Inside the minds of Anti-Ron Paul voters

Savior 2012/03/02 05:50:16
Whether they'll admit it or not. some... if not all of the following statements are what the non-Ron Paul voters are thinking

1. "I don't trust the media... except in this case"
I don't trust anything these people say, but when they tell me "steer clear of this man citizens, beware, he's out of the so-called mainstream" than I will listen.

2. "I like the establishment"
They've done such wonders for our country, why would I ever want to vote for an anti-establishment candidate?

3. "Spending levels are A-OK"
I don't care about spending cuts, spending is just where it needs to be.

4. "I prefer flattery and conventional slogans"
I want a candidate, who's going to say thing he thinks I want to hear, instead of having the courage to be booed on live television if that's what it takes to convey unpopular truths to me.

5. "Adding trillions to our unfunded liabilities are A-OK"
Government spending is fine with me, so why would I care that my candidate supported adding trillions of dollars to the unfunded liabilities of this country by supporting medicare part D during the Bush administration.

6. "Supporting bailouts is not a deal-breaker for me, even though this is a central Tea Party concern"
Bailouts are A-OK, TARP was fine, so what that the whole general public was against them, so what the calls were running 50 to 1 against, 100 to 1 against, 200 to 1 against, and the establishment ganged up on us and rammed it down our throats anyway, that was good for them to do. I haven't been exploited enough by these people, keep exploiting me.

7. "I prefer a candidate who had no idea a financial crisis was coming"
Ron Paul predicted to the T that a financial crisis was coming in 2001, he said exactly what was going to happen and why, I think it's much better to vote for somebody who was totally clueless about the coming financial crisis, because it will be more of challenge for that person, totally clueless, how to get out of a crisis he didn't even see coming.

8. "I want to see more federal involvement in education"
Even though I can't find any authorization for it in the constitution, I favor federal education funding, that's why I support candidates like Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich who favor increases in funding for the federal department of education and who supported the no child left behind act.

9. "I'm not concerned about taxes"
Taxes are fine, there's no problem with taxes, maybe i'd like to see my taxes raised, why would I want to support the one candidate, who's never voted for a tax increase, and is annually given an A grade by the National Taxpayer's Union.

10. "I think government is clumsy and incompetent BUT I expect it to bring the Enlightenment of the Middle East"
I think it's conservative to think that the US Military can bring enlightenment to the people of Afghanistan and other middle eastern countries through military force, that's conservative.

11. "The Federal Reserve isn't a big dea"
The federal reserve who cares about that, sure the federal reserve fueled the financial crisis by keeping interest rates so low for so long, but I'd rather for a candidate who isn't really interested in the federal reserve.

12. "I feel safer that Iraq now has a constitution that pledges to base all laws on the Koran"
I think it was a GREAT idea to oppose the secular Suddam Hussein, and in his place have a regime now in Iraq that has a constitution that says all laws shall be made in accordance with the Koran, and also involves a Shiite regime that's friendly with Iran. Can't see any way to improve on that, anyone who opposes that foreign policy must be some kind of left liberal, even though left liberals like Hilary Clinton, Howard Stern, New York Times, and the Washington Post all supported the Iraq war, so I'm not really sure what it is i'm saying.

and with regard to the war in Iraq even though that was (we now know) all based on propaganda and the result has been 100's of 1000's deaths, 4 million people displaced, 10's of 100's US military casualties and many many severe injuries, an epidemic of suicide throughout the military, the destruction of US reputation around the world, trillions of dollars down the drain, instability everywhere,

13. "I distrust the government on everything else, but I see no reason to be skeptical of its war propaganda"
I see no reason to be skeptical when the same people who sold me the Iraq war, is now trying to sell me on another war, as my country is going bankrupt,

I liked to be talked to like this "You Americans are the awesomest of the awesome, and the only reason anyone in the world might be unhappy with your government is because of your sheer awesomeness."

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  • Roger47 2012/03/02 05:58:32
    It takes the ability to think for yourself to see why Ron Paul is right about many things. That is his difficulty. If most conservatives were capable of thinking for themselves he would have the nomination locked up.

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  • Bob DiN 2012/03/03 14:04:56
    Bob DiN
    I'm an independent and not acuallty anti anyone except Obama. Ron Paul seems to talk icircles, he does have some good fiscal ideas. I find most of his other policies a little unpractical. If he gets the nomination which is a long shot, I probably would consider voting for him as anyone would be better than Obama. I believe he probably would be a very good VP.
  • FalconFlight 2012/03/03 00:59:33
    Anti Paul voters are nothing more than the GOP Loyalists quite satisfied with the power of the State. They sneer and snicker at the Constitution just as the vile pigs of the Left, the neosocialists. It is that simple. 9% of GOP registered voters on average participate in GOP primaries. That is your "establishment" who election after election spits in your face, and has a evening cocktail with the likes of monsters like pelosi, reid, and Papa Doc Barack.
  • Jackie G - Poker Playing Pa... 2012/03/03 00:29:02
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    Anti-Paul voters?? How about voters who prefer someone else and it appears there are many of them. Perhaps, subtly and not so subtle, references to others as not so bright or they would fall on their knees in adoration of Paul - well, lets just say it is not a good tactic. Voters are rejecting him thus far, and they have been rejecting him for the 13 years he has been running. Must mean something, perhaps you should be listening to them instead of the other way round.
  • Savior Jackie ... 2012/03/03 05:27:18 (edited)
    I didn't know he ran in 2000, and 2004, I thought he only ran in 1988 (for libertarian party), 2008, and 2012
  • Katfish Savior 2012/03/03 15:52:38
    She obviously failed any math courses
  • DefendnProtect 2012/03/02 23:40:38
    Although I can think of many more points on how oligarchs, empires and different kinds of slavery work, this is a good first practical list. Thanks!
  • U-Dog 2012/03/02 22:47:25
    Excellent post, Thanks for sharing!
  • Mr.Reasonable 2012/03/02 10:48:06
  • Mr.Reas... Mr.Reas... 2012/03/03 17:31:59
    Why do you think we wear those "tin foil caps" ;p
  • David Hussey 2012/03/02 06:08:03
    David Hussey
    Well stated Savior
  • Balladeer-PWCM-POTL 2012/03/02 06:03:57 (edited)
    Hey Savvy you still believe in your shadow THEM masters and THIS guy is real???

    X Files CSM man
  • Savior Ballade... 2012/03/02 06:16:00
    No I don't believe in the cigarette smoking man, but I think William B. Davis did a good job making him seem real,
  • Ballade... Savior 2012/03/02 06:22:05
    you still believe though that theres some shadow government pulling the strings or do we now list lying as a vocational skill of a Paulistinian?
  • Savior Ballade... 2012/03/02 06:25:22
    No, I believe the two party system is set up to keep the federal reserve and military industrial complex in the shadows.
  • Ballade... Savior 2012/03/02 16:18:34
    yup another Illuminati kook...at least you are an honest one
  • Savior Ballade... 2012/03/03 05:31:19
    do you think it's just merely coincidence Breitbart died weeks after he said he had a video that can hurt the Obama campaign?
  • Ballade... Savior 2012/03/03 05:39:10
    ask me again in 10 days when the tapes will be revealed
  • Savior Ballade... 2012/03/03 05:41:14
    I have a feeling the tapes will be edited, to make the smoking gun less hot.
  • Ballade... Savior 2012/03/03 05:46:33
    a Man I admire, Glenn beck, said hold off on conclusions and it's sound advice...so i will wait
  • Savior Ballade... 2012/03/03 17:45:05
    I admire Glenn Beck to a point, I still think he's a mainstream manipulator, but he's against the mainstream, when the left elitists are blackmailing the right elitists, he's not being controlled by the left elite. Sean Hannity, I think is though.
  • hooda Ballade... 2012/03/02 22:56:46
    wow! I think this thread must have had you in mind as a perfect specimen of 13 points listed above.
  • Roger47 2012/03/02 05:58:32
    It takes the ability to think for yourself to see why Ron Paul is right about many things. That is his difficulty. If most conservatives were capable of thinking for themselves he would have the nomination locked up.
  • AM Roger47 2012/03/02 12:19:49
  • Savior AM 2012/03/02 15:37:40 (edited)
    and Mitt Romney has a thorough, well thought out plan?

    I think Ron Paul's plan is more in depth that the three combined
  • AM Savior 2012/03/02 21:53:24
  • Savior AM 2012/03/03 05:29:36
    I love ad hominem
  • Roger47 AM 2012/03/02 21:08:19
    I wish you were right. You would seem to be the exception to me.And you are right about him being more ideology than plan. But his plan to audit the Fed is a great idea.
  • AM Roger47 2012/03/02 21:50:54
  • Savior AM 2012/03/03 05:45:30
    did you know the fed funded hitler

  • AM Roger47 2012/03/02 21:52:20

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