If You Were on Trial for Being a Christian,...

(This article is being presented as a way of remembering those who die for the LORD Jesus Christ every day throughout the world in concert with this Sunday's International Day of Rememberance for The Persecuted Church...headed by Open Doors International.)
This article is rated PG-13 for graphic violence at the climax.

The Point:

Christianity is the Absolute Commitment of one's total life to the Absolute (albeit Benevolent) Despot.

Since nobody has what it takes to be a Christian, the LORD Jesus simply looks for willing individuals who desire for Him to make Christians out of them. Then He spends the rest of their Earthly lives squeezing, boiling, burning, and pulverizing, etc. their "so-called life" out of them, so that He can have an empty vessel in which to pour His own life.

Therefore, the Bottom Line is simply this...When Jesus manifests His life through the life of a Believer, then Religionists will hate you, and common people who need Jesus will love you...for the same reasons this was the testimony of Jesus' Life on Earth!

As a teenager I heard I often heard Christian leaders ask us this question, "If you were on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?"

(It's an honest question that is not funny, flippant, nor is it rare. The fact is throughout much of the HIStory of the past 2000 years being called a Christian has more often been an epithet than a compliment...

Just ask Jesus, eleven of His apostles, Christians in the Rome of Nero, martyrs through the centuries [like those listed in the classic, Foxe's Book of Martyrs,] and the untold/invisible thousands of Christians who die every year in our world...simply because they are Christians.)

John Huss, a 15th century preacher in the region of Germany/Austria, was responsible for bringing many to Christ before being summoned to appear in court in Prague for the "crime" of being a Christian.

The witness against him was as follows:

1. John Huss knowingly and willingly preached that "Peter never was (and is not today) the Head of the holy universal Church."

2. John Huss knowingly and willingly preached that "If a man calls himself a priest/preacher of Jesus Christ, and if he actually follows Christ in the way he lives he life, then that man really is a priest/preacher. However, if that same man doesn't 'Walk his Talk', then he is really a preacher for the Antichrist, the enemy of both St. Peter & the LORD Jesus, and he should be considered the priest/preacher of Judas Iscariot."

3. John Huss knowingly and willingly preached that "The Pope's dignity/honor is merely creation of the emperors of Rome."

4. John Huss knowingly and willingly preached that "No man would reasonably call himself (nor be called by anyone else for that matter) the head of any particular Church (without revelation.)"

5. John Huss knowingly and willingly preached that "The Pope's power as priest is worthless if He doesn't follow Jesus Christ that way St. Peter did."

6. John Huss knowingly and willingly preached that "The cardinals are not the true successors of the other apostles of Jesus Christ, if they don't 'Walk the Talk' and follow Jesus the way those other apostles did."

7. John Huss knowingly and willingly preached that "A heretic should not be handed over to the authorities to be put to death. The punish fits the crime when he stays at church and takes whatever punishment the church wants to 'dish out.'"

8. John Huss knowingly and willingly preached that "The man that has been excommunicated by the Pope may choose to appeal his case to Jesus Christ Himself. When he appeals to Jesus all the excommunication & curses of the Pope become S.O.L."

9. John Huss knowingly and willingly preached that "The minister of Christ, living according to His law, and having knowledge/understanding of the Scriptures, and an earnest desire to edify the people, ought to preach without any concern for the threats of punishment from the Pope. On top of that, if the Pope or some other leader tries to stop a priest/preacher from preaching, then the priest/preacher ought disobey the Pope/leader."

10. John Huss knowingly and willingly preached that "There is not even the slightest bit of evidence that one human being is supposed to be the spiritual head of the Church on Earth, to rule the Church, and to always give the militant Church new words from the LORD today."

11. John Huss knowingly and willingly preached that "Christ would better rule His church by His true apostles, dispersed throughout the whole world, without such monstrous heads."

In short, John Huss told the Catholic Church, "Hey! You're not the boss of me! I answer directly to Jesus and nobody else!"

After all was said and done, John Huss was stripped of his priesthood because he wanted to be a Bible preacher, and nobody ever proved that he was being disobedient according to the Scriptures.

Yet, John Huss prayed for them all the same. "LORD Jesus Christ, forgive my enemies, by whom Thou knowest that I am falsely accused, and that they have used false witness and slanders against me; forgive them, I say, for Thy great mercy's sake."

This was followed by a speech to the courtroom crowd that included these words, "Should I, by this my example, cause confusion in the hearts of everybody I have led to the LORD to question the pure doctrine I have preached, and have used to help equip them for the battle with Satan? I will never do it, neither commit any such kind of offence, that I should seem more to esteem this vile carcase appointed unto death, than their health and salvation."

The cruelty to John Huss continued with curses, the removal of his priestly vestment, the skinning of the crown of his head with a pair of scissors, and then they made him wear a paper crown decorated with roughly drawn pictures of devils.

When he arrived at the place of execution, he knelt down, prayed, and repeated some of the psalms, including #31 and #51. Finally, the tormentors made him get up again, and again he prayed, "LORD Jesu Christ, help me, that with a constant and patient mind, I may suffer this cruel and ignominious death, whereunto I am condemned for the preaching of Thy most Holy Gospel and Word."

Finally, John Huss was stripped naked, and had his hands tied behind his back with ropes that had been soaked so as to prevent them from burning off too quickly that he might escape. The executioners piled long poles/limbs of wood in a teepee-shape all the way up to his neck with straw mixed in with the limbs to help the fire to stay lit.

In one final effort to get John Huss to recant, he was urged to "renounce his errors."

To this he responded, "What error should I renounce, when I know myself guilty of none? For this was the principal end and purpose of the Gospel of Jesus Christ: wherefore with a cheerful mind and courage, I am ready to suffer death."

The fires of execution were then lit, and the last words of John Huss were "Jesu Christ! The Son of the living God! Have mercy on me. Jesu Christ! The Son of the living God! Have mercy on me. Jesu..." The wind blew a flame into his face that choked him.


The crowd was so insanely mad at the obstinance of John Huss that they had to make sure that he was dead, dead, dead...

After fire consumed the pile the first time (meaning that he couldn't possibly still have been alive,) the stake and his remains were pushed over.

Then they made a new pile, had the head drawn and quartered and burned that to the ground.

Finally, they took the heart, skewered it on a pole, and burned it to a crisp, like a ghoulish pile of smores,...

...and scooped up all his ashes and poured them into the Rhine River to make sure that nothing of John Huss would remain in their country,...

...except his memory which preaches still nearly 600 years later.

John Huss, martyr for the cause of Jesus Christ, laid down his life on July 6, 1415.

When the LORD returns, "will He find faith on the Earth?"



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lord returns faith earth httpwww theopedia comjohnhuss httpen wikipedia orgwikijanhus

(Both of the following videos are pretty intense and heart-wrenching! Watch only when mentally prepared, and never after a meal!) :/

"Are You Ready to Die?"

In Memoriam: Columbine High School (April 20, 1999)

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Top Opinion

  • Rover 2008/08/28 13:47:29
    What an example to the rest of us who haven't YET been really persecuted for our faith...but I know that time is coming again.

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  • JDC~The Shootist~ 2008/08/28 15:22:12
    JDC~The Shootist~
    Php 1:21 For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.
  • FleeWRA... JDC~The... 2008/08/28 17:23:04
    Amen! :)
  • JDC~The... FleeWRA... 2008/08/28 17:25:52
    JDC~The Shootist~
    Great post WinBro77JOT, it moved my heart.
  • FleeWRA... JDC~The... 2008/08/28 17:30:00
    Thanks, Brother! I'm really glad! :)
  • ღ✞☮ νєяσηιcα ღ✞☮
    If I were on trial for being a Christian , I would repeat this loudly !

    "Lord, I love you and I need you, come into my heart, and bless me, my family, my home, and my friends, in Jesus' name. Amen." loudly lord love heart bless family home friends jesus amen
  • FleeWRA... ღ✞☮ νєя... 2008/08/28 17:27:37
    Agreed! That is one place that I do not want to be...left alone in my own devices and my own wisdom...

    As the old saying goes, "Any man who represents himself in a court of law...has a Fool for a lawyer!" I need a Wise Advocate, not a wise acre... :}

    wisdom represents court law fool lawyer wise advocate wise acre
  • ღ✞☮ νєя... FleeWRA... 2008/08/28 17:30:33
    ღ✞☮ νєяσηιcα ღ✞☮
    I agree , me too !
  • FleeWRA... ღ✞☮ νєя... 2008/08/28 17:35:54
  • Rover 2008/08/28 13:47:29
    What an example to the rest of us who haven't YET been really persecuted for our faith...but I know that time is coming again.
  • FleeWRA... Rover 2008/08/28 13:57:28
    You know it! I think that is why I write blog pages, like this one...

    The Christians of this long Pax Americana have in large part not been tested as have Christians have who live in most of the world.

    I confess personal guilt here...for the things that I have faced are nothing compared to the things I could have faced. I often wonder to myself if I had been a high school student on April 20, 1999, would I have died for my faith?

    All my life I have been taught that in the moment of crisis...The Holy Spirit of God gives grace and wisdom of what to say and do, but you won't know what that is until you get there...

    May the LORD give each of us Christians the grace to live well, and if He should so choose...to die well...that we may hear His, "Well Done, Good & Faithful Servant! Welcome Home!" :)

    lord christians grace live choose die hear faithful servant home
  • Rover FleeWRA... 2008/08/28 14:31:52
    The truly persecuted of the Middle East and China will be joined by those of the 'free world' Christians... we have not been tested in THAT fire yet... we need to be strong...and be in continued prayer...Thanx Jay.
  • FleeWRA... Rover 2008/08/28 17:28:57
    You're Welcome! Thanks for praying! :)

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