Is Barack Obama a “Crook”, or would “Traitor” be a more appropriate term?

dublin9 2011/09/18 14:20:02
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What do you call a politician who gives one half Billion dollars in taxpayer money to a money losing company owned by someone who collected five hundred thousand dollars for your campaign war chest?

Americans tend to have short memories. But wasn’t it Presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama who claimed that he would cut the deficit in half, end corruption and cut waste? Wasn’t that his “Hope and Change?” How his sycophants choose to forget.

Let’s take Solyndra, the Obama poster child for his “greening of
America.” During the very alternate energy friendly Bush Administration, it was refused a taxpayer guaranteed loan as being a company destined to fail.

But in Obama’s “Jobs Stimulus Program,” much of the almost one Trillion dollars was stolen from the American taxpayer and distributed to his friends and financial supporters. Responsibility always seems to take second place to political payoffs in this administration.

One week before Solyndra was approved for more than one-half Billion in taxpayer guaranteed loans, their CEO visited the White House four times. Those spoken to included Obama’s top policy advisor and closest confident Valerie Jarett. People warned the White House about Obama’s Enron, but money is money when it comes to political payoffs.

It’s normal policy that if a company with federal funding fails, the taxpayer gets first dibs on the remaining assets, but not with Solynra. In this case, Obama’s supporters who own stock in the company get paid off first, leaving the taxpayer to fondle their empty pockets.

But that’s not all. Billions of dollars are currently being given out to similar “green” companies with Obama political connections. Isn’t this what Obama condemns as “crony capitalism?”

But wait. There’s more and it involves national security.
Eli Lake reported in the liberal Daily Beast that GEN William Shelton who heads Air Force Space Command informed a classified oversight committee hearing that Obama attempted to alter his testimony on the broadband company LightSquared.

This is another company with deep pockets for Obama. It’s building a wireless 4G satellite network that the Pentagon feels will interfere with high precision
GPS signals that could disrupt military operations from strategic and tactical mapping to missiles.

But LightSquare majority stock owner Philip Falcone donated some $60,000 to the Democrat Party in 2009. CEO Sanjiv Ahuja made a $30,400 contribution to the Democrats, the very day representatives from LightSquared went to the White House for a payoff, uhhhh,“ meeting.”

Is a political campaign payoff more important than national security to Obama and those close to him? It seems so.

Is Barack Obama a “Crook?” Legally, he’s probably not. In my opinion, “Traitor” would be a more appropriate term. What do you think?

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  • Jay Thompson 2012/01/19 20:46:43
    Jay Thompson
    1. Obama is not a natural born American so can not be a Traitor.
    2. Obama is not breaking any of his nation's laws so can not be a crook.
    What Obama is..
    A. Obama is in office under a false identity = Fraud.
    B. Obama is at war with the American Constitution so he is a Enemy Combatant.
    I hope this helps clear things up.
  • Kara 2011/09/21 06:54:20
    Obama isn't a crook. He just likes giving taxpayer money to friends
    I could not answer or something else happened. Obama is both a crook and a traitor
    . answer obama crook traitor Obama crook and traitor answer obama crook traitor Obama traitor
  • dlsofsetx 2011/09/20 20:11:56
    Obama is both a Crook and a Traitor
    'nuff said.
  • Charles E 2011/09/20 18:41:51
    The Obama White House is like a Mafia that hates America
    Charles E
    He is a criminal conspirator who hates America. Since he sends others to do his dirty work, he is more like a Mafia Don than a simple crook who does his own stealing.
  • AL 2011/09/20 05:51:43
    Obama isn't a crook. He just likes giving taxpayer money to friends
    A damn crook that just happens to be a traitor as well
  • mslullie 2011/09/20 04:06:35
    He's neither. Just wasn't ready to hold this job.
  • MQ-Amer... mslullie 2011/09/20 05:18:14
    MQ-American Values Again (AVA)
    And he isn't ready or qualified to keep it.... no 1/5 yr Jr Senator with no experience under his belt is!
  • lclon 2011/09/20 02:26:49
    Barack Obama is President of the United States. President is the appropriate term for him. Maybe trator and crook would better suit the conservative congress people and conservative wanna be president.
  • dublin9 lclon 2011/09/20 12:53:05 (edited)
    Would you feel better if I asked if PRESIDENT Obama was a crook or traitor for selling out American national security for campaign funds?
  • Charles E dublin9 2011/09/20 18:43:46
    Charles E
    I doubt Iclon would be happy unless you called BHO lord and savior.
  • dublin9 Charles E 2011/09/20 20:31:36 (edited)
    I suspect that before mentioning the name of the White House occupant, people like Icion would want us to include a photo of our Genuflecting with head bowed. You'll notice that Icion does not refute what I wrote in my post.

    Obama's actions don't even seem to bother them. I'm reminded of watching a documentary where Germans were interviewed after the atrocities of World War II were shown to them. Their response was "If der Furher only knew." LOL.
  • lclon dublin9 2011/09/22 01:47:54
    I don't want you to do anythig for me. If you do anything it will be for yourself.
  • dublin9 lclon 2011/09/22 12:44:05
    You have still failed to respond to the points in my post.
  • lclon dublin9 2011/09/23 03:38:25
    It evident you can't comprehend. Read my original post.
  • lclon dublin9 2011/09/23 03:43:02
    Can't you comprehend. I put my comment under the caption "Other" because I did not agree with the other comments under the other captions. You have failed to comprehend.
  • dublin9 lclon 2011/09/23 12:50:27
    With reference to what I wrote in my post relative to events having to do with Soylindra and LightSquare, what is it that you don't agree with?
  • lclon dublin9 2011/09/27 02:31:09
    I don't agree with anything you wrote. Plain and simple.
  • dublin9 lclon 2011/09/27 12:42:34 (edited)
    Would you care to explain why? If you can't it merely proves you are mindlessly defending Barack Obama without any rational reason. It's a mindset that is hardly worthy of respect. On the other hand, you are free to explain yourself.
  • lclon dublin9 2011/09/30 00:55:27
    I support President Obama. I don't support conservatives. Plain and simple.
  • dublin9 lclon 2011/09/30 01:06:33
    So let me get this straight. You claim not to agree with the facts in my post but don't give any reason other than stating that you support Barack Obama.

    I don't understand you. I've never mindlessly supported anyone in my life without reason. Don't you find your position rather embarrassing?
  • lclon dublin9 2011/09/30 01:08:58
    I am sure as sure can be. I hold no embarrassment.
  • dublin9 lclon 2011/09/30 01:12:05
    That's rather sad. But my post rose specific issues. You don't seem to want to reply to them.
  • lclon dublin9 2011/09/30 01:15:10
    I reply the way I want to. You just can't accept the way I reply. It's all right for you to be sad. You and everyone else will have sadness, joy, and happiness in this life.
  • dublin9 lclon 2011/09/30 01:36:33
    But sadly, you never reply to the subject of my posts. You merely say that you support Obama. That's really not a reply.
  • lclon dublin9 2011/10/01 00:53:15
    It isn't in your eye. In my eye that is my reply.
  • moe kal... dublin9 2011/11/05 12:08:19
    moe kalaphi
    hating obama father is muslim this why
  • moe kal... dublin9 2011/11/05 12:07:33
    moe kalaphi
    I see on sites you not fair dublin all for zionistsspend time always hate muslim
  • moe kal... dublin9 2011/11/05 12:04:46
    moe kalaphi
    Give the bloke a fair go mate
  • lclon Charles E 2011/09/22 01:46:30
    I don't doubt that you are a liar.
  • Charles E lclon 2011/09/22 14:41:40
    Charles E
    Sorry you feel that way.
  • lclon Charles E 2011/09/23 03:40:29
    Keep feeling sorry. That has no affect on me.You in essence are just feeling sorry for yourself.
  • lclon dublin9 2011/09/22 01:45:59
    Whatever you say has no effect on my feeling. I know who Obama is and I respect him for who he is and that is President of the United States.
  • dublin9 lclon 2011/09/22 12:45:19
    The subject of my post is not whether or not you respect Barack Obama or the office of the Presidency.
  • lclon dublin9 2011/09/23 03:45:53
    The answer I gave is the comments I wrote and believe. I don't agree with the comment you quoted. That is why I put my comments under the caption "Other" It evident you don't believe or respect the office of President and that is your choice. No big deal.
  • dublin9 lclon 2011/09/23 12:52:05
    But you never stated your opinion relative to events having to do with Soylindra and LightSquare, what is it that you don't agree with? If you disagree with what I wrote, please feel free to explain yourself. I'll be happy to reply.
  • lclon dublin9 2011/09/27 02:31:57
    I don't agree with anything you wrote. Plain and simple.
  • moe kal... lclon 2011/11/05 12:08:53
    moe kalaphi
    he is evil man icon
  • lclon moe kal... 2011/11/07 03:03:36
    Only in your evil eyes
  • moe kal... dublin9 2011/11/05 12:03:50
    moe kalaphi
    What about Israel selling out American secrets to China then mate hey?All the missiles secret amet hey?Make me sick one way traffic mate.
  • COCO 2011/09/20 02:15:44
    Obama is both a Crook and a Traitor
    Enough said. gone 2012
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