Is a soldier who fights for their country and kills someone forgiven for their sins of murder. Can it be called murder if it's done in a war?

Squeaken458 2010/07/21 16:20:26
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Its just a moral question due to the fact one of the commandments is thou shalt not kill.
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  • KrazyArchyGurl 2010/08/14 14:24:03
    I think they are forgiven
  • DancingMachine 2010/08/08 01:56:19
    I've always wondered that....
  • Beer30 2010/08/07 15:32:43
    Just a minor grammatical glitch here, Squeaken.

    Someone who fights for his own country is a soldier.
    Someone who fights for 'their' country is defined as a mercenary.
  • Xavier 2010/08/07 05:47:55
    Actually, if you look up the word "kill" as in "Thou shalt not....." the word kill means murder with a premeditation. To just kill someone out of defense, it is not considered murder. But to "plan it out" constitutes as murder. Generals standing at a desk, planning "strategies" is considered murder. If you dont think about it, or "plan it out" it's not considered murder. It's considered killing. The English says;

    Killing: the act of a person or thing that kills.
    Murder: a murder that is committed with premeditation or during the course of a serious felony (as kidnapping) or that otherwise (as because of extreme cruelty) requires the most serious punishment under the law.

    The Hebrew defines it as killing: to utterly destroy (leaving nothing alive).
    Murder: to kill with premeditation. To plan out the killing.
  • Jump Back Jack ~ The Minstr... 2010/08/06 16:33:09
    Jump Back Jack ~ The Minstrel of *þᾞमेॐऊ
    Murder is murder, is murder. Anyone who can use the premise of "national defense" to justify it has some serious moral issues.
  • Allen 2010/08/06 12:06:01
    Of course it isn't muder! To think so would be asinine and would show somones ignorance.
  • themadhare ~IJM 2010/08/06 01:24:59
  • Isma'ila (God has heard)! 2010/08/05 21:03:45
    Isma'ila (God has heard)!
    It is not murder to fight for your country!
  • vannuck 2010/08/05 15:51:01
    in my point of veiew it depends on the case....killing an armed combatiant in war is still killing but it wouldn't be classafied as murder...however porposely killing and unarmed Civilian or a opponent who has already surrenderd and not considerd a threat then that is murder.
  • Babel Fish 2010/08/05 04:16:25
    Babel Fish
    Its actual something one does not think about when someone is trying to kill you. But one you kill an enemy you have gave the judgment and punishment that any killer deserves. I really can not see the reason to seek forgiveness. But I am an atheist, I however seen Christians kill fellow Christians in Northern Ireland. The seems to be no remorse.
  • BlytheSpirit~bn0 2010/08/05 03:27:05
    War is not only murder, it's premeditated murder. It's not up to me to forgive them and the dead can't forgive them. I don't believe in god because people actually think a god of justice would forgive them.
  • Xavier BlytheS... 2010/08/07 05:51:10
    God, is the God of justice, but justice is not forgiving someone that has violated His law. However, if you yet steal, you are just as guilty as one who murders.
  • Pika 2010/08/04 23:02:36
    You can be forgiven for anything you do, but when you kill in war it's not the same as murder
  • BlytheS... Pika 2010/08/05 03:27:22
    Why not?
  • mariianacandida 2010/08/04 22:24:28
    Murder is murder, but in this case is a necessity... Or you kill or you'll be killed ! It's complicated =S
  • BlytheS... mariian... 2010/08/05 03:28:31
  • gfreeman BN-0 2010/08/04 20:28:40
    gfreeman BN-0
    Republican Jesus says "Yea".

    republican jesus yea
  • lalouisiane 2010/08/04 20:02:25
    I was always taught that killing someone during war time is not murder.

    War doesn't count as murder. War that is self defense, protection of life and country certainly cannot count as murder.

    Wars that are fought as conquests, just to take away what others have, that would be different.
  • BlytheS... lalouis... 2010/08/05 03:29:17
    Pretty cool twist you've got going on there.
  • lalouis... BlytheS... 2010/08/05 15:05:21
    Guess what else? If you were about to do harm to me or my family, I'd shoot you in a heartbeat and I'd consider that self defense, not murder. And I could live with it. The point being, I'd be ALIVE.

    Are you eager to end your life? If someone was attacking you or someone you cared about do you think the right thing to do would be to ask them to kill you?

    If so, interesting philosophy.
  • BlytheS... lalouis... 2010/08/05 18:20:31
    Not what I said at all, but I have the feeling that you would shoot first regardless of someone's intent. Killing is all important because you think your value is greater than anyone else's. I just don't happen to agree.

    Killing, whether in war or not is murder. I simply think people should at least be honest enough to admit it.
  • lalouis... BlytheS... 2010/08/05 18:23:03
    Actually, I was taught to be very sure of a target before I ever got it in my sights.

    I'm very careful. So, let's say you're approaching my children or grand children with a machete in our back yard.

    I would call out to you to stop, if you don't, that would be hazardous to your health.

    And if you think less of my values for that, I can live with it. The optimum word there, LIVE.
  • smileyseven 2010/08/04 19:23:24
    I think its murder.
  • BlytheS... smileys... 2010/08/05 03:29:30
    I think you're right.
  • smileys... BlytheS... 2010/08/05 06:57:21
    Someone with common sense! My god we need to keep you hidden from all the crazies!
  • BlytheS... smileys... 2010/08/05 18:21:02
    Too late. I'm already being swarmed. :)
  • smileys... BlytheS... 2010/08/08 19:38:00
    Fight them off with a bottle of idiot be gone :)
  • sam 2010/08/04 19:21:28
    I would kill one million of the enemies children to save one american life...Semper Fi...No regrets.
  • BlytheS... sam 2010/08/05 03:30:19
    That is the sickest thing I've ever read. Damn, no wonder this country is in its final death throes.
  • sam BlytheS... 2010/08/05 21:46:13
    You're missing the point , we are fighting terrorist there are no rules!, and make no mistake they will kill our children too!
  • BlytheS... sam 2010/08/05 23:40:40
    I'm sorry your little world is nothing but nightmares. That's a really sucky way to live.
  • sam BlytheS... 2010/08/06 01:13:12
    I live in the real world!
  • BlytheS... sam 2010/08/06 01:20:33
    No you don't sweetheart. The one thing I'm absolutely sure of is that you DON'T live in the real world. You could, but you're definitely choosing not to.
  • Isma'il... sam 2010/08/05 21:06:18
    Isma'ila (God has heard)!
    That is sick! Children are not the enemy!
  • sam Isma'il... 2010/08/05 21:46:26
    You're missing the point , we are fighting terrorist there are no rules!, and make no mistake they will kill our children too!
  • Isma'il... sam 2010/08/05 21:54:53
    Isma'ila (God has heard)!
    We are supposed to be different from them! Killing children should not be a joke!
  • sam Isma'il... 2010/08/05 21:59:28 (edited)
    Who say's its a joke! Were you there! These scum raise their children to kill! While our sons and daughters sit and text and play video games and watch MTV, those kids fantasize about blowing up Americans, they learn to shoot as young as 8 yrs old...And they would not hesitate to kill you or any other American..Its terrorism at its worse!
  • Isma'il... sam 2010/08/05 22:40:15
    Isma'ila (God has heard)!
    Well if they are coming after you I can understand you doing what you have to do.
  • sam Isma'il... 2010/08/05 22:00:06
    And for what its worth we ARE different!
  • Isma'il... sam 2010/08/05 22:40:22
    Isma'ila (God has heard)!
    I know.

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