Is Being Gay a Choice?

Politics 2010/10/18 11:00:00
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That's what Colorado Senate Republican candidate Ken Buck thinks. During a debate on Sunday's "Meet the Press" on NBC, host David Gregory brought up the hot topic of repealing the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy:

GREGORY: Do you believe that being gay is a choice?

BUCK: I do.

GREGORY: Based on what?

BUCK: Based on what? I guess you can choose who your partner is.

GREGORY: You don’t think it’s something that’s determined at birth?

BUCK: I think that birth has an influence over it, like alcoholism and some other things, but I think that basically, you have a choice.

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  • Daryl 2010/10/18 17:04:35
    Nice trick.

    Homosexual desire may not be a choice but yes, of course homosexuality is a choice.

    If a man has sex with a man, he has made a choice.

    It is deceptive to say 'It's not a choice' and distort the difference between desires and actions.

    At least have the intellectual honesty to admit that homosexual actions (the only thing defined as a violation of the UCMJ under DADT) are a choice.

    Gay-rights crowd goes into insulting hysterics in 5, 4, 3...

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  • DANNY_B0i♛ 2010/12/09 06:54:19 (edited)
  • 2010/12/02 21:24:16 (edited)
    I have never been attractive to guys.
  • master of free thinking 2010/11/27 00:56:02
    master of free thinking
    no joice! and it doesent have to. if you are gay just be gay!! whats the problem? i dont mind what other people do in their bedroom.. joice doesent gay gay mind people bedroom queer as folk
  • Dan 2010/11/21 08:25:18
  • RipVanWinkle 2010/11/20 22:30:22
    I think sometimes it is, sometimes not. I believe it is mostly a genetic predisposition supported by evidence, and it is certainly not unique to homo sapiens.

    But I think it is irrelevant in modern society, people should not be judged or penalized for personal lifestyle choices, that sort of mentality belongs in Stone Age societies like Islam.
  • dmac 2010/11/10 06:00:47
    I think it is a choice. Over the yrs I've had pass' made a few times by other women. I had the choice to say no and I did. There are a few people that were born with a problem that many times can be fixed medically. But since the late 60's it seems like this has been a fad to be gay. People that can't say no to an urge to experiment.
  • C. C. Rider 2010/11/05 14:30:46
    C. C. Rider
    All I can tell you is when I was born I was screaming for a better outfit then those pampers...I have never had to second guess who I wanted as a mate......a man...lol....As I have been told over and over...I am all "woman". But for my "gay" friends who I adore....they say the same and they would know, it is their bodies. What happened to me I am sure happened to them... we were born this way...The only thing I would ever desire from a female would be where she got her shoes and for the gay men....just wish I could change a few for "our" team...but that is not how it is....
  • that guy in the mirror 2010/10/31 01:28:07
    that guy in the mirror
    a man can stop himself turning gay,all he has to do is when his palm turns upward, reverse it and do that till the urge leaves him . that simple..
  • Anna E that gu... 2010/11/09 00:37:12
  • finalflicker 2010/10/26 23:45:05
  • Anna E finalfl... 2010/11/09 00:37:22
  • finalfl... Anna E 2010/11/09 01:08:20
    that what i said its a bad choice that some make because we all suffer from the same genetic defect.... sinchoice suffer genetic defect
  • Anna E finalfl... 2010/11/09 01:34:27 (edited)
    Anna E
    Sorry, it's more than just a dumb choice.
  • finalfl... Anna E 2010/11/09 01:38:27
    it is more than a dumb choice..its a very destructive choice
  • Anna E finalfl... 2010/11/09 02:03:37 (edited)
    Anna E
    It can be if one acts upon their nature. Or it can be totally harmless. How are you affected by it? Other than having your sensibilities ruffled, I mean? Has it crippled you? Did it make you limp? Did it ruin your marriage? You have a choice to ignore it. Why fret over it?
    Either way, homosexuality appears to be a lot more than choice.
  • finalfl... Anna E 2010/11/09 02:08:20
    appearances can be deceiving...there's no substantive proof thats its other than a behavioral choice...
  • Anna E finalfl... 2010/11/09 02:18:43
    Anna E
    Wrong. There's no conclusive proof. Substantive proof is relative to personal standards of proof, so it is possible that one can disregard any amount of proof.
    There's absolutely NO evidence; substantive or conclusive; that suggests it is only choice.
  • finalfl... Anna E 2010/11/09 02:58:21
    why are you afraid that it is...does a theoretical genetic propensity to bad behavior excuse the behavior?
  • Anna E finalfl... 2010/11/09 17:30:25
    Anna E
    Who says I am afraid? You're reaching for assumptions now?

    It's only opinion that there's any bad behavior and bad behavior is not exclusive to a small percentage of gays. I consider ignoring evidence to be bad behavior and religionists ignore evidence left, right, and center.
    Propensities are propensities. They don't make people any less human.
  • finalfl... Anna E 2010/11/10 03:00:56
    explain how you can be bi then you chose to be heterosexual when you are homosexual or what..seems youve been making some choices..which is it..gay or straight
  • Anna E finalfl... 2010/11/10 03:10:48
    Anna E
    I'm bisexual. That means I have no preference for sexual partners. Kind of like being gay and straight at the same time.
  • DANNY_B0i♛ finalfl... 2010/12/09 06:56:56
    hahahaha okay yes because we chose to be bullied to the point that we kill ourselves, we chose not to be married or have rights as the heterosexual couples, we chose to be cut out of our families in some cases. Yes because we chose to have all these horrible things to us. of course, you must be a doctor.
  • moorrbrt1 "In God we Trust" 2010/10/26 21:21:32
    moorrbrt1 "In God we Trust"
    I'm a recovering alcoholic. Many in my family are heavy drinkers or alcoholics. Some say that it's something in the genes that make certain people predisposed to alcoholism. Yet, I don't drink anymore. A conscience choice had to be made to do something about it. To get help. Occasionally I still think about taking a drink, but I was taught what to do to avoid that.
    A person who feels inclined to sleep with someone of the same sex makes a choice to do so. Personally, I think it's something they're tempted to do, and once they give in, they get caught up in it the same way an alcoholic gives in one too many times and ends up a drunk.
  • Anna E moorrbr... 2010/11/09 00:36:13
  • DANNY_B0i♛ moorrbr... 2010/12/09 06:55:10 (edited)
    you cannot compare being an alcoholic to being gay. Ever. Though I do appreciate you getting help for your addiction.
  • moorrbr... DANNY_B0i♛ 2010/12/12 18:18:48
    moorrbrt1 "In God we Trust"
    I think being gay is just another addiction.
  • DANNY_B0i♛ moorrbr... 2010/12/12 23:18:49
    Not so much but okay.
  • wombat 2010/10/26 13:17:50
    In a social concept like ours its a consequential choice.
  • Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ 2010/10/25 21:46:36
    Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ
    When did you choose to be straight?
  • 4Common... Scott ヶ... 2010/10/26 09:15:09
    When I was born a male. I was conceived in my mothers womb and then I became a male human being. The choice was made for me by God.
  • Scott ヶ... 4Common... 2010/10/26 10:41:55
    Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ
    So you didn't.
  • 4Common... Scott ヶ... 2010/10/26 15:42:24
    NO, but you do. Not every male that has ever been born is born homosexual. There is not a third spice of human life. When you were born, you were born male. Later in life you made a conscience decision to become homosexual.

    Let's settle this once and for all. NAME ME THE HOMOSEXUAL GENE, that's makes you homosexual?
  • Double A 4Common... 2010/11/08 21:14:09
    Double A
    Why would I choose to be gay? It's not an easy life! Maybe the gene hasn't been found yet. All I know is that I've always been attracted to the same sex just like you've always been attracted to the opposite. It's biology!!!! Homosexuality exists in other species!
  • 4Common... Double A 2010/11/09 06:05:46
    Other species create or reason, or do complex numbers or even build a house? I think not. Our choices are all connected with our brain. When you were 2 or 3 years did you think about men in a sexual way? Of course not. All you were mentality choosing to do was to play with toys and maybe color with crayons. You were even choosing at that age. What tasted good and what didn't. You were making choices when it came to experiences. When it's cold you want to be warm. Experiences had a major part in your development as a child.

    Answer this one question. Why can a homosexual come out of that homosexual life style and become heterosexual? If in fact it is NOT a choice, then they should all stay as homosexuals. This one fact alone proves to the world that it's not who you are, it's what they desire to participate in sexually.

    I know that you and I know adults that have lived heterosexual lives and have had families and then out of God knows where, have hooked up with same sex partners and left their families. Are you going to tell me that they were living a lie for 10, 15, or maybe 20 years? Will you please explain that for me?
  • Double A 4Common... 2010/11/09 16:53:42
    Double A
    Yes, they were living a lie! My moms first cousin is gay and he was married to a woman for 25 years, had 3 kids, and he clearly was gay. We all knew it! They are now divorced and he is with a man. He has a great relationship still with his ex wife and children. He was living a lie. Most homosexuals including myself have lived a so called "straight life" before coming out! It's because society is still so against homosexuality that we're pressured to stay in the closet. I always knew I was gay! Even when I pretended to be straight.

    It's like this. Pretend, now I said pretend, I know this isn't how it is, that homosexuality was the common sexuality. You are straight but society has told you over and over that no homosexuality is normal and being heterosexual is not, yet you know you're attracted to the opposite sex. How would that make you feel? Would it not drive you to depression and anger if you were told who you are is not "normal." But it is! Yet people wonder why there are suicides amongst gay teens!

    We didn't choose to be gay!
  • 4Common... Double A 2010/11/09 20:23:57
    "Yes, they were living a lie." Why is it you insist is misleading me and those who read ths post? The defination of a "Lie" "A false statement or action, especially one made with intent to deceive, anything that gives or is meant to give a false impression, to cause an incorrect impression; to present a misleading appearance to anyone or on a signed document." If that statement only pertains to your friend, then I have no problem with that. If on the other hand you are refering to all homosexuals. Then yes I do most certainly have a problem. You would need to provide your evidence and or your sorces where you get your conclusion.

    Yes, that would make me feel depressed and angry. Since I am a thinking man with logic and understanding. I would look around and see what has been called normal and for a very long time. You would be asking me to NOT even consider anything that would be religious. I would have to be an Atheist. Void of God or the Bible. If on the other hand I would consider what God says, then your theory falls apart, because the Bible says that homosexuality is a sin. You can't have it both ways.

    Would you say that if I had a sexual attraction with young boys, that, that's a normal sexual attraction? What about anamils or cross dressing. Are all those normal and moral life styles? Where do you draw the moral, normal line?

    Yes it is a choice and has always been a choice.
  • Double A 4Common... 2010/11/10 01:23:16
    Double A
    The Bible also says that to understand a person you must walk a mile in their shoes, and further if thats what you need to do to understand. How many things are there in the Bible that nobody follows anymore...haircuts are abomination according to Leviticus too. YOU cant have it both ways either....you either follow everything or throw it away, dont quote the Bible crap to me and then tell me I cant have it both ways, neither can you.

    PS If you compare homosexuality to pedophilia in this type of way again, I promise you will go to your hell. IT IS NOT THE SAME THING!!!
  • 4Common... Double A 2010/11/10 03:20:27
    I wish you would have just stated the Book, chapter and verse. I would like to look that up. Just because you think that "nobody follows" doesn't mean that the Word of God isn't true. It's definately not God's fault. By the way. There are many Christians who follow God's Word.

    Don't talk about something that you know very little or nothing about. OT was just that. We don't sarifice animals anymore. You need to know what you are saying before you open your pie hole.

    You are like a person who has a little knowledge in auto mechanics and then expects to teach a class on how to OVERHAUL and engine. Just stick with the oil changes. You won't look like a fool.

    Romans 1:26-29 says that Homosexuality is a sin. Pedophila is also a sexual sin, along with all the other perverted sexual sins that man has come up with. Do you think that for one second that God approves of homosexuality and lesbianism? HE DOES NOT. It's an abomanation to Him.

    You won't go to hell for being a homosexual or a lesbian. You will go to hell for rejecting God's son Jesus Christ.
  • K 4Common... 2010/11/10 18:35:00
    "Don't talk about something that you know very little or nothing about."

    Yours...homosexuality...you know NOTHING about it, so quit preaching.
  • 4Common... K 2010/11/11 04:24:06
    That's a laugh. Homosexuality is just that. Homosexuality. Two men in a relationship. I have a relationship with many of my great Nam buddies and others over the course of the years. So don't be so smug and think I know nothing about male relationships. I have closer relationships with a few of my Nam buddies then with my own wife, BUT I don't take it into the bedroom. So don't tell me about personal relationships with men. There is NO sexual part to our relationship and that is the only difference. I love these guys as if they were my own flesh and blood. Besides. All you are doing is trying to avoid the real issue and use a absurde analogy. What a poor and weak comparison. I would say to you, that you couldn't even relate on that level, without the sexual involvement. How sad.

    Interesting. When I am telling the truth about your sexual life style, I am preaching. When you are giving your opinion it's the truth. What a hypocrite. The TRUTH is tough to hear, isn't it?

    So tell me your background in Bible knowledge. You had to have had some knowledge somewhere. Sunday School, Parents, or even outside side influences. If you had studied the Bible and knew it, then I could talk to you on that level, but it is clear that you haven't.
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