Is insulting conservative women perfectly fine? In short, do liberals hate women who speak mind and disagree with liberal ideas?

Concerned Voter 2012/03/11 17:38:24
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I ask this in light of the recent Liberal demand for Rush Limbaugh to apologise for his comment about Ms. Fluke and ABC airing a show, GCB (Good Christian Bitches) intended to hurl misogynistic insults at conservative women with Christian values. It seams thatthere is a good deal of insults aimed at women coming from the left. The following article is a list of insults from liberal celebrities aimed at conservative women;

Monday, March 5, 2012

Insulting conservative women is perfectly fine.

Because, of course, they aren't REAL women according to the standard feminist rule book. Just like black conservatives aren't REAL black people, according to left wing ideologues, and therefore can and should be subject to vicious attack.

As far as women go, if you are any one of the following, you are fair game for any kind of malicious slander the left can conjure up:

-Protestant, Catholic, or Mormon
-Opposed to pre-marital sex
-In support of traditional marriage
-In support of 2nd amendment rights
-Respectful of men and masculinity

By contrast, if you are one of the following, you are applauded, supported, and encouraged in today's society:
-Any religion other than Christianity or Mormonism

As we see the absolute tar and feathering of Rush Limbaugh by the rabid leftist media for calling a slut and slut, let's take a trip down memory lane shall we?

In 2009, David Letterman in a pathetic attempt at humor, referred to Sarah Palin as a "slutty flight attendant."

In 2011, Obama mega donor Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a "c*nt" during his standup routine.

Also in 2011, Obama mega donor Bill Maher and guest Marc Maron lightheartedly discussed how they hope Michele Bachmann's husband "f*cks her angrily."

In 2011, left wing talk show host Ed Schultz called conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham a "slut".

In 2011, after Ed Schultz called Ingraham a slut, the liberal women on ABC's The View casually discussed the usage of the word and laughed about Ingraham being called one.

In 2009, Keith Olbermann referred to conservative blogger and author Michelle Malkin as a "mashed up bag of meat with lipstick."

In 2010, Joy Behar of The View repeatedly called Republican Sharron Angle a "bitch" on air, saying, "She's going to hell, this bitch."

In 2010, Gawker published a libelous story slandering Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell titled "I Had a One Night Stand With Christine O'Donnell."

In 2011, the rabidly liberal cartoonist of Doonesbury, Garry Trudeau, created a comic making fun of Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann's breasts.

In 2011, Bill Maher, again on cue, referred to Sarah Palin as a dumb "twat".

In 2009, David Letterman joked about 14 year old Willow Palin getting "knocked up" by Yankees 3rd baseman Alex Rodriguez.

In 2010, California Democrat Jerry Brown's campaign called Republican challenger Meg Whitman a whore.

In 2009, Florida Democrat Alan Grayson called Linda Robertson a "K Street whore".

In 2010, Democrat Janis Baird Sontany of Tennessee said of Republican women, "You have to lift their skirts up to see if they are actually women."

In 2008, liberal entertainer Sandra Bernhard said of Sarah Palin, "she would be gang-raped by my big black brothers if she enters Manhattan."

In 2009, HBO ran a program called "A Final Night With George W. Bush, You're Welcome America" which featured a woman portraying Condoleezza Rice giving a lapdance.

In 1999, Salon.com's Thor Hesla, and outspoken Democrat, wrote a piece about conservative Ann Coulter saying she should "buy a vibrator" and "rack up some quick orgasms."

In 2008, Obama supporters were caught wearing t-shirts proudly displaying the words "Sarah Palin is a C*nt."

In 2012, liberal taking head Randi Rhodes said "we should cut off the ovaries of conservative women."

You know, we really could go on, and on, and on. But it isn't necessary.

With each of these slurs against conservative women, not a single word from the spineless feminists and emasculated men working in the media. Because, like I mentioned earlier, a conservative woman is not a REAL woman, because a conservative woman is against abortion, in favor of morality, and respectful of men. Our society has moved past these "ancient" beliefs into an era of enlightenment where right = wrong, wrong = right, up = down, wet = dry, yes = no, and every single relativist driven thing you can imagine.

Now here we are in 2012, and Rush Limbaugh, that mean, white, racist, sexist, homophobe and hater of women, has referred to a slut as....a slut, and the entire media and left wing in this country has collectively soiled themselves in an unprecedented toddler like temper tantrum.

Where was that reaction when Bill Maher referred to Sarah Palin as a c*nt? Or when Ed Schultz called Laura Ingraham a slut? Or when Michele Bachmann was repeatedly slurred and slandered in the most revolting of sexual ways during her campaign? No, there was none, nor will there ever be one from the left.

Last night was the series premier of GCB on one of the most despicable of television networks in this country, ABC. "Good Christian Bitches" is most certainly poised to offer plenty of satire and sexually charged humor at the expense of Christian, conservative women in this country. Is there any outrage about this? Let's just say, if this show was titled "Good Muslim Bitches" or "Good Lesbian Bitches" or "Good Liberal Bitches" or "Good Atheist Bitches" we would see---well, you can guess the reaction.

The most sexist of all is the disgusting treatment any woman on the right receives in this country.

But they deserve it right? After all, because they don't believe in aborting unborn human beings, that means they aren't REAL women right?
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  • DJPanicDC 2012/03/19 22:12:45
    It is not however sexism since I feel the same way about conservative men
  • Bastion 2012/03/12 15:29:19
    It wasn't a constitutional attack on the rights of Fluke - her rights aren't the issue - Rush was using insults against Fluke as a PROPAGANDA TOOL to attack women's reproductive rights AS A WHOLE with demeaning, mysoginist language aimed at what he and his kind view as second-class citizens . . . . WOMEN..
    Rush will lose in the realm of public opinion - where he's been flinging BS for decades. It's fitting.

    A very large majority of women understand EXACTLY what Limbaugh was doing - the "twists and contortions" of the righwing spin machine notwithstanding.

    This whole "the left does it too" defense is getting pretty thin, and the light is showing through.
  • Roger47 2012/03/11 18:39:37
    Depends would be my answer. If conservative women are being hypocritical, they should be called on it. If they are deliberately being dishonest about their advocacy, insults are fair game. But they should not be too extreme. Nothing said about conservative women comes close to Rush calling for a college student to make and give him sex tapes of herself.
  • Concern... Roger47 2012/03/12 03:12:24
    Concerned Voter
    While I don't approve of Rush's cruder remarks I can see where he had cause to make that joke. If Ms Fluke had felt that the government or insurance company should fund her outrageous and phony claim that she needed $3,000 for three years of law school for her contraception needs, Limbaugh had thought the taxpayer or other people who pay their insurance premiums that funded her insurance in order to pay out the funds for her contraceptives should get something back for the kind of money she wanted spent on her.
  • Z Roger47 2012/03/12 11:13:46
  • dj 2012/03/11 18:28:24
    What do people that do this get out of it? Does it make them feel good? That goes for the same if it is the other way around. If you don't agree with someone's ideas you sure don't have to insult them. Doesn't make you look very smart.
  • Concerned Voter 2012/03/11 18:07:07 (edited)
  • Flor de Luna 2012/03/11 17:43:32
    Flor de Luna
    It seems to be the normal thing to hate anyone who disagrees anymore.Can't have decent,intelligent conversations without ugliness and name calling and such.It certainly isn't fine,but a lot of adults seem to be determined to act like little kids.Also the bad behavior happens on both sides.
  • Concern... Flor de... 2012/03/11 18:11:16
    Concerned Voter
    I totally agree with you.

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