Wilde~MoonChild ™ 2011/05/13 02:00:41

So here we are again. Fox News, Drudge Report, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity and other conservatives are jumping on a hater posse around Common’s invitation to the White House for the First Lady’s celebration of American Poetry today.

A whole lotta other people are invited like Elizabeth Alexander, Billy Collins, Rita Dove, Kenneth Goldsmith, Alison Knowles, Aimee Mann, Jill Scott and Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers. But no, they gotta pick on Common. Seems they don’t like some of his protest lyrics. Common comes strong but has always been a conscious rapper spittin’ not about “bitches” and “hos” nor battle-rapping. He’s mostly concerned himself with issues like crime, domestic violence, war, poverty, education, civil rights and more. He also writes some good love songs in my opinion and has a promising acting career. Above, watch the video he did with will.i.am as one of the songs for the Freedom Writers movie starring Hilary Swank as a passionate teacher who inspires a group of at-risk kids to turn their lives around. It’s called “A Dream” and intersperses excerpts from King’s “I Have A Dream” speech with some powerful and inspiring messages for our young people. Is Fox and other conservativesreally saying that this guy — the person who could make a beautiful video like this that’s rooted in our past and looking towards a brighter future — is “vile”? Or as Karl Rove put it: a “thug“?

It’s the Beck going after Van Jones strategy. Conservatives would like to use Common as a proxy for implying that the President is a gangsta rapper who hates whitey or some such mess. Lord, will it ever grow old? This is a pretty desperate attempt to slime the President and break his “Protector-in-Chief” halo in the wake of the successful raid on Osama bin Laden’s headquarters. Conservatives want to make Obama the boogeyman again through association. But it’s certainly a reach with Common.

Cuz Fox is talking outta both sides of their mouth on this one. Seems once upon a time not so long ago, Fox News was all about Common

From Media Matters:

Conservatives such as Fox News, the Daily Caller and Sarah Palin are criticizing the White House’s invitation to rapper Common for a poetry event over the purported vulgarity of his lyrics. Fox Nation, for instance, called Common a “vile rapper.”

But roughly half-a-year ago, Fox News had a different tone about Common. In an October 2010 reportfor FoxNews.com, reporter Jason Robinson interviewed the “rap legend” and told him, “your music is very positive. And you’re known as the conscious rapper. How important is that to you, and how important do you think that is to our kids?”

Common replied that it’s a “significant role. I just try to show who we are as well-rounded people and I’m happy to be known as the conscious artist.”

Others have debunked the silly outrage over Common’s invite. The Huffington Post’s Jason Linkins writes that Common is “not what I consider to be a ‘gangsta rapper’ or particularly prone to any of hip-hop’s legendary excesses. In fact, it was these excesses – ‘poppin glocks servin rocks and hittin switches’ — that Common famously criticized in perhaps his most famous song, ‘I Used To Love H.E.R.’” The Atlantic’s Conor Friedersdorf, meanwhile, notes that there’s a tradition of previous White Houses hosting people with purportedly controversial lyrics.

Read More: http://youtu.be/XBa55sDTIiA

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  • Murph 65 2011/05/13 17:53:38
    Murph 65
    Much ado about nothing - this guy just doesn't represent anything worth having a discussion about now, sort of like Charlie Sheen. Who cares what the Huffington Post has to say pretty much about anything, and Jason Robinson for Fox News, same thing.
  • Wilde~M... Murph 65 2011/05/13 17:55:38
    Wilde~MoonChild ™
    Are you saying Common doesnt represent anything worth discussing? Did you just compare Common to Charlie Sheen?
  • Murph 65 Wilde~M... 2011/05/13 17:56:45
    Murph 65
    Yep, sure did, as far as having to spend time discussing him, same as Sheen.
  • Wilde~M... Murph 65 2011/05/13 18:09:07 (edited)
    Wilde~MoonChild ™
    So then you didn't compare Common to Sheen you compared the pointless of discussing either one of them. Okay it I get it now...
    If its so pointless to you I'm not sure why you commented at all.
    Free speech and all I guess.
  • Murph 65 Wilde~M... 2011/05/13 18:12:39
    Murph 65
    I commented because of the question and the bit about conservative BS, and because I wanted to express my opinion that there's been enough already about Common, kind of like it was with Sheen, no longer interested in either one. Move on.
  • Wilde~M... Murph 65 2011/05/13 19:00:59 (edited)
    Wilde~MoonChild ™
    I posted this yesterday in RESPONSE to a poll posted by SODA HEAD, the website.
    So apparently its still something people are talking about.. If youre not interested then yes please move on..
    This is an opinion poll site.. I never understand people who get on others becuz their posted is something they (you) consider irrelevant.. if that's the case I think youre at the wrong site.
  • Murph 65 Wilde~M... 2011/05/13 19:11:10
    Murph 65
    No, I'm at the wrong site. People get on me all the time because of things I don't think are irrelevant and they do. It's part of that opinion thing you're talking about. My intent was, indeed, not to frost you. I stated my opinion in a way that was too harsh, I'm sorry, but I stated my opinion. Doesn't bother me if you don't agree with me, it doesn't bother me when people don't agree. God forbid, we all should agree on everything all the time. As the saying goes, man, would that be boring.
  • Wilde~M... Murph 65 2011/05/13 19:26:10 (edited)
    Wilde~MoonChild ™
    I don't expect people to agree with me and I don't care if people find my post irrelevant.
    I don't get the point of giving your opinion to something you think is a waste of time..
    I guess its becuz if I see a question or poll I find a waste of time, I don't bother commenting, pointing out that I find it a waste of time, that's just me.
    Maybe that's why people get on you..
  • Murph 65 Wilde~M... 2011/05/13 20:45:43
    Murph 65
    I think we're playing at some sort of semantics game here. So I do see giving an opinion of I think this issue is passe being relevant. You don't. So we don't agree. Okay, works for me.
  • Wilde~M... Murph 65 2011/05/13 21:11:04 (edited)
    Wilde~MoonChild ™
    you gave your opinion on something you find irrelevant.. I got it.
  • Murph 65 Wilde~M... 2011/05/13 22:27:26
    Murph 65
    You're one of those have to have the last word guys, aren't you?
  • Wilde~M... Murph 65 2011/05/14 07:35:21 (edited)
    Wilde~MoonChild ™
    um... One, Im not a guy.. two.. its my post I can have the last word if I choose to, but dont worry.. We're done
  • Murph 65 Wilde~M... 2011/05/13 18:17:47
    Murph 65
    Look, I'm not looking to p**s you off or take you on. The news, and most everyone else is doing the same thing with Common they did with Sheen and Lohan. It's been discussed to death, there are other things to think about and talk about. And I know I'm in a real minority here and probably should have kept my mouth shut, but you did with the conservative BS remark. Sorry, but I get a little sick of the liberal BS stuff also - both sides all the time with the BS. Liberal BS, conservative BS, Hollywood BS, Huffington Post BS, Soros big BS.
  • Wilde~M... Murph 65 2011/05/13 19:01:50
    Wilde~MoonChild ™
    Im not sure why you decided to reply to me twice.. i got you the first time...
  • gracious43 2011/05/13 17:21:27
    Well these people, obviously are spouting off about every little thing, and if they are like most white, and black conservatives, they don't listen to Rap anyway. But that isn't what Prez Obama is doing that is going to cause him to lose the next election.
  • Wilde~M... gracious43 2011/05/13 17:45:36 (edited)
    Wilde~MoonChild ™
    Bush ONE had Eazy E, the lead rapper from NWA, at a luncheon in 1991... Now Eazy E was controversial not Common but I guess its okay when the right does it. And that WAS the BUSH ONE who hosted that luncheon...
    This Poetry reading wasnt hosted by President Obama
  • AARGH! 2011/05/13 13:50:26
  • Scott 2011/05/13 03:29:30
    I'm pretty sure that Common's performance at the White House is going to cost America thousands of jobs, and send the country into a depression.
  • Wilde~M... Scott 2011/05/13 03:34:42
    Wilde~MoonChild ™
    lol..amazing isnt it
  • Scott Wilde~M... 2011/05/13 03:44:30
    They are monumental dickheads.
  • Wilde~MoonChild ™ 2011/05/13 02:11:21
    Wilde~MoonChild ™
    One song does not define an artist......

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