Iran Bans Simpsons Dolls: Cautious or Kooky?

News 2012/02/10 14:00:00
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Iran's Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults announced on Monday that Simpsons dolls depicting Bart, Homer, Marge, Lisa, etc., are not permitted in the country because the cartoon promotes Western culture. Mohammad Hossein Farjoo of the agency said, "The Simpsons dolls are merchandise from an animated series, of which some episodes are even banned in Europe and America. We do not want to promote this cartoon by importing the toys."

But these aren't the only children's toys that have worried Iranian authorities. In 1996, the same agency banned Barbie dolls. (Ironically, both are still widely available for import, despite heavy sanctions from the West.) Farjoo also notes that superhero dolls, like Spider-Man and Superman, are permitted because they "help oppressed people and they have a positive stance." Do you think Iran's ban on Simpsons dolls is caution -- or just, plain crazy?

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  • ldude893 2012/02/10 16:22:15 (edited)
    Oh come on, Iran, you just lost yourself the best nuclear safety inspector you'll ever have.

    homer simpson snpp

    Yes, you heard me. That Homer Simpson is the most reliable nuclear safety inspector you'll ever find with the willingness to defect. He's responsible for keeping America's nuclear power plants safe and running without a single incident. Let me repeat that: NOT. A SINGLE. INCIDENT. His record is absolutely clean and his capability beyond that of any worker Iranian OR American.
    Trust me, if you hire this guy to monitor your uranium enrichment program; maybe bribe him with donuts, pay for him a full 270-channel cable hookup or give him a talking pet monkey, I can guarantee he can do wonderful things to your nuclear program. Very wonderful things.

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  • Margaret Jacobson 2012/03/01 22:13:08
    Margaret Jacobson
    who knows their young people might want to real "underachievers"......who really cares....their business
  • Willy 2012/02/27 22:18:31
    Iran should ban that sub human freak, Ahmanutjob.

    sub human freak ahmadinejad
  • Eccles 2012/02/23 06:17:19
    Makes sense that - Am a !@#$%^ Dim Jab creature is about as crazy as a bucket of Frogs.
  • Dave 007 2012/02/19 12:55:42
    Dave 007
    This sums up what's wrong with them.
  • Nintaku 2012/02/17 03:37:14
  • enaud 2012/02/15 14:13:31
    I wouldn't allow my children to watch the Simpsons. They don't represent America either.
  • jason enaud 2012/02/23 15:50:14
    I agree. very unpopular opinion though. prepare for more negative remarks. i have gotten some.
  • Kate Hughes 2012/02/15 11:02:18
    Kate Hughes
    Another example of people not being able to make their own decisions and leaving the responsibility of raising their children to someone else. When governments start babysitting the public, children grow up without a sense of self-preservation, self-improvement and a serious lack of moral judgment because they're so used to someone else telling them what to do. Obviously some things need to be governed by law, but come on... the Simpsons... parents do your jobs!
  • BobStrauss 2012/02/15 05:49:01
    Nuke them all and let Homer sort them out!
  • Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel 2012/02/15 04:16:18
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    Not surprising though.
  • findthelight2000 2012/02/15 00:46:36
    However no more "Kooky" than all the things the Christian fundamentalist, Evangelical, Baptist, and Catholic extremists want to ban.
  • shadow76 2012/02/14 17:49:22
    big whoopee, so what? I object to the idea that the simpsons represent all western culture. They do not.
  • stevegt... shadow76 2012/02/14 19:34:20
  • shadow76 stevegt... 2012/02/14 19:40:47
    The Media often refer to things as Americana when not everyone accepts them. Just like they say "Women" want abortion when less than 50% of women want it.
  • Rebecca 2012/02/14 14:43:38
    thats stupid. it's just a cartoon.
  • mankatt 2012/02/14 14:38:12
    wait until Family Guy finally makes it over there...
  • Chris Carter 2012/02/14 05:48:17
    Chris Carter
    Oh, so Superman and Spider-Man are good because they help oppressed people... says an oppressive dictatorship?

    I don't like The Simpsons, and I wouldn't want a kid to watch the show. But I have difficulty imagining that the toys will have a significant impact in promoting the show and thereby allowing it to corrupt Iranian children with insidious Western ideas. Especially if the show doesn't air on Iranian TV networks and YouTube et al are blocked.

    Plus I require a whole lot more justification for having government step in than the exposure of children to contrary ideas. Not that I'm surprised the Iranian government disagrees.
  • shadow76 Chris C... 2012/02/14 17:51:29
    Western ideas are the biggest threat to Islam.
  • stevegt... shadow76 2012/02/14 19:35:27
  • shadow76 stevegt... 2012/02/14 20:17:35
    Except there are so many people that are so willingly blind to the threat of "Sharia" law. They won't think about it til it is too late.
  • Chris C... shadow76 2012/02/15 23:08:45
    Chris Carter
    So Iran had three napkins, and tried to soak up a lake with one of them. That makes sense.

    As I said, I really don't think toys for a blocked American series would have enough of an effect to justify making a policy about them - especially when other American characters are hailed as heroes. Perhaps the Iranian public also values toys entirely too much and would revolt if they banned Superman and Spider-Man, so the government is just waiting for a chance to finish the job.
  • shadow76 Chris C... 2012/02/16 03:01:43
    Personally i don't know why we have know what they ban, they also ban fun and happiness because they are about death.
  • Jackie 2012/02/14 05:44:38
    Too bad they didn't ban them here!
  • Lawnmowerman~PWCM~JLA 2012/02/14 04:30:21
    ...just like Mad Mahmoud. They may as well go ahead and name the place the 'Institute for the Islamic Indoctrination of Children' because that's what goes on there.
  • Royo 2012/02/14 02:04:11
    I really feel bad for the Iranians right about now. They literally must have nothing to watch except the Dictator Channel or Terrorist Weekly. Poor people.
  • JulieJewels 2012/02/13 23:16:26
    They don't like anything that has to do with americans.
  • Martin McCabe 2012/02/13 22:46:39
    Martin McCabe
    Typically evolutionarily backwards.
  • Tennessee3501 2012/02/13 22:45:59
    America should try to send "The Jersey Shore" into Iran by pirate television! That will really shake up the regieme! Then we should offer to withdraw the episodes of the show if they cancel their nuclear weapons program!
  • laydeelapis 2012/02/13 22:39:12
    Ridiculous -.- & I'm from there..
  • Jaiheena Star 2012/02/13 22:30:38
  • chas 2012/02/13 21:48:32
  • katchan 2012/02/13 21:34:17
    I say kooky only because they're claiming the ban is because they feel The Simpsons promotes Western culture. What, and Spider-man is a prophet for Islam? Superman brings Asian cuisine along with his strong, chiseled, American-looking physique? It's inconsistent.
  • Myopinionmatters 2012/02/13 21:29:35
    Opression at its fineist
  • Danny Barker 2012/02/13 20:15:49
    Danny Barker
    They all are kooky too me.
  • cc 2012/02/13 20:01:07
    Iran's government is so out of touch with their people. They are Persian! Kooky control freak bastards.
  • Deborah Donnison 2012/02/13 19:35:13
    Deborah Donnison
    Everything Iran does these days is nuts.
  • Diddley Squat 2012/02/13 18:51:08
    Diddley Squat
    Ha ha hahahaha! I can't stop laughing.
  • Salonje 2012/02/13 18:01:08
    Hmmm...you've got to respect culture in addition to ensuring proper morals are instilled into your children, however, these dolls are simply dolls. I understand his reasoning and like we all know, children and adults alike will not die from not haviing those dolls or anything in their lives.
  • gldynmd BTO-t-BCRA-F 2012/02/13 17:18:35
    gldynmd BTO-t-BCRA-F
    Kooky is as Kooky does lol
  • Boss 2012/02/13 16:55:05
    kooky..but it,s Iran..what do you expect....btw..I,d ban them here too..they are STUPID...
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