Is America Ready For Another Minority As President ?

cut and paste king 2013/11/12 18:16:54
we have obama right now the first african american president ,now we are contemplating several minorities for 2016
an african american doctor and 2 cuban americans
whats your opinion of how the majority would decide
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  • phuque vitch BAN ME 2013/11/20 14:01:06
  • cut and... phuque ... 2013/11/20 14:34:23
    cut and paste king
    americans werent stupid enough to vote for romney or mc cain in 2008
    you will never have a disastrous economic crash with a democrat
    1929 stock market crash - republican
    1987 stock market crash - republican
    1991 economic crash - republican
    1999 dot-com democrat
    2008 stock market crash - republican
  • phuque ... cut and... 2013/11/21 23:24:53
  • cut and... phuque ... 2013/11/21 23:38:18
    cut and paste king
    bills can be repeaed
    bush had republican control of both houses for 5 years , but benefitted greatly by not changing the laws that later brought down the economy.
  • DJPanicDC 2013/11/12 22:58:15
    The question "is America ready for another minority" is really just asking "is America racist"
    However with the candidates the republican party are considering the question should be "Are the comedians ready to have the jokes write them selves?"
  • Randy 2013/11/12 20:08:13
    I could not care less about one's nationality or sex, but will they represent what is best for the country and its people!
  • Bocephus 2013/11/12 19:42:06
  • DJPanicDC Bocephus 2013/11/12 22:59:52
    I can tell you the even though I'm white I neither look like or share values with Chris Christie, Rand Paul, or George Bush.
    And if you do that is sad
  • Bocephus DJPanicDC 2013/11/12 23:25:41
  • Adam 2013/11/12 18:45:27
  • darcie lamar 2013/11/12 18:31:09
    darcie lamar
    I'll support the person of good character, no matter what color his or her skin is. This race baiting has gone too far. We must become Americans once again and have pride in our country. ask not what your country can do for you
  • Porsha Dé Valentino 2013/11/12 18:25:58
    Porsha Dé Valentino
    Yes. I'm ready for it to happen. Only if they're qualified for the job and the American people are happy with their work. I won't vote for them simply because they are a minority. I'll vote if they want good things to happen. This is coming from a "minority".
  • zbacku 2013/11/12 18:19:24 (edited)

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