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Abdul Qadeer Khan

The world is changing and becoming more dangerous. So dangerous in fact that the internet as we know it will end. This is not my doing, but a given fact in realizing how literally stupid the Internet is.


On the other hand what I am about to tell you, may also be a blessing and a major necessary Supra Job Creator, in that the idea of needing budgets or balancing budgets is no longer necessary, given the ultra sensitive reality of assuring Security over the Internet. The reality is you need to create these Security Internet Jobs, for the protection of the World, and no amount of money or lack of money should stand in the way.

What Security am I talking about? One has to do with the current Wiki leaks Organization, and the trial of Bradley Manning. What is the real reason to prosecute Manning, even when he had the evidence of War Crimes, committed by the Military, under order by the President?

It is not the idea of covering up Politicians War Crimes, but has everything to do with Internet Security. It has everything to do in keeping the Internet in operation, and the Government's only way to assert such security is by threats and convictions. But I tell you that is not enough or legitimate.

The US Government wants to make Manning an Example to what will happen to you if you leak information. Even when the information shows criminal acts committed by the United States Government.

Why because they are afraid of implementing Internet Security. That internet security would be something like the TSA where they frisk and take x-rays of everyone before they can board an airliner. So we are talking about a type of ISA, or Internet Security Administration.

But you will say, why? The US Government would favor such an ISA only to protect themselves when they commit War Crimes, or commit torture, or whatever criminal activity they had their hands on.

And I will say this. The internet is changing rapidly, Did you know that the Internet is moving toward the 3rd Dimension? This means photo's and printers can be seen in 3 dimensional viewing. See here: http://newsroom.cisco.com/feature/1129025/When-the-Internet-G...

This can be very dangerous because people can take a photo of literally anything and transpose it into 3D from a 3D Printer and send to another foreign government, where they can print out and literally copy and make any product they want. They can get away with breaking Patent Laws, and Intellectual Property Rights.

Now consider this: {And mind you, I do not know how we vote in such ignorant Politicians who can not face reality, such as G.W. Bush and Obama, and not one Senator or Congress Person has the insight to reality in advising or putting our National Security first. I am embarrassed to say the least.}

Remember Dr. Kahn? See here: http://www.armscontrol.org/act/2004_03/Pakistan


Bush said that Khan and his associates provided Iran, Libya, and
North Korea with designs for Pakistan’s older centrifuges,
as well as designs for more advanced and efficient models. The
network also provided these countries with components
and in some cases with complete centrifuges. Khan and his
associates used a factory in Malaysia to manufacture key
parts for centrifuges, Bush said. Other necessary parts
were purchased through network operatives based in
Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, who set up front companies
to fool legitimate firms into selling them materials.

Please note: the word design.

Now consider this: It does not matter if it was a Dr. Kahn in Pakistan. It could be anyone in the world. And they can make and send emails and download designs and send to anywhere on the planet. In theory they can replicate and make any weapon or nuclear weapon they want, and share that information worldwide.

People who are not friendly to the USA could hide in an underground laboratory and make their own nuclear device. And now with the push for 3 dimensional conveyance of information, makes it easier for taking a picture and developing a real model.

I think this is very dangerous. In fact all the money Bush and Obama have used to create Homeland Security, has been a complete waste of time, because they did not stop Dr. Kahn really. In fact it is easier to send and traffic information than ever before.

Dr. Kahn could actually still be sending out such information over the internet, and no one knows it.

And to think they are selling information for money, is not always true, because they could also just give away the information with the idea, once they have their nuclear device made from the designs sent, they can extort money from anyone and any government in the world. The Big Payoff.

So what to do? I can only speculate, they will shut down all information sending that is encrypted, or coded in a suspicious way and not allow any messages be sent, unless routed through an ISA Location.

This is where the many jobs will be created in which people will be hired to scan and read information being sent before it is sent. This allows the Security in knowing Nuclear Information or Arms, or Chemicals that kill information is not able to get through to would be terrorists, extortionists, or Evil People, Nations, or people disenfranchised with their government.

Presently the World is up against the threats of Nuclear Exchange, from several countries in the world. Namely North Korea, and Iran.

The reason the USA is very nervous and on edge about these two countries, is the fact of their leadership, is not trustworthy; with the fear that those leaders could/ would send nuclear secrets to anywhere in the world, and the internet would be used to do it; while it has no Security Means to stop it. This maybe the reason the US supported the Killing of President Qadaffi of Libya. But I doubt this, because certainly other people working for Qadaffi would also know how to make and use Nuclear Information. This is the reality and the real problem.

The Governments need to address this as soon as possible, because Bush certainly had no; and Obama certainly has no real clue to the vulnerability the Internet causes to National Security.

Even Donald Rumsfeld has no clue about National Security, yet he was The Secretary of Defense. Should Rumsfeld have had the opportunity to hold such a position when he gave nuclear secrets to North Korea? How can anyone really blame Dr. Kahn of Pakistan?

Rumsfeld Profile:
Rumsfeld and Saddam

Rumsfeld was on the board of the multinational Swiss-based company
ASEA Brown Boveri (ABB), a key contractor in controversial development
projects like the Three Gorges Project in China and the Bakun Dam in

According to Swiss Radio International, in 2000, while Rumsfeld was
still on the ABB board, the company won a $200-million contract with
North Korea to deliver equipment and services for two nuclear power
plants. The reactors were part of a 1994 deal struck between the United
States and North Korea in an effort to end Pyongyang's nuclear weapons

How can anyone believe that sending nuclear technology equipment and services to the DPRK was to get the DPRK to end their nuclear weapons program? Yeah and I was born before my mother was born too!


In 1998, Rumsfeld chaired a congressional commission (the Rumsfeld Commission on the Ballistic Missile Threat) that, among other things, argued that the Clinton administration erred when it made the 1994 deal with North Korea. Yet, while wearing his corporate hat, Rumsfeld had profited from this very deal. According to Swiss Radio International, Rumsfeld claimed that the Korean reactor deal never came up in any of the ABB board meetings he attended.[20]



Who is even more clueless are the Billionaires who run and operate the Internet, namely Bill Gates, and the CEO's of Yahoo, Google, and the other main supporting components and News Organizations that are just as blinded to the real threat they have caused to the world as a whole.

I maybe targeted or banned for exposing this Huge Security Negligence, but I say what is more important? Rethinking the need for Internet Security by creating an ISA, Internet Security Administration to assure the ability to stop the spread of Nuclear Technology exchanges on the internet; or just allow business as usual and keep the Billionaires foolishly happy as they progress to their eventual doom?

This is the question I ask you and everyone..

But it is not hard to find out how to make a Nuclear Bomb on the internet:
See here:


My question is how do they get away with doing this?

How do they get away with giving out such information when the United States Government executed Julius and Ethel Rosenberg?

Julius Rosenberg was arrested in July 1950 a few weeks after the
Korean War began. He was executed, along with his wife, Ethel, on June
19, 1953, a few weeks before it ended. The charge against the Rosenberg's
was vague - “Conspiracy to Commit Espionage.” But they really were
tried and sentenced for giving the secret of the atomic bomb to the
USSR. Their co-defendant Morton Sobell also was convicted and received a
30-year prison sentence.

The Rosenberg's were tried and found guilty in March 1951. Federal

Judge Irving R. Kaufman pronounced the death sentence in early April.
The Rosenberg's attorneys worked for over two years to have the verdict
overturned. They appealed to the Supreme Court nine times, but the Court
refused to review the record. Neither President Truman nor President
Eisenhower granted their requests for clemency.


Shouldn't Library books and websites showing how to make an Atomic Bomb and homemade bombs be banned? I do.

God Help US from our Stupidity.

Pressure Cooker Bomb

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