslim who is allowed to break muslim law
    Anyone can go into a christian church and listen to gods word. But only a muslim can go into a mosque and pray.
  • Pieter ... ducdodger 2010/08/17 20:20:56
    Pieter Joubert
    If a moslem goes to a christian church it is seen as treason by extremists. If Obama was a Muslim as the dimwitted alledge, the extremists will kick his ass.
  • NYC Fir... Pieter ... 2010/08/18 10:20:57
  • ducdodger Pieter ... 2010/08/18 19:18:39
    true and they are either beheaded or stoned to death. Unless they blow themselves up inside that church.
  • Daniel 2010/08/17 12:11:37
    Obama is a covert muslim who is allowed to break muslim law
    I don't really understand your answers, but Muslims can go to a Christian Church and hear about Jesus's teachings.
  • Pieter ... Daniel 2010/08/17 12:21:01
    Pieter Joubert
    As far as I know, practising Muslims are not allowed to visit Christian places of worship, they are seen as traitors by their faith. So if Obama is a Muslim, he would now be persona non grata in the Muslim faith.

    Most Christian churches I know won't have a problem if a Muslim wants to convert however a muslim convert is expelled by their families, I have two such friends who have not seen their families for years now because they converted.

    By definition that makes Obama a Christian, not a Muslim as propaganda wants the dimwitted to believe.
  • NYC Fir... Pieter ... 2010/08/18 10:30:31
    NYC Firedog
    Obama has always mixed well with the Islamists. That is not an opinion, but a fact. You may know South Africa and it's outlandish evil traditions, but you don't know the Ghetto. There has always been an alliance with the "Nation of Islam" "The Israelites" and the "Black Panthers" types in the ghettos. And Chicago crowd of "Black Liberation Theology" leaders also includes a white Catholic Priest,

    I might not say you're dimwitted, but you ARE ill informed, and little informed.

    theology leaders includes white catholic priest dimwitted ill informed informed theology leaders includes white catholic priest dimwitted ill informed informed theology leaders includes white catholic priest dimwitted ill informed informed theology leaders includes white catholic priest dimwitted ill informed informed
  • Pieter ... NYC Fir... 2010/08/18 12:18:23
    Pieter Joubert
    Your mother should have warned you, smoking green herb will destroy your brain.

    There is a site on the net that will show you how to kill yourself and relief the stress you are under.
  • Daniel Pieter ... 2010/08/18 11:15:44
    First off, only God knows who's a Christian. You would have to be able to read that man's thoughts and understand his heart to get that answer. I believe simply that he's pretending.
  • Pieter ... Daniel 2010/08/18 12:19:34
    Pieter Joubert
    Yes GOD, I believe what you say.
  • Daniel Pieter ... 2010/08/18 12:27:04
    Excuse me. It was you declairing him to be a Christian claming to be God.
  • Pieter ... Daniel 2010/08/18 12:36:10
    Pieter Joubert
    I was pointing out that if he was a practising Muslim, he was not supposed to attend the Christian services as it is against Islam to associate with the "Kafir" or unbelievers. So by definition he could not be a practising muslim

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