☆ QueenAline 2013/01/21 14:07:25

is something that I should confess. Ideally, I wish we didn’t have to
use guns and that guns did not exist. Ideally, I wish there was no
violence in the world and world peace did exist. Honestly, I would like
to see every human treat their neighbor as they would treat
themselves. In my perfect world, I wish we could remove all the evil
people and leave the good people.

Life would be great and one huge party! Who wouldn’t want that?

nbsp world remove evil people leave people life huge party

Realistically though, this is impossible because the line that
separates the good person from the evil one goes straight through the
heart of every human being. In reality, the fewer guns the good people
have the more of a target they become. In the world in which we live
presently, to have peace we must prepare for war.

Life is a battle every step of the way and it started when you took
that first breath just after you came out of your mom’s womb.

Not only do we face physical ailments to our body’s health, but we
also run into those few “special” people who threaten, or will threaten,
our very existence. No matter how good of a neighborhood you live
in, no matter how responsible you are, there could very possibly come a
time when you will have to stand up and fight.

You need to start thinking now, if you haven’t already, about how you
will react and prepare to survive an attack. What you do now,
determines the out come in the event your life is threatened by one of
those not so good or noble humans that share this earth with us.

Did you ever think to prepare yourself for such a situation or did
you think everything was hunky-dory in your life and you were content
with being defenseless and naïve?

The person who has prepared for that unexpected physical threat most
likely will come out of that battle victoriously. The person, however,
who did not prepare for it usually, is the one we see in the news that
cops find buried in some back-woods field.

Your life is too precious not to learn how to defend it. The sooner
you wake up and realize you were born in a warzone, the faster you will
educate yourself on how to guard your life.

My point is, don’t listen to these Gun-Control-Nazis who are saying
guns are the cause to violence in the world. Half of them don’t even
believe their own propaganda because they’ve been caught shooting
intruders (ahem… RC Soles) and going to the airport with a gun in their
carry-on or have armed guards surrounding them 24-7.

Life is war. Deal with it or you will be dealt with in a way you do not wish.

Wise words spoken here..

Read More: http://girlsjustwannahaveguns.com/2013/01/im-anti-...

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  • Dogzebra~PWCM~JLA 2013/01/22 16:53:01
    "Life is war. Deal with it or you will be dealt with in a way you do not wish."

    Life is war. Deal with it or you will be dealt with in a way you do not wish.

    Wise words spoken here, but meaningless if you step on a landmine, or step into someone's crosshairs.
  • ☆ Queen... Dogzebr... 2013/01/22 20:25:59
    ☆ QueenAline
    that's true...and you could also say it won't help if a bomb is dropped on your house either....I will defend my life and my family against anyone who tries to harm us, within my power.
  • eyeballz 2013/01/22 15:54:01
    Very well put my friend !
  • kelsieilesha 2013/01/22 02:53:55
    I agree with this completely.
    As the top opinion says... I'd rather have one and not need it, than need one and not have it.
    I'd just like to see those anti-gun idiots defend themselves with a butter knife when someone breaks into their house and tries to shoot them.
  • 9th of 9 2013/01/22 00:51:34
    9th of 9
    Wise indeed.
  • ☆RogueofDoom☆ 2013/01/22 00:37:40
  • Yo'Adrienne..AFCL 2013/01/22 00:32:38
  • Ishmael 2013/01/21 23:49:47
    How many guns would Jesus Own?
  • CuresCa... Ishmael 2013/01/22 06:41:40
    Didn't he get murdered?
  • Dogzebr... CuresCa... 2013/01/22 16:25:50
    .. tortured too.
  • Ishmael CuresCa... 2013/01/22 23:44:14
    Uh, Yeah.
  • RoyJLores 2013/01/21 23:35:39 (edited)
    If people followed the non aggression principle and yes that includes government the world would be a far, far better place.
  • Juan Iota 2013/01/21 20:58:20
    Juan Iota
    Life as a warrior.
  • Alex Goldsmith 2013/01/21 20:03:34
    Alex Goldsmith
  • WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA 2013/01/21 18:49:08
    WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA
    I agree.
  • keeper 2013/01/21 18:10:53
    Wise words indeed~
  • ConLibFraud 2013/01/21 18:04:01
    Again, we have allowed the conversation to be misdirected! Can we once an for all get the truth about these staged mass shootings! Stop coming down to the gun grabbers ignorance. It is what they hope for.

  • WhereIs... ConLibF... 2013/01/21 18:51:02
    WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA
    I don't believe these conspiracy theories, and I think you do all of us who are pro 2nd amendment a disservice by posting such things, it also very disrespectful to the families of the victims.
  • ConLibF... WhereIs... 2013/01/21 19:06:56
    Why don't you stop being a gullible coward, turn off your phucking TV and watch the videos I posted. You are the only disrespectful one here by posting a dumbed down cowardly response without watching and listening to the videos.

    If not, then how much to you get paid to come to SH and obstruct justice?
  • WhereIs... ConLibF... 2013/01/21 19:19:08
    WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA
    Obstruct justice? You are living in fantasy land, and I don't get paid dude...you should seriously consider getting some help for your paranoid delusions.
  • ConLibF... WhereIs... 2013/01/21 19:22:48
    You have rendered yourself a useless slave coward. Until you watch and listen to all the videos I posted, you are not worthy of any conversation.
  • USAISME ConLibF... 2013/01/22 01:45:34
    There were no staged mass shootings. Deranged idiots who decided to kill innocent people DID kill innocent people. I believe in our 2nd Amendment rights. Firstly, we don't need people with conspiracy theories disrespecting the families of victims. First and second, law abiding gun-owning citizens do not deserve to be labeled as part of this crazed ideology. Trust the fact that these horrible things did happen and were not staged by our government. No, I don't care one rat's ass about our present administration, but don't let people who are smoking crack convince you that this was all "staged". Reality sucks, but we have to deal with it !!!
  • ConLibF... USAISME 2013/01/22 01:48:22
    How much do you get paid to come here and ATTEMPT to stifle truth?
  • USAISME ConLibF... 2013/01/22 02:04:59 (edited)
    Dude, I didn't want to believe that Joplin, MO was creamed by the tornado, but reality was a horrid slap in my face when I saw the destruction and misery FIRST HAND that the residents there had to go through. I attempt to stifle NOTHING. I attempt to make sure that we have our heads on straight so that we can deal with reality if and when the need arises.
  • ConLibF... USAISME 2013/01/22 02:12:40
    No back tracking necessary. When you come here and spew your TV watching rhetoric, all you are doing is obstructing justice. Not to mention too cowardly to watch and listen to the videos.

    How much are you paid to commit treason against We The People?
  • USAISME ConLibF... 2013/01/22 02:20:58
    Commit treason? I am now wondering why I am wasting my time trying to get through to you. I am a card carrying NRA member. I am very conservative. I now have to ask what kind of person you are on this site. You need to get away from the Zanex, Paxil, meth or whatever motivates your lack of rational thinking and find some level of reality in your world. If I have to ever stick up for my 2nd Amendent rights, I don't want some dilusional conspiracy theorist covering my back............. Someone like you might turn out to be a Liberal Socialist whackjob ready to put one through my back. How's that for theory? Good-bye and good night.
  • ConLibF... USAISME 2013/01/22 02:29:35
    Again, how much are you paid?
  • ☆ Queen... ConLibF... 2013/01/22 16:19:34 (edited)
    ☆ QueenAline
    This is exactly the goal of this administration ....to separate us, put us at odds with each other....divide the conservative party....even tho there is disagreement here...I think we need to just accept each others opinions, and look CAREFULLY at the facts that are presented...even if you don't want to...So...he doesn't believe there is any conspiracy here...but many do...including myself...The killing of Kennedy was a conspiracy too..yet there is much documented proof that it was not carried out by one man alone...some day, we will all know the truth..hopefully
  • ConLibF... ☆ Queen... 2013/01/22 17:30:25
    Thank you!!!
  • Peewee ~PWCM~ 2013/01/21 17:51:24
    Peewee ~PWCM~
    Right on!
  • peggy 2013/01/21 17:50:33
    Sorry...I love my guns, hunting and being self reliant. Food and protection guns are a must.
  • Bill 2013/01/21 17:43:22
    Great read!!!
  • Beccy 2013/01/21 17:38:42
    Great post. Well said
  • Teri- Oregon 2013/01/21 17:33:06
  • SIMPATTYCO 2013/01/21 17:26:04
  • woodstock 2013/01/21 16:28:39
    Well said and I will leave it at that.
  • Striker 2013/01/21 16:21:26
    When humans opt to be GOVERNed, and allow Rulers to create governments of Force, and create "Nations" to justify War, guess what? You have "Life is War".

    The 8 billion people of this world must like it this way, for they have divvied up Planet Earth into about 195 "Nations" to play War. Eventually as technology "progresses" to bring bigger and better Tools of War, and the Rulers grab exclusive rights to such Tools, they will surely end Life on this planet.

    Most of those 8 billion "citizens" seem unable to conceive of Life without Governments. By denying themselves a Voluntary System, they deny Life.
  • Risk 2013/01/21 16:15:32
    An ideal world would need bi-parasitism, something we have lost along the way. The far Left want a total gun ban and the far Right wants no gun restrictions. Somewhere in the middle lies an answer but without an effective leader to bring the 2 sides together there lies little hope.
  • ☆ Queen... Risk 2013/01/21 16:24:50
    ☆ QueenAline
    that's not true...we ALREADY have gun restrictions..the far left wants COMPLETE CONNTROL....ain't gonna happen...it's already somewhere in the middle.
  • Risk ☆ Queen... 2013/01/21 16:39:23
    Look, I'm very much pro gun and I mostly agree with your comments but there are areas, if we had a genuine experienced leader that could bring the two sides together and use common sense to play a role. Outlawing AR-15's is certaintly not an answer or solution ! I'm referring to areas that they have been lax on such as background checks for people that are mentally unstable. Many states have these checks in place, others don't. These are the area's that might help but we need a leader that has the ability to bring both sides together and not one that advocates outlawing a gun that resembles an assualt rifle as an answer.

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