Insulted Reporters are right after all. The Racist Right hates Obama because he’s black!

Questionman2 2012/06/20 00:36:06

This is a message to you and every one else. You hate being called racists and then later you prove you are a racist. Turns out Mike Lupica was right. ABC’s Sam Donaldson was right. I was right. Anyone who hates Obama IS a racist!

Obama’s spending increases are about on par with Ronald Reagan’s, who didn’t have to somehow account for two war fronts and a 15+ year housing bubble bursting. So, was Reagan a “Marxist” too? “Obamacare” doesn’t upset the oligopoly of the private health care insurers. A Marxist would not allow that for-profit oligopoly to exist. The bailouts didn’t privatize any of the banks, in fact – it forced taxpayers to keep them afloat. A Marxist would have taken over those banks. Feel free to criticize Obama’s policy, but only people who don’t really understand the term “Marxism” throw that label around in reference to him. You called it. Most of the idiots posting on this thread have no idea what a “Marxist” is. A complete bunch of morons. Watch the dopes just throw out a bunch of names on not address a single point you made about the banks and healthcare.

President Obama clearly does not meet the traditional definition of socialism wherein government takes over and runs productive enterprises. One problem is that it’s not clear that even socialism are adhering to the traditional definition any more. I had a conversation with a Frenchman recently about a self-proclaimed socialist being elected in France. “So he’s going to nationalize industries, right?” “No, that’s old socialism. Socialists don’t do that any more.” Hmmm. Don’t worry, I’m a communist and I can ensure you that Obama is all except a communist. It should be better to consider him a bloodthirsty imperialist like Bush.

Cons will downplay each and every one of President Obama’s accomplishments. For some reason they are taking it out on Obama that Bushtard was the worst president in our history.

You cannot argue on substance so you got to bring up this BS.

What is the point of this post. That Presidents should not be allowed to play golf. Complete BS. Almost every President has golfed. Obama is no different.

And Romney should know a lot of business gets conducted on the golf course in this country.

What has Romney done for this country for the last 6 years other than sitting on his ass and paying as little taxes as he could get away with.

By the way Obama has taken far fewer vacation days than Bush.

he is a Christian, Not a Muslim. No, he saved America from a certain depression. People seem to think he is magic and can instantaneously fix the economy. Positive growth for each month for nearly 3 years. That is pretty damn impressive. Obama does NOT hate AMerica. You hate having black people in the white house. If he did, he wouldn’t live in America. He has committed no crime. No, he is the POTUS lawfully enacting an Executive Order. Don’t cry about what a President can or cannot do until you actually know the law.

Obama is NOT a fraud. ANyone who calls him that is a hard-core racist!

Either you willfully ignores the abuse of power by Republican presidents, making his opinions little more than lazy, dishonest, GOP propaganda, or Leininger is well aware of recent history, but tacitly approves of the sexual torture of children, as long as it serves the interests of the Republican Party.

He certainly turned the american motor vehicle industry around (which created jobs, of which I KNOW there were Black People hired). Give the man a break. So much damage has been done Pre-Barack Obama. He has 8 years of clean up to do. DANG! He is not the Messiah, he is a MAN; a Black Man who believes in this Country and I believe in him. What’s your other choice???? Rommney????? You’d better THINK about that for a minute.

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  • cm 2012/06/21 16:17:31
    Here we go again, libby's promoting racism.
  • BobbyOdd 2012/06/20 21:17:39
    why did Obama seal all his records as his first executive order? If he hadn't done that everyone would have no doubts about him. we can't trust him. every thing he tries to do makes him seem to be against the constitution.
  • Maynard 2012/06/20 12:34:28
    Propaganda is one thing, but,

  • stormy rae 2012/06/20 04:47:04
    stormy rae
    Obama lies everytime he opens his mouth, and hes not really black, if you knew anything about dna you would realize this, as a persons father determines its gender, and a persons mother determines your ethnicity, so with barry's mommy being white, theres no way obamas b.c says he is a black child. of course if the real birth cert was released then im sure that would be obvious, i dont hate obama for any other reason other than he believes the government needs to control my life, i hate him because the as*hole quotes constitutional law and writes unconstitutional executive orders that take away our constitutional rights, maybe you should read the executive orders, and if you did you would understand he is not hated because he is black but because he is like england or napoleon hitler stalin and the rest of the commie leaders, has nothing to do with the fact that he calls himself black because i am intelligent enough to know he is not biologically considered a black man
  • Flamingo Flame Gem *AFCL* 2012/06/20 04:18:25
    Flamingo Flame Gem *AFCL*
    Stupid racist propaganda B.S post......Obama is not Black ! He is Bi-racial half white and half black moron....... romney 2012
  • Beagle Mom 2012/06/20 01:37:36
    Beagle Mom
    The race card is boring and a sign of desperation. It is really kind of funny, when I speak with my conservative friends, race is NEVER brought up. And I mean NEVER!!!
  • flaca BN-0 2012/06/20 01:27:30
    flaca BN-0
    We have an ex-professor claiming that Obama (whom he taught) is a waste because he's not liberal enough. Then the republicans who claim he's too liberal. Economists cited Obama years ago as a moderate, just as Romney has been cited (a moderate). Either way, America has two moderates to choose from. No matter how the left or the right portrays stuff and does their shimmy-shimmy dance around the topic: America has two choices in the next election and that is: TWO MODERATES.
  • jackolantyrn356 2012/06/20 01:11:57
    Prove your statement. I'll mpore than bet you can't do it. BUT all you'll do is rant like some fried Teen whop is so impressed someone took the time...... Ohm well.
  • Randy 2012/06/20 00:59:48
  • Schläue~© 2012/06/20 00:54:47
    Bitch is going DOWN .... and soon.
  • Rusty Bubbles 2012/06/20 00:48:07
    Rusty Bubbles
    Put it away, it's been revoked

    expired race card
  • Rusty Shackleford 2012/06/20 00:44:03
    Rusty Shackleford
    I'm only half racist because 0bama is only half black.
  • Roger47 2012/06/20 00:43:03
    Republican economic policies lead to job losses. Romney would be Bush on steroids.

    But not all righties are racist. They just tend to cling together, and there are enough who listen to the lies on right wing talk radio to poison the minds of the whole lot. Most of what they believe is false, but since their friends all believe the same thing, they are convinced they are right. And no amount of facts will cause them to question their beliefs.

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