Is a serial killer that targets other serial killers acceptable?

Nickolie 2013/04/29 16:43:34
Why not? As long as he's only killing killers.
Murder is murder regardless of the context.
Other perspective. (Please Comment)
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I know that it's not the true nature of the show, but it's where I got the question.
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  • darwolf 2013/04/29 23:33:36
    Why not? As long as he's only killing killers.
    Saves the tax payers some money on court fees.
  • Kyra 2013/04/29 16:45:20
    Murder is murder regardless of the context.
    We have a justice system for this. Summary killing is against the law.
  • Nickolie Kyra 2013/04/29 16:59:20
    What if the justice system has failed, and it's a sure thing that they did it?
  • Kyra Nickolie 2013/04/29 17:09:07
    It's against all my morals. Thou shall not kill, I MUST FORGIVE, Turn the cheek and love your enemies.
  • Nickolie Kyra 2013/04/30 01:37:37
    Fair enough, you're a better person than me.
  • Kyra Nickolie 2013/04/30 03:07:47
    I doubt it. I am sure you are a wonderful person.
  • Nickolie Kyra 2013/04/30 03:14:01
    Thank you, but I would let him go.

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