India Slams Monsanto with Unprecedented ‘Biopiracy’ Charges?

~ The Rebel ~ 2012/01/14 15:38:28
India has joined the conglomerate of nations directly opposed to the agricultural corruption brought upon by bloated biotechnology giant Monsanto, declaring legal action against the corporation for a crime dubbed ‘biopiracy‘.

The charges were brought against Monsanto for utilizing a local eggplant variety to develop their own genetically modified version including the notorious biopesticide Bt. Monsanto’s Bt GMO crops are known to threaten the environment in addition to human health, and India considers Monsanto’s unauthorized testing of the crops to be biopiracy.

India’s National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) made the unprecedented decision as detailed in their official statements on the subject, joining nations like Hungary and Peru in their efforts to control Monsanto’s presence within their borders.

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  • Arjuna 2012/01/15 18:50:16
    India is no saint. it supported Monanto through the Universities of Panjab and the University of Chennai agricultural programs. Transgenic chickpea, Pigeonpea groundnut for resistance to insects and fungal pathogens Nutritionally-enhanced groundnut and pigeonpea varieties were all supported by Monsanto through IRRI. Once they invite the devil to a meal, I think they should not be complaining if the devil chooses to make the guest the meal.
  • Arjuna Arjuna 2012/01/15 18:51:01
    sorry .. make the host the meal. :)
  • ~ The R... Arjuna 2012/01/16 00:39:34
    ~ The Rebel ~
    You really can't blame a country for what their universities are involved in... can you? If so, there are some here I'd like to see shut down!
  • Arjuna ~ The R... 2012/01/16 01:13:02
    *chuckles* Actually in the case of India one can because the state runs these institutions and Monsanto was allowed to get in despite huge public furors. Globally they are using the CGIAR for the same purpose. Sri Lanka refused them entry but India let them in through the back door. I fought that battle on both sides of the Palk strait and we managed to keep the wolves at bay in the south but, *shrugs* glad that India realizes at least some of its folly even at this late stage. They should hoof this company into the Arabian sea ASAP along with Singenta.

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