Impeachment for Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Is It Treason, High Crimes and Misdemeanors? Are you willing to sign their petition??

FLSzyq48 ~ GOD-Loving/America-Loving Extremist 2009/04/06 17:27:57
Guilty ... Count me in!
Not Guilty ....
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By Ron Ewart
Sunday, April 5, 2009

Do their crimes rise to the level of treason, high crimes and misdemeanors? Do we dare utter the “I” word? Does the future hold ..... gasp ..... impeachment for Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for the unconscionable, treasonous actions each of them has taken in the last few months to “fix” a crisis that they and their partners in crime and the previous administration and congress, created?

Is there an international cabal of money changers and power brokers that are calling the shots and Obama, Pelosi and Reid are just willing accomplices? Is there an international plan to strip America of its wealth and resources, void its constitution and eliminate its borders and its very sovereignty, to create a socialist, one-world-government, run by that corrupt of all organizations, the United Nations? Are Obama, Pelosi and Reid working to implement that plan? From our perspective, it is abundantly obvious.

The level of unconstitutional actions and power grabs by this administration and the current U. S. Congress, is unprecedented in all of American history. Even the Great Depression and the executive and legislative actions taken by the FDR administration and the then U. S. Congress, that extended that Depression by 10 years, pale in comparison to what our government is doing today.

The firing of corporate officers; the setting of salaries of private corporations;
The excessive taxation of a very small minority (corporate executives) to pander to an uneducated and naive constituency;
The forced bailout by coercion of individual, private banks when no bailout was requested;
The unconstitutional legislative power grab of all land, food production, water and energy;
The pork-laden budgets and stimulus bills;
The robbing of huge billions out of our treasury for foreign aid, handed over, free gratis without accountability, to despots, dictators and socialist governments;
The purposeful placing of unreasonable limits and regulations on oil, gas and coal extraction, eliminating or over-regulating new gas, coal, nuclear and hyrdo electrical power generation and refinery construction;
The destruction of our automobile industry with unnecessary regulation;
The passing of CO2 emission limits and cap and trade policies to “fix” the premeditated fraud that is man-caused global warming;
The in-adequate protection of our borders and the refusal to enforce our laws to inhibit or eliminate illegal immigration: presenting an atmosphere of appeasement to our enemies in the hopes they will “like” us;
The establishing of mandatory youth corps service groups, with an inescapable parallel to Hitler’s Youth;
The signing on to world environmental, commerce and financial agreements that dilute our sovereignty, giving more power to world government than the Supreme Law of the Land, our constitution.

All of these acts can only be construed to be high treason. They can only be construed as powerful individuals in our government, with the motive and goal to tear down America, as the last great hope of the world and render it impotent and a third-world socialist country, in order to appease our international critics and detractors and elevate their own distorted egos.

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, each with their own idea of securing perpetual power for the Democratic Party by buying off their uninformed constituency with trillions of dollars from our treasury, are doing so for their own ends and for their own self aggrandizement. They are traitors of the worst kind, as they walk among us as our friends, but appeal and pander to our weaknesses, instead of building up our strengths and defending a sovereign America as the Constitutional Republic it was designed to be.

So we are calling on all Americans who still believe in the sanctity of our Constitution and the principles of freedom and liberty, to sign our petition calling for the impeachment of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, before they destroy America, the American economy, American freedom and American sovereignty. We cannot wait for four years to vote them out of office. This is an action we can take, in concert with the tea parties that are springing up all over America. Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are unabashed traitors and must be impeached ..... now!

If you would like a copy of our petition, send us an e-mail with your request to: info@narlo.org and we will e-mail you a copy of the petition in Microsoft WORD format. Insert NARLO Form No. IPM 2009-04-009 in the subject line of your e-mail. Print out copies of the petition and take them to your local tea party and pass them around.

Let the voices of the multitudes be heard, loud and clear. Let all know that we will defend American freedom and liberty ..... or die trying.

Ron Ewart, President, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF RURAL LANDOWNERS. An organization dedicated to re-establish, preserve, protect and defend property rights

Ron can be reached at: r.ewart@comcast.net
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  • AmmoLou 2009/05/16 17:37:11
    Guilty ... Count me in!
    I singed that petition long ago!
  • IH - Lion of Light 2009/04/13 23:42:46
    IH - Lion of Light
    It will never fly in the press which is where they would be tried or acquitted is in favor of their agenda. Our liberal media would not let a little thing like the constitution get in the way of their love affair.
  • krafty 2009/04/10 00:03:33
    Guilty ... Count me in!
    BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!
  • Diane T 2009/04/08 01:22:54
    Diane T
    It goes bigger than those idiots..Try looking at big money the Federal Reserve bank PRIVATELY OWNED
    AND the IMF One world economy sound familiar?
  • looneysinger 2009/04/07 20:47:09
    Guilty ... Count me in!
  • TawanasTangent 2009/04/07 04:27:10 (edited)
    Guilty ... Count me in!
    Also a very important petition from the same narlo.org is the HR450 Enumerated Powers Act of 2009, submitted to Congress in January by Representative John B. Shadegg, Republican from Arizona, which requires that, before passage, all legislation emanating from the U.S. Congress must reflect the constitutional authority for such legislation. It is currently in the House of Representatives. Order your petitions for either/or/or both from narlo.org.
  • FLSzyq4... Tawanas... 2009/04/07 19:50:30
    FLSzyq48 ~ GOD-Loving/America-Loving Extremist
    Thanks Tawana, I'll go back and order the one for HR450 also.
  • Diane T Tawanas... 2009/04/08 01:17:57
    Diane T
    Thanks I'll find it
  • UNCLE DADDY 2009/04/06 21:43:05
    Guilty ... Count me in!
  • Diane T UNCLE D... 2009/04/08 01:18:52
    Diane T
    AMEN I keep reading the Constitution the more I read the more I say "your doing what?" Show me where it says you can..
  • cherokeefox 2009/04/06 21:42:03
    Guilty ... Count me in!
    count me in
  • koolauser 2009/04/06 20:02:24
    Not Guilty ....
    What's really pathetic??? We have to put up with these MORONS and their BS for the next seven plus years
  • Gun665 2009/04/06 19:47:20
  • Angel 2009/04/06 19:45:25
    Guilty ... Count me in!
    show me the dotted line
  • jc 2009/04/06 18:46:48
    Entertaining these thoughts is like spinning your wheels.It will never happen .I too dislike these moronic characters.But the only way to get them out . entertaining spinning wheels dislike moronic characters
  • RhinoRT jc 2009/04/06 20:22:55
    You are exactly right and another thing that needs to happen is term limits!

    term limits
  • Diane T RhinoRT 2009/04/08 01:20:29
    Diane T
    The www.the912project.com is creating a list of things that citizens can tell the "government" WE THE PEOPLE want.
  • RhinoRT Diane T 2009/04/08 01:31:59
    I have heard Glen Beck talking about that I just have not had the chance to check it out, I think I will tonight though.
  • Diane T RhinoRT 2009/04/08 01:34:56
    Diane T
    You can VENT and check out where tea parties are and vote on what you want to send to DC lots of stuff
  • RhinoRT Diane T 2009/04/08 01:45:57
    I have been to three local tea parties here in Arkansas, we have a local Conservative talk radio show and the host is adamant about these tea parties I think he has two or three more planned in the next few weeks
  • Diane T RhinoRT 2009/04/08 01:51:19
    Diane T
    We live 50 miles North of Tucson surrounded by liberal democrats. even my best friend is democrat BRRRR Point is don't get to be involved as much as we would like.
    Know there is a tea party in Tucson will try to make it.
  • RhinoRT Diane T 2009/04/08 03:25:58
    Arkansas is a pretty liberal state it self but I have hopes for change we did have a conservative Governor for 10-1/2 years and he did a great job (Mike Huckabee) he was only the 7th republican ever to be elected in the states history. And our highest rated radio talk show is a conservative station, that carries Rush, Hannity, and Beck also has a local guy who actually claims to be libertarian but he leans more right than he claims, he definitely does not like liberals. He has organized the tea parties here, which have had excellent turn outs.
  • Diane T RhinoRT 2009/04/08 15:46:32
    Diane T
    We like Huckabee he is an honest man.
  • RhinoRT Diane T 2009/04/08 16:07:04
    I have known him for 15 years both as a friend and on a professional level, I am a professional photographer and had the honor to have been asked by him to take his offical campaign photos, along with several other projects, I believe he will make a great president, I'm pretty sure we will se his name on the ballot again for 2012.
    here is a photo you may have seen that i took

    offical campaign photos projects president pretty se ballot 2012 photo
  • Diane T RhinoRT 2009/04/08 16:10:27
    Diane T
    GREAT pic sure hope he throws his hat in 2012
  • Dagon 2009/04/06 17:46:41
  • David the Elder 2009/04/06 17:40:40
    Not Guilty ....
    David the Elder
    What the hell is going on?
  • Zuggi 2009/04/06 17:37:23 (edited)
    Not Guilty ....
  • JivinGene 2009/04/06 17:36:11
    It would take more than just a report from a Canuck to get this wheel turning....
    And the Democratic controlled Congress, would never allow it.
  • Bill Marvin 2009/04/06 17:35:54
    Guilty ... Count me in!
    Bill Marvin
    The only problem regarding impeachment of the named individuals is that they will be tried by a jury of their peers and since their peers hold the majority in both houses, I cannot see it going forward!
  • Tutboy (oYo) 2009/04/06 17:34:24
    Not Guilty ....
    Tutboy (oYo)
    No and be real.

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