In my opinion HELL Yes.

jere.chievres 2012/08/07 14:58:29
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  • The Gipper~PWCM~JLA 2012/08/07 16:24:27
    All of the above
    The Gipper~PWCM~JLA
    This country should get that lucky!
  • Rusty Shackleford 2012/08/07 15:35:11
    All of the above
    Rusty Shackleford
    No, they are above the law, not subject to it.

    I'm not saying it's right or that I approve of it, I'm just pointing out reality.
  • jere.chievres 2012/08/07 14:59:36
    All of the above
    But I will be happy enough if he loses in November.

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