Invisible Children Co-Founder Detained After Public Meltdown: Will the Incident Affect the KONY 2012 Campaign?

News 2012/03/17 23:43:23
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The KONY 2012 viral video may have as many critics as it does fans. And it seems like the negative attention may have pushed Invisible Children Co-Founder Jason Russell over the edge.

Russell, director of the video about African warlord Joseph Kony, was detained in San Diego, CA on Thursday for being drunk and masturbating in public. According to reports, Russell was seen dancing around, vandalizing cars, and running through traffic wearing only his underwear. Eventually, the 33-year-old removed his underwear and began making sexual gestures.

Russell was not arrested and there are no plans to charge him with a crime. However, Russell is being hospitalized on a 5150 psychiatric hold, which allows authorities to observe him for up to three days to determine if he represents a threat to either himself or others.

According to Mr. Russell’s wife Danica Russell, her husband’s irrational behavior was brought on by extreme exhaustion and dehydration, stemming from the unexpected attention and criticism generated by his film.

“We thought a few thousand people would see the film, but in less than a week, millions of people around the world saw it,” she said.

“While that attention was great for raising awareness about Joseph Kony, it also brought a lot of attention to Jason and, because of how personal the film is, many of the attacks against it were also very personal, and Jason took them very hard,” she added.

What do you think SodaHeads? Considering the fact that Twitter users have been discussing the meltdown using the hashtag #Horny2012, do you think the incident will affect the KONY 2012 campaign?

Read More: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2116184/Ko...

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  • DeeB wtxwoman 2012/03/21 14:59:51
    What a coincidence, I do to. Must be a man thing!! LOL!
  • DeeB wtxwoman 2012/03/21 15:43:25
  • wtxwoman DeeB 2012/03/21 17:15:00
    I don't know, my oldest daughter is the same way.
  • wtxwoman DeeB 2012/03/21 17:18:43
    Thank you. Now I feel a little more enlightened.
  • DeeB wtxwoman 2012/03/22 13:43:21
    You're welcome. Here's a really good video that Daniel put up about how the governments are taking control over the people because they instill fear.
  • wtxwoman DeeB 2012/03/22 19:57:17
    Oh, I know that already, but I'll watch the video anyway. If you look back over the last 100 years you can see what they did. There is Germany and the Nazi, Communism, Intergration, Women's rights, and now there are Muslims. There always has to be a big bugaboo to distract the voters, so the politicians can fleece the sheep.
  • DeeB wtxwoman 2012/03/23 17:05:00
    Yup, you are absolutely right! Was it you I was arguing with about the cops the other day. I know it was one of the cats!! LOL! Well here is something that will explain my feelings on them!
  • wtxwoman DeeB 2012/03/23 18:38:27
    I don't think it was me. I don't care much for cops in general. I agree with the video. I've know for a long time that they do stuff like that. Governments have been doing covert things to their own population since the beginning of time. The only reason we know so much now is because of instant communication.
  • DeeB wtxwoman 2012/03/25 14:40:42
    I think it was you, did you have a bad marriage and shoot your husband or was it a stabbing? I believe you told us that story.
  • wtxwoman DeeB 2012/03/25 15:06:46
    Oh, yeah. I shot him, but didn't have any trouble with the cops. You may be talking about the time he dragged my out of a car and I defended myself. The cop put me in jail, too. He was a little smart aleck shi!!.
  • The Inc... DeeB 2012/03/19 12:52:56
    The Incurable Pessimist
    I thought I was the only one to refrain from jumping into the bandwagon.
    Nice to know there are some perceptive people out there, because my generation is swamped by idiots.
  • DeeB The Inc... 2012/03/21 13:09:19
    All generations are swamped with idiots! If they say it on tv it has to be true!! LOL! Exactly why we are losing our country, people are gullible. They should know that mainstream media is owned by a few and never tell the truth, they are there to spread propaganda,so people will buy into the wars they have planned. I'm glad you're awake!
  • Cordingly 2012/03/18 21:23:28
    But for the meantime, at least people are talking about it...?
  • KRYSTAL_LLOYD 2012/03/18 21:14:02
  • Mindy KRYSTAL... 2012/03/18 21:30:38
    Remove your stupid spam. Get a real job.
  • sally 2012/03/18 21:12:47
    In all honesty, I think he has a great vision. Joseph Kony should be stopped but I think he's going about it the wrong way.
  • DeeB sally 2012/03/18 21:43:19
    He's a CIA operative ( KONY) and this is propaganda to get the oil in africa. He hasn't been heard from in 6 years. Otherwise, you would never have seen this on the news.
  • sally DeeB 2012/03/20 06:59:27
    I didn't find out about it from the news I remember it from Fall Out Boy's song "I'm Like a Lawyer..." and the music video, up until recently I found out WHO was behind the child army.
  • DeeB sally 2012/03/21 13:11:55
    Well the guy that made the video has just lost his mind, so that should speak volumes. The video was from 9 years ago.
  • Bucky 2012/03/18 19:55:14
    Jason Russell is a miserable human being!

    jason russell miserable human
  • Marek Bucky 2012/03/19 08:17:56
    Granted he is weird but I would not dismiss his story either.
  • Louisa - Enemy of the State 2012/03/18 18:50:20
    Louisa - Enemy of the State
    It will affect the campaign to a degree. Many people WILL understand the meltdown and be sympathetic while others will just say he's a pervert and no longer believable.

    It's sad for no other reason than he's a human being just like us.
  • Creep Louisa ... 2012/03/18 20:01:07
    Correction* He's a horrible human being that scams people's compassion to capitalize on the revenue received. How many of those "donations" actually reached or helped those suffering from it? Let's ask the Ugandans... http://blogs.aljazeera.com/af...
  • Mindy Creep 2012/03/18 21:22:25
  • BoomLover Mindy 2012/03/18 21:30:48
    So, detail the "HELP"....you can't can you?
  • Creep Mindy 2012/03/19 00:12:25 (edited)
    Because it's referenced from Aljazeera, you assume it has no credibility? LOL Shows just how blindsided some people choose to be to justify their outright ignorance. Have you looked into the issue other than watching that misleading Kony video before being so gullible? Ugandans being pissed off about this Kony 2012 crap isn't a secret, other news sources will give you the same facts. Look it up. Or do you just choose to be blind by the fact that Invisible Children Inc commercialize the hell out of this that happened YEARS AGO, and string up a campaign to put Kony down, but his army isn't even around anymore and there's other issues Ugandans need help with? Do you even know WHAT exactly you are supporting?! Ugandans haven't received ANY "help" from Invisible Children Inc other than being exploited by these goofs, THAT is what you are supporting. Do your research before you jump on the bandwagon. Here, let me help you enlighten yourself. This is analyzed by someone who actually have real EXPERIENCE there, he'll tell you how fraudulent Invisible Children Inc is. And don't disregard it just because it's from Aljazeera. Do yourself a favor and be informed of the TRUTH other than misleading propaganda lies Invisible Children feeds you. http://www.aljazeera.com/inde...
  • BoomLover Creep 2012/03/18 21:31:02
    Excellent point!
  • Louisa ... Creep 2012/03/18 22:04:06 (edited)
    Louisa - Enemy of the State
    Yes. I've heard that. But I won't believe it until it comes from the MSM. I see nothing in your link that incriminates Invisible Children. Don't worry, if he is a fraud it will come out. If not, then it's not!
  • rocat Louisa ... 2012/03/19 06:41:01
    won't believe it till it comes from msm...???
    wow... just wow-

    how many of you are there???
    we are so doomed-
  • Louisa ... rocat 2012/03/19 14:22:50
    Louisa - Enemy of the State
    Oh......you want me to believe what YOU say? Why should I? I don't know you.

    Do you seriously want people to jump to conclusions before they hear the facts?

    Then I say
    wow...just wow!

    How many of you are there????
    We ARE so doomed!
  • rocat Louisa ... 2012/03/19 17:04:10
    the topic was not me
    the topic was ...
    your incredible blind faith in a corrupt institution-
    the msm-

    so what did i say...
    that you refuse to believe???

    you are very reactionary- and naive-

    the corrupt ways of the msm...
    require those trait in you...
    for success...
    in their eternal pursuit of spin-

    they just love folks like you-

    which brand of propaganda do you prefer???
    left or right???

    you all appear more alike by the day-
    indistinguishable one from another-
    the result of lying ...and corrupt...
    agenda biased media-
  • bettyboop 2012/03/18 18:40:44
    Were all only human. Just because the guy got drunk and such does not mean he does not care about all those people who have been hurt/killed by Kony.
  • Creep bettyboop 2012/03/18 20:37:50
    Oh yes, he cares so much he makes a song and dance out of it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?...
  • BoomLover Creep 2012/03/18 21:32:58
    Another excellent point!
  • Louisa ... Creep 2012/03/18 22:12:20
    Louisa - Enemy of the State
    You've got to be kidding. These kinds of shows go on all the time for numerous reasons. One might be to raise awareness, another might be to drum up support. There's nothing wrong with that video.

    Why don't you go to YouTube or wherever and when you find something that STATES the facts of what YOU are trying to say, come back here and let us know. If this guy is a fraud he belongs in jail. If not, YOU belong in jail.
  • Creep Louisa ... 2012/03/19 00:59:49
    The only thing Kony 2012 did was deepened the wounds to those who suffered from it. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4... And that song and dance video is outright mockery and a complete joke/insult to Ugandans. How would you feel if some goof from another country exploited the disasters of what happened on 9/11 and start commercializing it talking about sending donations while those who suffered still got nothing from it? That's exactly what's happening here.

    He's not in jail because he aids the US govt in giving them a REASON to station military troops in Africa. You can't see the blatant strategic militarily takeover here? This sums up the motive behind this Kony crap.
    troops africa blatant strategic militarily takeover sums motive kony crap

    It's alarming how readily naive you, along with millions of fooled Americans, are lol! And then you wonder why this activist/pervert/druggie cracked. He's been exposed!
  • Louisa ... Creep 2012/03/19 01:32:02
    Louisa - Enemy of the State
    Well you see, when a name like Jason Russell pops up, seemingly out of nowhere, it takes time and research for most of us to get a reliable picture of what went on. I won't condemn anyone simply because YOU tell me to. When I reach my own conclusions about this guy, it will be because I am convinced, based on reliable evidence.

    Sorry that you are 'alarmed' because of the naive public. But we can't be fooled when we know nothing to begin with! In my country you are innocent until proven guilty and no one has shown any proof so far.

    And as far as your last sentence......I am assuming that you have personally seen his perversions and witnessed him doing drugs; otherwise, you couldn't possibly be saying these things and I'm sure you are a stand up guy.
  • Creep Louisa ... 2012/03/19 02:20:13
    How many more sources do you need? Even those who suffered from Kony are angered by the propaganda BS.



    " Last October, the US deployed troops to Uganda to provide military assistance in capturing Kony.

    Coincidentally, the mission came after Uganda had announced discovering some 2.5 billion barrels of crude oil.

    The troops are still in the region and have no intention of leaving, the US State Department says."

    "Methods are offensive"
  • rocat Creep 2012/03/19 06:52:26
    that vid...
    can only be called...
  • bettyboop bettyboop 2012/03/19 01:52:41
    Real easy to sit on your ass and do nothing but talk crap about others who are trying to make a difference.

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