In the general election, are you voting FOR a candidate or AGAINST another candidate?

TxAggie93 2008/06/21 13:29:02
For McCain.....
For Obama.....
Against McCain.....
Against Obama.....
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With McCain not being a "traditional" Republican and Hillary Democrats shying away from Obama.....which side do you find yourself on?
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  • True~Male 2008/06/21 14:37:12
    Against Obama.....
    There is not much of choice here this time around -- Obama would rip this country into pieces. He seems to think that othe countries can be trusted --with that attitude --he'll get us ALL killed!!

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  • Brenda 2008/09/16 03:50:26
    For Obama.....
    I can't take 4 more years of Bush and that is what we will get if we get MCDUMBASS/Idiot Palin
  • Jen**GPAC** 2008/09/15 21:07:08
    For Obama.....
    I think I have finally made up my mind.. :))
    obama mind
  • Jennybo 2008/09/06 04:37:49 (edited)
    For McCain.....
    Definitely for McCain, not against Obama. I may not be in the company of the majority, but I do think they are both good men with good intentions. I don't think either one would "ruin" the country. I am voting for McCain because I believe his myriad of experiences -- in war, in business, in politics and in life -- combined with his proven record for acting in the best interest of the country and his own personal integrity is exactly what this country needs. I may have voted for Obama at a different time, but that time isn't now. I like Obama's fresh perspective, but I would feel more confident if it was tempered with more experience. As I described to a friend the other day... I've been very successful in business, but it took time. I am much better as a business consultant now than I was 17 years ago. 17 years ago I thought I knew everything... now, I am sure I know everything -- jk. I now have experience with different size companies, different industries, different resources, etc that I can draw upon when I am challenged to come up with solutions. I know the value of experience -- the efficiency, the accuracy, the cost-effectiveness and the earned confidence. I want the president to be able to draw upon his experiences not just completely rely on his cabinet. This is not a slam on Obama... I am merely illustrating what I believe McCain brings to the table. So back off Obamamaniacs!
  • TxAggie93 Jennybo 2008/09/06 21:11:10
    That may well be the most articulate, unemotional response to this poll. Thanks for weighing in!
  • Jennybo TxAggie93 2008/09/06 22:00:53 (edited)
    Thank you! Great poll by the way... I hope it gains steam again!
  • TJ 2008/07/06 13:38:24
    None of the above
    For Obama and against McCain!!
  • concerned TJ 2008/07/16 01:12:40
    all day everyday
  • Mattynr 2008/07/04 10:22:40
    Against Obama.....
    I personally think it was a bad choice.

    Obama is the first Presidential Candidate since its origin, 1976, to not use public funding.

    Obama can spend all the money he wants to until the last 8 weeks.... in October. Is $85 million not enough?

    The purpose of Public Funding is to prevent a wealthy elites from buying the presidency.


    When you do your IRS... and the question is asked .. do you want to donated to the campaigning fund?

    It is volunteer money..... Americans with an attempt to keep it honest and limit the spending.

    You do get it don't you..... there are two things wrong here.
    1. Obama signed a pledge and went back on his word.
    2. Nobody cares

    I regret he is the first........ I guess his campaign promise to CHANGE.... starts here.
  • Ky 2008/07/04 07:30:18
    lets be honest do you think any of them will be worse than bush??I hardy beleive thats possible!!
  • roger 2008/07/01 22:20:58
    For Obama.....
    I am for Senator Obama
  • m roger 2008/07/02 04:44:54
    The biggest Obama lie that propelled him to democratic nomination. Obama is not black, he is Arab/White. He is only 6.25% African descend. He can't be classified as black.
    This is a research about it
  • old mccain 2008/07/01 17:08:44
    For Obama.....
    old mccain
    You McCain supporters seen to have forgotten that Bush beat McCain for the Republican nominee (8) years ago. Bush is the most unpopular, most dislike president the US has ever had ~ not my opinion, but most.
    If Bush beat McCain then, can you imagine what you'll get? McCain will beat out Bush - LOL.
  • Bitwise Operator 2008/07/01 14:52:35 (edited)
    None of the above
    Bitwise Operator
    Voting for a candidate and party with principles I can believe in.


    voting candidate party principles httpwww constitutionparty
  • mary 2008/07/01 02:27:49
    For McCain.....
    The best choice!! actually the only choice. not unless you like cut and run policies,surrender monkey,socialists.
  • Niki (6ft under the stars) 2008/07/01 01:46:53
    None of the above
    Niki (6ft under the stars)
    don't like either so i'm just not gonna vote so take that =P
  • Rockies 2008/06/30 14:36:24
    Against Obama.....
    Anyone would be better than Obuma.....
  • LumLum 2008/06/29 22:20:28
    Against Obama.....
    I can't stomach Obama. I am not crazy about McCain either but he is the best choice available
  • tc 2008/06/29 21:09:05
    For Obama.....
    How can you not vote for O'bama, Mccain keeps running to Bush for answers.
  • Liberty+Freedom 2008/06/29 13:06:17
    Against Obama.....
    This country is going to hell no matter who gets elected.It's always better
    to pick the best of 2 evils.
  • sofrustratedwithpeople 2008/06/29 12:13:17
    Against Obama.....
    The guy I wanted to win had to drop out, it would seem unless you have tons of money you can't be the President of the United States, doesn't mean I can't write him in still, which I just might, but I know Im not voting for a man who has the middle name Hussein...that's not American and he acts like hes not either. I would much rather a POW of war serve than this man.
  • Goodbye SHs 2008/06/28 17:37:38
  • TxAggie93 Goodbye... 2008/06/29 13:42:37
    Debra, we should have a drink and commiserate. I agree 100%.
  • RJ 2008/06/28 05:32:25 (edited)
    None of the above
    George Walker Bush
    Lets get George Bush for a third term. He is doing a great job. Just look at the economy. Everything is just great. You can ask him and he will tell you that he is going to go down as one of the greatest presidents in history and I agree.
    I want to thank each and every one of you who voted for President Bush. Without him we might be in serious economic trouble.Things couldn't be better right now. I can't believe Obama might be president. He is going to ruin all the great things that President Bush has done for everyone in this country. You watch he is going to end the war in Iraq and the terorists are going to kill us all.He also wants to get offordable healthcare for all Americans (Communist SOB)I can't believe he wants to use our tax dollars to help sick people that we may not even know. And he wants to give all Americans a chance to go to college if they want to. Do you believe that? He wants everyone to be able to get an education people that I'm not even related to.He is a communist I tell you! That would ruin this country. People would start thinking criticly and questioning our government leaders. Can you imagine? Questioning our Leaders?
    Bush /Cheney 08 let the legacy live on!
  • TxAggie93 RJ 2008/06/28 14:17:57
    Tell me this is sarcasm. Please. Otherwise, I must advise you to put the pipe down.
  • RJ TxAggie93 2008/07/01 05:15:02
    YES it is sarcasm. Just imagine if we really did have four more years of this crap. Can you say REVOLUTION?
  • m RJ 2008/06/29 08:37:27 (edited)
    Is it a sarcasm? I didn't get it in the second part.
    If obama elected, Israel will bomb Iran, and if troops are withdrawn, terrorists are going to kill us. Affordable healthcare sounds good, but how much will it really cost? As for college, what is stopping you now? I went to college with grants, didn't need Obama for that.
    What he offers besides questionable health care plan? Higher taxes, confused international relations and lame economic plan?
  • TxAggie93 m 2008/06/29 13:46:52
    I am right there with you on the Obama issues, but cannot philisophically support the idea of 4 more years of Bush. I, too, went to college on grants and loans during the Reagan/Bush years. Clinton was elected my senior year...I fully understand that point.

    I had Bush as governor, too, so I am about ready to see him head to the ranch.
  • m TxAggie93 2008/07/01 02:39:11

    I understand your point. I see McCain lean more to the center than like Bush. Besides, how much harm can he do with democratic government in the House?

    Obama on the other hand, can do what he likes and House will go with him. Even if I disregarded all his terrorist anti American friends (which I can't), he would still be very bad for economy.

    He promised to raise taxes in the time of recession. I live in NY which is very expensive and already pay too much. He promised to raise taxes on the rich. I lived in communism, the result of such equality is only one thing. Noone wants to do anything or reach any heights because everyone is equal. Why bother after all?

    Besides, a lot of rich people do a lot for charity if they are not taxed to death. Obama on the other hand wants to have government control over everything. He proposed millions in aid to 3rd world countries which might sound great except it would come out of overtaxed Americans who really " don't need the whole pie, just need a little bit" according to Michelle Obama.

    This is not what America is about. It is a land of opportunity. People work hard, earn money, and decide which charities to spend it on. Government already have enough control over Americans. We don't need more. This is my opinion.
  • TxAggie93 m 2008/07/02 18:10:04
    ...and a damn fine opinion, it is. I completely agree with the "NObama stance", but I'm waffling with McCain....
  • C 2008/06/28 03:01:27
    We don't really have a choice this time........
  • Cookie 2008/06/28 01:25:12
    Against Obama.....
    For Hillary
  • BART 2008/06/28 00:55:47
    Against Obama.....
    Ron Paul is the medicine for our sick economy. McCain is not a good substitute, but a better choice than Marxist Obama.
  • Patriotic American 2008/06/27 21:43:32
    For Obama.....
    Patriotic American
    The only choice...I certainly don't want 4-8 more years of the same crap we have been living through!
  • Liberty... Patriot... 2008/06/29 13:09:38
    You must not be to patriotic to vote for this guy.More like Idiotic American
  • billeib 2008/06/27 21:24:43
    For Obama.....
    Barack has everything to offer. McCain has little to offer except a >$45,000 tax break to the top 1% of wage earners.
  • pastafarian 2008/06/27 21:09:00
    None of the above
    It's not a case of McCain vs. Obama for my vote...I'd rather find a candidate I actually like, not just one I can live with, or God forbid, cast a negative vote. I'm cynical, but I'm not THAT cynical.

    Of course this only applies to the Presidential election. For all the other smaller elections (y'know, the ones you don't know anything about) I try to find a Christian Coalition voting guide and vote AGAINST their candidates.
  • TxAggie93 pastafa... 2008/06/28 01:19:21
    I agree 100% with your first paragraph. I feel exactly the same way.
  • pastafa... TxAggie93 2008/06/28 01:52:15
    Thanks...it must be depressing to cast a vote against someone, I don't really understand why people do that. it seems rather defeatist to me, and this country wasn't founded by "none of the above" leaders.
  • TxAggie93 pastafa... 2008/06/29 13:53:02
    I suppose when one feels as though they must choose the lesser of two evils, it feels like a vote against someone. A couple of years ago, I was pretty fed up with the status quo and voted against every incumbent in state and local elections...they just weren't "doing it" for me, ya know? Texas politicians are a different breed....and I didn't know how else to vent universally at the current structure here in Central Texas. Does that make sense?
  • pastafa... TxAggie93 2008/06/29 15:41:39
    I'm not sure if it makes sense....Georgia politics are confusing enough, Central Texas would probably burn out my brain circuits. :)
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