Infant child survives brain surgery in Osseo Minnesota USA

Sean 2011/01/24 07:27:02
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Osseo Baby Overcoming Odds After Brain Surgery

osseo baby overcoming odds brain surgerynbspAlexis Trboyevich was just days old when she was diagnosed with a neurological disorder called Ohtahara syndrome. Between 60 and 80 percent of babies with the condition die before they turn one. Those who survive have severe brain damage. But Alexis had brain surgery that changed her prognosis.

Alexis had a right hemispherectomy at Children's Hospitals and Clinics in St. Paul. The procedure separated the right side of her brain. Since then she's undergone weekly therapy sessions at Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare. She has more function of her left side than doctors thought she would. Her mother says Alexis has even learned some things faster than her healthy twin brother.

Alexis and her twin Marek celebrated their first birthday on Wednesday.

To learn more about Ohtahara Syndrome click here.

To learn more about the Hemispherectomy Foundation click here.

Go here to see the video from Channel 5

Read More: http://kstp.com/news/stories/S1938636.shtml?cat=1

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  • The Winter Sodahead 2011/02/06 19:14:10
    The Winter Sodahead
    That's great!
  • Redskin 2011/01/29 03:43:46
  • Poison Ivy 2011/01/29 01:34:04
  • Sean Poison Ivy 2011/01/29 02:54:09
    What's sad, the fact the child had the condition?
  • Poison Ivy Sean 2011/01/31 04:30:09
    Poison Ivy
    Yeah, plus everything she went through. I think that is great she can move on from this, and say "Hey, I survived."
  • crewzer1 2011/01/28 20:35:10
    I am very happy to hear the Good New's, for this Family... May the Good Lord be With you alway's...
  • Loki_Laufeyson 2011/01/25 17:22:26
    I had to have a type of brain surgery when I was about a year old.
  • spiderpanda 2011/01/25 03:36:50
    thats good...
  • sugarbuzz 2011/01/24 20:32:20
    Dr.'s Doman and Delcato have been doing hemispherectomies for over 40 years now. They have a clinic that discovered the ability for children who had undergone this procedure to read at a very early age and that became a model for the teaching community for early reading methods for normal children later on. I got to study with them for a short time during my college training in psychology. The methods of patterning and other therapies have contributed much to give hope for a fairly normal life for children who have this procedure.
  • Sean sugarbuzz 2011/01/24 21:01:18
    "teaching community for early reading methods for normal children later on." What is the model, and how has it been working?
  • sugarbuzz Sean 2011/02/06 19:09:00
    Great success. I used the basic tenets for both my girls. They were reading and comprehending well and well above their age level. There was little to compare it to 40 years ago, and one problem I encountered was "age-appropriate" reading material for children who can read at such an early age. My younger daughter was reading ANNE OF GREEN GABLES series over and over at age 4, and it did become a challenge for me to keep her in reading material, but both girls did well in college and career and can't remember a time when they couldn't read. If you look under Doman and Delcato you will find the programs they set up for early readers also. It is a commitment on the part of the parent as well as the child, but I am happy with the outcome.
  • kobidobidog 2011/01/24 16:22:58
    I have found that when a syndrome is given a name a type of Chiropractic has helped whatever syndrome name,and disease, mental problem, and autism etc,etc, and atlas orthogonal is one such name. Knee chest ,and Pettibon are good too. The beginnings of a problem can begin at birth,and the medical profession will deny that. This is why the illnesses are occurring like they are occurring. www.upcspine.com,practitioners find one in your state right now.That is what that infant needed to see before any barbaric surgery was given.
  • Sean kobidob... 2011/01/24 18:47:12
    I absolutely concur, I personally would like to have seen that child not be subjected to that surgery. The fact that the child survived that surgery, and seems to be doing okay, is an example of how resilient the human body, and that I find amazing. I am a firm believer in fruits, seeds, vegetables, and edible flowers, and when medicine is necessary, herbs.
  • sugarbuzz Sean 2011/01/24 20:36:14
    This is an INFANT and they don't subsist on food other than breast milk until they are at least 4 months old and preferably older. This is a medical/physical problem that in an infant that would have been subject to far worse of an outcome had they "experimented" with the unproven methods . This is not a new procedure and has had much success especially in brain damaged children.
  • kobidob... Sean 2011/01/27 18:30:53
    Not having a healthy spinal nerviness system, and whatever thing is tried will not get to the root of the problem. An atlas shifted at the top of the spine is like shutting the door not letting as much information pass between the brain, and body. It is like a log jam.This log jam can begin with a traumatic birth.That is why time is important to be evaluated by a U,C,S, upcspine.There is no disks between the atlas,and the axis. That is the most unstable joint in the body. Not having that bone in what is known as the orthogonal position is why you are seeing misshapen bodies with decreased physical capacity,and brain capacity at the same time. Then doctors give names like Alzheimer etc, etc. The makers of all of those names are having a great time,and so are the drug companies. We need to sink that ship, and help a lot of humans.
  • Harr 2011/01/24 15:27:00
    Lucky she does not live in Arizona. This is a preexisting condition, no insurance for her for life.
  • Arty 2011/01/24 15:20:58
    we live in times when medical miracles occur daily and keep improving ,, I hope I live long enough to see some really spectacular innovations to rival Doc McCoy of STAR TREK ..
  • micheleT BN-O 2011/01/24 14:29:07
    micheleT BN-O
    Peronally I think it is wonderful. I have severe epilepsy. Was having several sezures a day. Went to the Cleveland Clinic to be evaluated for a surgery that was new and only done in 3 places in the U.S. and 1 in England. So, I had the surgery, and have not had a seizure for 4 months.
  • Sean michele... 2011/01/24 18:50:26
    You should do some research on Mold because your condition could be mold related. I'm working on a story of a woman who was wrongfully evicted from her apartment allegedly out of retaliation for reporting the management to her local health authority for mold in the building, and it's led me into some wild research on mold. There are 200+ disease symptoms that can occur as a result of mold, and seizures is one of them. Mold causes nerve malfunctions.
  • michele... Sean 2011/01/24 20:31:33
    micheleT BN-O
    My mother also had it, so I think it was inherited. The seizures started for me at 21 and kept getting worse. No cure, nothing could be done about it until recently. She died 12 years ago. I got a treatment that was only started very recently. I am thanking God every day for this surgery.
  • Tom 2011/01/24 13:58:39
    Amazing. The mirales of modern medicine. Wonder if this procedure is or would have been covered under the new US healthcare law? If not, how would such be made available in the future?
  • Swany 2011/01/24 13:46:13
    Maybe Berry Bush dose have a chance to smarten up.
  • Christopher Kirchen 2011/01/24 13:32:57
    Christopher Kirchen
    I survived brain surgery as an infant so this isn't that strange to me.
  • Sean Christo... 2011/01/24 18:51:05
    What was the reason for yours?
  • Christo... Sean 2011/01/24 19:41:37
    Christopher Kirchen
    I'm hydrocephalic and I had a shunt put in at 7 weeks(and revised 21 times in my life).
  • Sean Christo... 2011/01/24 21:02:40
    What's hydrocephalic, and what is a shunt?
  • Christo... Sean 2011/01/25 00:27:04
    Christopher Kirchen
    Hydrocephalus is where u have a blockage so the fluid can't flow properly and a shunt is a tube used to bypass it.
  • Jackie 2011/01/24 13:16:27
    science has learned so much and God gives them the ability to learn more and more. It's wonderful.
    I wish they could find a cure for stupid
  • Lynn 2011/01/24 07:49:55
    The human brain is an amazing thing...
  • Elaine 2011/01/24 07:48:08
    Nobel Prize Winner (think about 1977), Roger Sperry won for proving the Split Brain Theory for those with severe Epilepsy. They literally took out the side of the brain responsible for the seizures. Granted these children will never be in the Olympics; nor a Rogues Scholar --but the brain does "re-write" itself to compensate.
  • Don Leuty 2011/01/24 07:35:11
    Don Leuty
    What do you bet that under upcoming 0bamaCare all the parents would have received is life counseling?
  • Sean Don Leuty 2011/01/24 07:49:14 (edited)
    It's an interesting question you pose, I'm not sure the answer to that. That's another topic though.

    As a naturalist, I am not a fan at all of surgery, and pharmaceutical, or street drugs of any kind. I'm a firm believer in fruits, vegetables, seeds, and when medicine is needed, herbs.

    My reason for posting this Channel 5 video is, this story shows just how resilient the human body is. I'm amazed at how an infant child was able to survive a surgery procedure when some adults don't survive procedures, and many have permanent physiologically damage from surgery especially brain surgery. My best wishes for that child, her family, and hopefully Alexis will grow to be a healthy adult. So far the signs at least according to the Channel 5 story are looking pretty good. I find this story inspiring. Imagine having 55 stitches as an adult.
  • Don Leuty Sean 2011/01/24 07:58:34
    Don Leuty
    We learned that the human body is pretty resilient during the space race. The original astronauts were truly human guinea pigs. Temperature extremes, stress forces, you name it. When you consider the range of temperatures and pressures that all life has been discovered in, it speaks volumes about what a life form will endure to survive.
  • rjmac7 Don Leuty 2011/01/24 09:35:03
    Pretty soon we will have to send severe cases like this to China, if Obummer has his way
  • Sean rjmac7 2011/01/24 21:03:06
  • Don Leuty rjmac7 2011/01/25 08:07:59
    Don Leuty
    They may leave for that destination, but I can't see 0bama spending that much on defectives. I think they would just end up great white bait.
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾ 2011/01/24 07:29:20
  • boo 2011/01/24 07:28:41
    Wow !! ... I'm happy for Alexis and her family =)

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