If you caught someone invading your house, what would you do?

Hannie 2009/07/13 02:03:37
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  • Brooke 2009/07/14 00:39:40
    shoot him/her, i have the right do defend my home!
    I would run n grab my dads gun
  • Hannie Brooke 2009/07/14 01:16:30
    i don't blame you!
  • Brooke Hannie 2009/07/14 03:16:30
    thanks lol
  • Hannie Brooke 2009/07/14 15:50:47
    if i had a gun, i would do the same thing. i guess squirt guns don't count when it comes down to things like this. lol
  • Brooke Hannie 2009/07/14 22:15:29
    No not reallly... My dad has had guns since he was a teenager cause we hunt alot!!! And I have known how to use one since 11
  • Hannie Brooke 2009/07/15 00:50:41
    lol, hunting is fun, skinning and cleaning is the only thing i have a problem with.
  • Brooke Hannie 2009/07/15 01:17:41
    Ya II help but my dad does most the work
  • Hannie Brooke 2009/07/15 01:35:00
    sweet shit! yeah, guts do this to me sweet shit yeah guts
  • Brooke Hannie 2009/07/15 01:35:33
    awww lol
  • Hannie Brooke 2009/07/15 01:44:39
    that's not funny! i get pissed off when i lose a perfectly good dinner! lol j/k funny pissed lose perfectly dinner lol jk
  • Brooke Hannie 2009/07/15 03:55:00
    LOL OMG I love south park lol omg love south park
  • Hannie Brooke 2009/07/15 13:56:49
    so do i you FUCKING JEW! lol j/k j/k! I love Cartman!
  • Brooke Hannie 2009/07/15 17:19:48
    LOL it's really funny!!!!
  • Hannie Brooke 2009/07/15 17:29:08
    lol, yeah, Cartman is my favorite! lol yeah cartman look at him, he is so cute! lol
  • Skeeter -Hmm, Hmm, Hmm 2009/07/13 19:48:01
    shoot him/her, i have the right do defend my home!
    Skeeter -Hmm, Hmm, Hmm
    Shoot to kill. That person would end up missing.
  • Hannie Skeeter... 2009/07/13 20:13:10
    im not coming over for dinner anymore! lol
  • sky blue pink - American 2009/07/13 10:32:55
    wait till he/she is done, seek revenge
    sky blue pink - American
    none of the above really, I'd wait and see if the person made it out safely first. Then I would dial 911.
  • Hannie sky blu... 2009/07/13 20:13:54
    yeah, perhaps i should have put that up as a n answer choice.
  • Lady Whitewolf 2009/07/13 08:38:55
    shoot him/her, i have the right do defend my home!
    Lady Whitewolf
    He'd be talking to the business end of my Crickett model 226!
  • Hannie Lady Wh... 2009/07/13 20:14:12
  • TommyB 2009/07/13 05:21:21
    dial 911
    I would dial 911 to come pick up the body/bodies. dial 911 dial 911 bodybodies
  • Hannie TommyB 2009/07/13 20:14:58
    i pity any fool that comes into your house!
  • "I see debt people." 2009/07/13 05:18:39
    shoot him/her, i have the right do defend my home!
    "I see debt people."
    They would be shot dead when ones home is being invaded you can never be to sure.
  • Hannie "I see ... 2009/07/13 20:15:31
    true true!
  • Chunky-D 2009/07/13 05:12:56
    shoot him/her, i have the right do defend my home!
    Id grab my 40 and shoot him.
    shoot himher defend home grab 40 shoot
  • Hannie Chunky-D 2009/07/13 20:15:57
    for dead or injury?
  • Chunky-D Hannie 2009/07/14 05:21:33
    That Depends ?
  • Hannie Chunky-D 2009/07/14 15:51:47
    reasonable. i guess it would depend on the situation. sometimes they have guns on them, so its either shoot or be shot.
  • pahh pahh :) 2009/07/13 04:52:31
    split his/her F****** wig open then dial 911
    pahh pahh :)
    ask why the f*** are they in my house....then slipt his/her f****** wig open then when they wake up slipt their wig again and then dial 911
  • Hannie pahh pa... 2009/07/13 20:16:48
    i would hate to be your neighbor when that is going on! lol
  • pahh pa... Hannie 2009/07/13 23:32:36
    pahh pahh :)
  • Hannie pahh pa... 2009/07/13 23:38:50
    that would scare the shit out of me being the next house over let alone being the one getting their wig split open! scare shit house wig split open this would be me! lol
  • pahh pa... Hannie 2009/07/13 23:43:42
    pahh pahh :)
    rotfl!!!...thats crazy
  • Hannie pahh pa... 2009/07/14 01:25:55
    yeah, it happens,i live in the suburbs, so it would be a pretty big surprise to hear something like that! yeah happensi live suburbs pretty surprise hear i sure hope im safe!
  • pahh pa... Hannie 2009/07/14 05:02:25
    pahh pahh :)
    lol... hope you are too
  • Hannie pahh pa... 2009/07/14 15:53:14
    im pretty sure i am, lol, last drive by shooting happened last night, that included 2 kids on electric quads with squirt guns. lol
  • pahh pa... Hannie 2009/07/14 16:00:11
    pahh pahh :)
    wow....thats bad
  • Hannie pahh pa... 2009/07/14 16:22:54
    yeah, not much happens around here.
  • pahh pa... Hannie 2009/07/14 16:32:45
    pahh pahh :)
  • Hannie pahh pa... 2009/07/14 16:43:41
    lol. i live in an apartment complex, the last actual break in was about five years ago. a couple of intoxicated guys wanted more pills to pop. they broke into a friend of mines house, he woke up to the guy standing over him saying goofy stuff. i cant remember what was said, but it was nonsense.

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