Immigrants Can Now Become US Citizens By Joining the Army: Good or bad idea?

SenorBabyMan 2009/05/05 22:46:20
Good idea. Join the Army.
Bad Idea. Yarrg immigrants.
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The process for a legal US resident to become a legal US citizen can take up to 10 years. Join the army and become a US citizen in 6 months. Yup, uncle Sam is making it easy to become a legal U.S. citizen. the US military will open its doors to skilled immigrant guest workers (such as those who hold H-1B visas) who have lived in the US for a minimum of two years and have no criminal background.
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  • webmaven 2009/05/06 14:18:49
    Good idea. Join the Army.
    If someone is willing to risk his life for this country, he deserves to be a citizen.

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  • jolita 2013/04/14 01:39:08
    Good idea. Join the Army.
    I think it's a very good idea why not when a person is will in to fight for our country not only that they wanna sacrifice there lives for us so i say go for it
  • the guy from america 2012/10/23 08:24:11
    Good idea. Join the Army.
    the guy from america
    is that possible because what better way to show your loyalty to join the army ser ve the country that u love
  • Alex 2011/11/17 09:33:49
    Good idea. Join the Army.
    honestly, its this kind of descrimination that makes me mad, most undocumented people are here because they didnt have a choice and most of US are only trying to better ourselves through achieving a higher education for ourselves and our future family. If the military is infact one of our options, whats the problem with letting us join? its not like we hate americans, hell, most of us were youre lab partner or played on the same team with you in highschool, you guys sure didnt seem to mind there?. Grow up and realize whats good for everybody.
  • youngsoldier 2011/08/08 21:54:43
    Good idea. Join the Army.
    ive been here since i was 5 im now 19..thinking bout joining to get my papers n protect people n save lives even,willing to put in the effort 100% all the way .kinda worried they would deport me away from my family when i try to join what should i do?
  • Dario youngso... 2012/04/22 19:02:31
    You have to be a legal reisdent or have a visa to join the US armed forces
  • Luis 2010/12/19 09:24:12
    Good idea. Join the Army.
    Im an illegal immigrant....I wanna join the army..not because I want to become legal...I wanna join it because I love this beautiful country.
  • js Luis 2011/10/01 16:17:41
    can illegals join? how would someone go about that?
  • Dom 2009/05/23 00:22:57
    Bad Idea. Yarrg immigrants.
    No way beacuse they're probably goinbg to be like gangsters and go and kill all our troops!
  • Luis Dom 2010/12/19 09:25:49
    Im an illegal immigrant,Im not a gangter and and I DONT KILL PEOPLE.
  • LuisMay... Dom 2011/01/25 22:04:25
    Because of people like you this beautiful country is not any better.. true this is the greatest country and it could've been even better if people like you(racist) didn't exist. And yes I am illegal two and I'm not here to "steal your jobs" I'm here to do the jobs YOU DO NOT WANNA DO. I've been living here for almost 6 years and I also want to join the army not be because i wanna be legal but because I want to improve this country unlike you only criticizing illegal people.
  • Allie Dom 2011/04/06 23:26:33
    that is the most ignorant response i've ever read
  • lissa Dom 2011/06/02 01:05:36
  • karen g... Dom 2012/01/20 00:19:42
  • chris w... Dom 2012/02/27 01:52:35
  • martin ... Dom 2012/05/21 03:23:28
    martin bustamante
    get a life
  • lalo Dom 2012/07/11 21:27:11
    This made me mad I'm a illegal alien also and this is so not true if it wasn't for illegals everything would of fall apart were the ones who work in the fields for extreme low payments I bet you wouldn't want to do that under the hot sun all day
  • lalo Dom 2012/07/11 21:28:50
    You probably live somewhere far where there is
    Berly or no Mexicans at all and the stories u here make u afraid of
    Mexicans and I'm also illegal
  • Nik 2009/05/22 21:29:43
    Good idea. Join the Army.
    This has been going on since the beginning of our armed forces. At least the people who gain their citizenship through the military we know are quality people ready to die for our country just as our veterans and current service members are. They all deserve our respect and support. It is through their sacrifice that we have our country, rights, and freedoms.
  • KissKiss 2009/05/16 01:35:11
    Good idea. Join the Army.
  • Seth 2009/05/08 13:31:26
    Good idea. Join the Army.
    i see you there!
  • bella 2009/05/07 22:20:59
    Bad Idea. Yarrg immigrants.
    i dont think this would be a good idea because they could always turn on us and shoot all our army troop yarrg immigrants turn shoot army troop
  • Maya bella 2009/05/08 16:16:29
    It has been done for years, here and in other countries, and nothing like that have ever happened. Who turn on you and shoot are American teenagers who got access to guns, if you haven't noted it yet.
  • Luis bella 2010/12/19 09:29:36
  • Archconservative 2009/05/07 21:50:23
    Bad Idea. Yarrg immigrants.
    It demeans my service, if this is true.
  • Anjelica 2009/05/07 20:57:48
    Good idea. Join the Army.
    I think it's a good idea, but I'm afraid someone's going to criticize me.
  • P-Funk 2009/05/07 16:03:47
    Good idea. Join the Army.
    Without going too deep into possible unintended consequences (like what if all of Al Qaeda joins the Army), I don't see anything fundamentally wrong with this idea. My mother was an immigrant. She had already served -- as a foreign national -- in the US Army for 4 years. When she got here, she had to pass a test on the Constitution and US law before she could be naturalized. One of my great-grandfathers immigrated to the US in 1857. Shortly after he settled down and got married, he served 3 years in the Civil War in the Indiana Volunteers.

    Maybe it just runs in my family, and not all of my ancestors came to this country voluntarily, but I don't see a problem with service to the nation as a route to citizenship.
  • yogi 2009/05/07 05:02:04
    Good idea. Join the Army.
    As a veteran I think if they are willing to put their life on the line for our country they deserve to be citizens.
  • AXX2009 2009/05/07 04:16:22
    Good idea. Join the Army.
    Yes it will decrease our population problem with the immigrats (yay) jk.......
  • Fae 2009/05/07 03:48:09
    Good idea. Join the Army.
    Well it was done before.. at least it shows they're serious about becoming an American citizen.
  • hw 2009/05/07 03:22:47
    Good idea. Join the Army.
    If someone wants to, and can serve successfully, lawfully, and still wish to be a citizen after all they endure, they have earned it.
  • 1oct1 "Marko" 2009/05/07 02:22:21
    Good idea. Join the Army.
    1oct1 "Marko"
    Learn and pass the test. Learn to speak our language. Then fight for our country. You must pass the test first.
  • michele 1oct1 "... 2009/07/24 04:02:17
    i would have to agree a test should be give, English should be perfect and
  • michele 2011/11/03 07:02:19
    yes just like every single american citizen has to speak perfect English...in case you haven't noticed at least half the young american population cannot speak properly...why should immigrants be expected to speak perfectly?
  • Lady D.J 2009/05/07 01:03:45
    Bad Idea. Yarrg immigrants.
    Lady D.J
    the u.s is more desperate to build up an army than i thought!!!
    yarrg immigrants desperate build army
  • Lindsay 2009/05/06 23:04:54
    Good idea. Join the Army.
    Well if they have lived in the U.S for 2 years they of least know somethnig about the U.S, and with no criminal background, I really don't see anythnig wrong with the idea.
  • Katrina 2009/05/06 22:51:53
    Good idea. Join the Army.
    I guess it would be a good idea but do they realize that If you sign up for the military you receive money for doing so? I know of a young lad who signed up with the Army National Guards and he got $10,000. of course subject to taxes and then after two years he gets another $10,000. also subject to taxes. This lad spent 8 months in Iraq and had three very close calls. So if any illegals want to take a chance like that then sign them up.
  • michele Katrina 2009/07/24 04:04:13
    that's just it. that money should pay for his citizenship. not his pocket. what if he joined and got a desk job wheres the scarifies there
  • Nick 2009/05/06 21:51:09
    Good idea. Join the Army.
    Who else can we brain wash to give their lives for someone else's cause?
  • Elizabeth 2009/05/06 20:43:36
    Good idea. Join the Army.
    Good idea, but with conditions attached. They should include a minimum of several years of service and then being eligible for honorable discharge. Misbehavior or lack of discipline should result in dismissal and possible deportation.
  • michele Elizabeth 2009/07/24 04:05:53
    i agree, becuase like some military people who just jion for 2 years for school money and quit. my dad was 20 years, proud and hard working. 2 years is not enough to show your true role as proud to be a solder.

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