In a perfect world humanity would work in cooperation with other animals... this video is one example of how humans could work cooperatively with Crows by simply training them to pick up our trash for us... how realistic do you think the idea is?

HairlessKat the Gnostic 2008/06/03 13:57:29
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  • Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥ 2008/07/30 20:54:14
    None of the above
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    My experience is of having a crow (or maybe a seagull - it was dark) drop a full can of soup just a few feet from where I was walking, probably to try to open it. I don't want our trash collectors doing this sort of thing on a regular basis.
  • Hairles... Dave Sa... 2008/07/30 21:11:40
    HairlessKat the Gnostic
    lmao! sounds scary!
  • Hooch(ElBlancoDiablo) 2008/06/03 14:46:30
    wow... thats just awsome, dont know if its possible or not
    Crows are crafty. I think they would end up reaking havok on newspaers stands just to get the peanut in the end.
  • Hooch(E... Hooch(E... 2008/06/03 14:46:54
    Good post by the way.
  • Hairles... Hooch(E... 2008/06/03 14:51:35
  • Hooch(E... Hairles... 2008/06/03 14:54:16
  • Hairles... Hooch(E... 2008/06/03 14:49:58
    HairlessKat the Gnostic
    lol, hadnt thought of that! I just thought it was fascinating how intellegent they are, capable of coming up with their own ideas and being very persistant even when the reward was removed.... if you can teach a crow to drop coins into a box... why not teach them to pick up trash for snacks?
  • Hooch(E... Hairles... 2008/06/03 14:52:45
    True, But I dont need a crow pick pocketing me....lol.
    As for the Rats and cockroaches......Lets just keep them as snake food.
  • Hairles... Hooch(E... 2008/06/03 14:54:10

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