In Obama's own words.

mac9 2012/07/02 03:32:52
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Is Obama deliberately trying to destroy our country? You decide.

Obama's Saudi Arabian Connection Exposed

In His Own Words and Deeds

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"Therefore do not fear them. For
there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, and hidden that
will not be known." Matthew 10:26

Hide in plain sight.
seems that nearly every week some new story emerges attempting to
connect Barack Obama with Islam. Some of these stories are just viscious
slander, and we immediately discount stories of that ilk. But there are
other stories, from intelligent, credible sources, that are rising to
the surface and sticking. This article will show you the evidence from
those credible sources, and then we will let you decide.The strongest
evidence we have will be from the words and deeds of Barack Obama

The Bow Heard Around The World

A deep bow from the waist is a
recognized sign of submission to the person you are bowing to, in much
the same way that a dog will lay down before it's master. The meaning of
the word "Islam" is 'submission'. That is what you are watching in this
photo - Obama, as the leader of America, submitting to a foreign,
Muslim king. You will note that the King is not bowing in return, but
instead maintains the superior position.

submitting foreign muslim king king bowing return maintains superior position

No other sitting American president has ever bowed from the waist to the leader of any foreign country

"In a shocking display of fealty
to a foreign potentate, President Obama bowed to Saudi King Abdullah at
the Group of 20 summit in London last week. The bow was an extraordinary
protocol violation. Such an act is a traditional obeisance befitting a
king's subjects, not his peer. There is no precedent for U.S. presidents
bowing to Saudi or any other royals. Former President Franklin D.
Roosevelt shook hands with Saudi King Abdulaziz in February 1945.
Granted, Mr. Roosevelt was wheelchair-bound, but former President Dwight
D. Eisenhower shook hands when he first met King Saud in January 1957.
Mr. Obama's bow to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques does not help
his image with those who believe he is secretly a Muslim, and why he
chose to bow only to the Saudi King and not to any other royals remains
unexplained." source - Washington Times

Egyptian Foreign Minister: Obama told me he is a Muslim.

"Adul Gheit said he had a one-on-one meeting with Obama,
where the US President told him that He was still a Muslim, the son of a
Muslim father, the step son of Muslim stepfather, that his half
brothers in Kenya are Muslims, and that he was sympathetic towards the
Muslim agenda. Adul Gheit claimed Obama told the Arabs to show patience.
Obama promised that once he overcame some domestic issues, like the
Health care reform, he would show the Muslim World how to deal with

source - Atlas Shrugs
health care reform muslim world deal israel source atlas shrugs

Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit greets President Obama
"We are no longer a Christian nation" - Barack Obama

This video is nearly 10 minutes long and is
exclusively in the words of Obama himself, and is perhaps the most
damning evidence of all. In this video you will hear the effusive praise
that Obama has for Islam, and the disdain he shows for Christianity.

Obama gives nearly half a billion dollars to terror organization HAMAS

Washington (CNN) - The United States will
contribute $400 million in development aid to the Palestinian
territories and work with Israel to loosen its embargo on Gaza,
President Barack Obama said Wednesday. Obama's announcement came after
White House talks with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.
The money will be used to build housing, schools, water and health care
systems in both the Palestinian Authority-controlled West Bank and Gaza,
which is ruled by the Palestinian Islamic movement Hamas. Obama
called the situation in Gaza "unsustainable," and said the United
States would work with its European allies, Egypt and Israel to find a
"new conceptual framework" for the Israeli blockade of Gaza." source - CNN

Obama Administration to Support Anti-Israel Resolution at UN Next Week

THE WEEKLY STANDARD has learned that senior Obama
administration officials have been telling foreign governments that the
administration intends to support an effort next week at the United
Nations to set up an independent commission, under UN auspices, to
investigate Israel's behavior in the Gaza flotilla incident. The White
House has apparently shrugged off concerns from elsewhere in the U.S.
government that a) this is an extraordinary singling out of Israel,
since all kinds of much worse incidents happen around the world without
spurring UN investigations; b) that the investigation will be one-sided,
focusing entirely on Israeli behavior and not on Turkey or on Hamas;
and c) that this sets a terrible precedent for outside investigations of
incidents involving U.S. troops or intelligence operatives as we
conduct our own war on terror." source - The Weekly Standard

Obama refuses to investigate Ft. Hood slaying by Muslim soldier

(AP) WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama on
Saturday urged Congress to hold off on any investigation of the Fort
Hood rampage until federal law enforcement and military authorities have
completed their probes into the shootings at the Texas Army post, which
left 13 people dead. On an eight-day Asia trip, Obama turned his
attention home and pleaded for lawmakers to "resist the temptation to
turn this tragic event into the political theater." He said those who
died on the nation's largest Army post deserve justice, not political
stagecraft." source - Huffington Post

Obama breaks promise to prevent Iran from going nuclear

US President Barack Obama has decided to abandon
any serious effort to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. He is
determined instead to live with a nuclear Iran, by containment and, if
possible, negotiation. This is the shifting tectonic plate in the
Middle East. This is the giant story of the past few weeks which the
world has largely missed, distracted by the theatre of the absurd of
Obama's contrived and mock confrontation with Israel over 1600
apartments to be built in three years' time in a Jewish suburb in East
Jerusalem." source - The Australian

1600 apartments built years jewish suburb east jerusalem source australian

Obama swore he wouldn't let Iran go nuclear, and yet, he did nothing to stop them from firing up their nuclear reactor

"BUSHEHR, Iran - Trucks rumbled into Iran's first reactor
Saturday to begin loading tons of uranium fuel in a long-delayed startup
touted by officials as both a symbol of the country's peaceful
intentions to produce nuclear energy as well as a triumph over Western
pressure to rein in its nuclear ambitions. The Russian-built Bushehr
nuclear power plant will be internationally supervised, including a
pledge by Russia to safeguard it against materials being diverted for
any possible use in creating nuclear weapons. Iran's agreement to allow
the oversight was a rare compromise by the Islamic state over its atomic
program." source - Yahoo News

Obama commands NASA to start Muslim outreach

Listen to NASA head Charles Bolden talk about
Obama's outreach to the Muslim world. And why, exactly, is NASA
conducting a 'muslim outreach'?

Proof of Obama's ties to Saudi Arabia?

Is Barack Obama a pawn of the king of Saudi Arabia? Has
Obama lied to the American people about his past, his background and his
christianity? Remember it is a command of Islam to 'deceive the
infidel', this is called Taqiyah. Taqiyah, as defined by Islam is this -
"In Islamic terminology it means "to save life, honour. or property
(either one's own or of other believers) by hiding one's belief or
religion" source - Al-Islam.org

One thing is certain - Obama has not been truthful with
the American people. Based on the evidence presented here from
legitmate, credible sources including the videotaped testimony culled
from speeches and interviews given by Obama himself, it would be safe to
draw the conclusion that he is not who he has presented himself to be.
By his own words and actions, he is the most pro-Muslim president in
American history, and does seem to have a pro-Muslim agenda. If you
noticed, I added very little commentary to this article and simply let
the documented facts speak for themselves. There is much, much more that
could be added in this regard.

Is Barack Hussein Obama a Muslim working to bring about
Sharia law in the United States? That is for you to decide. But at the
rate America is crumbling, you better hurry making up your mind.

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Click here to read how Obama supports the mosque at Ground Zero.

Click here to read how Obama plans to divide Israel for the Palestinians.

Click here to read how Obama has created the largest debt in US history.

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  • IC Freeley 2012/07/02 04:17:47 (edited)
    IC Freeley
    US bows to Saudi Arabia, this us nothing new, and The presidents who bent over backwards for their regimes were most especially the Bush family. 12 of the 14 hijackers in 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia and by that, we needed to invade Iraq. What's wrong with that picture?
  • mac9 2012/07/02 03:34:35
    These are his words
    Just keep reading below.

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