If there is nothing wrong with homosexuality, why do homosexuals need 'pride'?

FanOreilly 2012/06/26 21:40:07
Every year many homosexuals participate in public exhibitions of depravity known as 'gay pride' events.

Normal people find them repulsive but homosexuals, especially male homosexuals enjoy using their disgusting behavior as a weapon against decent people by engaging in public acts of depravity, exhibitionism and generally repellent behavior.

Now the Obama administration is shoving homosexuality down the throats of the U.S. military with the first EVAH gay pride event at the Pentagon.

The Pentagon on Tuesday saluted open gays in the ranks, with a civilian lawyer calling on fellow homosexuals to “stretch a little” and become more visible inside the military in the drive for benefits for same-sex couples.

If there is nothing wrong with homosexuality, why do homosexuals need 'pride'?

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  • FanOreilly 2012/06/26 21:43:20
    Engaging in homosexuality is nothing to be 'proud' of.

    If you want to bugger a man, that's your business but don't try and shove it down my throat with your takeover of public streets, coercion in the courts and in government agencies and demands for SPECIAL PRIVILEGES.

    You have 'pride' events because deep down you are ashamed that you do not behave like normal people.

    This is why normal people don't have 'straight pride' events.

    gay pride

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  • Bae 2014/10/04 03:15:54
    Because a lot of people don't them as humans but like freaks
    I understand that people have their opinions but still
  • dru dixon 2014/10/02 23:31:50
    dru dixon
    Because of all the decades, no centuries, that they have been made to feel ashamed.
  • WBC_Sux dru dixon 2014/10/04 07:46:12 (edited)
  • WBC_Sux WBC_Sux 2014/10/04 08:06:48 (edited)
  • WBC_Sux WBC_Sux 2014/10/04 08:22:49 (edited)
  • FanOreilly WBC_Sux 2014/10/16 15:36:44
    You seem to have a charicature in your head that doesn't exist.

    The only people who abuse homosexuals as you depict are in the Muslim world and they are the biggest supporters of your smooth lord and savior Barry Obamy.
  • dru dixon WBC_Sux 2014/10/06 18:19:48
    dru dixon
    Warning: You are in danger of being deactivated. Why? Because you jump all over people for no reason, swear like a sailor, and half the time don't make sense.
  • WBC_Sux dru dixon 2014/10/09 00:10:30
    Two words, Lenny Bruce. But yeah, yer right... I could be doing much more productive things than bickering with a bunch of dinosaurs on SH. I've got a hero to follow in the footsteps of (Greydon Square), and yackin' it up with you shmucks isn't going to get me any closer to that goal.
  • dru dixon WBC_Sux 2014/10/09 01:34:57
    dru dixon
    Now, you are "Lenny Bruce"? Do me a favor and pick your fights.
  • WBC_Sux dru dixon 2014/10/09 21:01:53 (edited)
    I'm not Lenny Bruce, nor am I George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Patton Oswalt, Tim Minchin or Greydon Square, but I ~learn~ from the things these people teach me. What fight? You're the one threatening to flag me. I have done -nothing- to you except for talk and share some videos.

  • WBC_Sux WBC_Sux 2014/10/09 21:19:06 (edited)

  • WBC_Sux WBC_Sux 2014/10/09 21:24:00 (edited)
    And seriously, how do you ~not~ see the irony of parents kicking their sentient gay kids out of the home, but KEEPING a baby with no brain? How do you not see the irony of there being "Pray Away the Gay" camps, but no "Pray Away Being Inter-Sexed" camps? How does a parent say to their child "Son, I've known you were gay since you were a little boy" but then in the same breath, turn around and say "It's a choice?" They are too afraid to look in the face of the rest of the world and say "Eff you, I love my kid" because if you say that, then you're admitting you love a kwurr! And Gawd ~HATES~ kwurrz!

    How can you ~not~ see the irony in there being distinctions made between a Klantard stringing up a black person, or Hitler killing jews, and a mob of brainwashed Ugandans or whatever lighting a gay person on fire, because some western evangelical said that's what GAWD wants.

  • dru dixon WBC_Sux 2014/10/10 01:00:19
    dru dixon
    That's true, and I apologize for taking it personally. I am way too sensitive sometimes.
  • WBC_Sux dru dixon 2014/10/10 03:42:04
    *pets* Good kitty.
  • FanOreilly dru dixon 2014/10/16 15:35:28
    As they should be...it is shameful.
  • dru dixon FanOreilly 2014/10/16 17:26:54
    dru dixon
    As long as nobody is hurt,what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedroom, is their business.
  • FanOreilly dru dixon 2014/10/17 21:35:17
    So if a father wants to pound his daughter's butt-hole on her 18th birthday and she screams for him to do it harder...no problem right?
  • dru dixon FanOreilly 2014/10/20 17:51:54
    dru dixon
    They have problems alright, just not legal ones. And what that has to do with the topic of this post, is beyond me. stay on topic
  • FanOreilly dru dixon 2014/11/18 20:16:16
    See how stupid your principles are?
  • dru dixon FanOreilly 2014/11/18 20:31:31
    dru dixon
    Seem pretty sound to me.
  • David Mundy 2014/10/02 19:07:14
    David Mundy
    It's awfully funny how the evil, evil 'stereotypes' that all homosexuals decry were sitting in plain sight the whole time.
    Even funnier is the fact that people that take part in gay pride parades peddle the same bull as supposed 'sane, self respecting' gay people do.
    Now, isn't that rich?
  • Carl Merritt 2014/05/10 15:30:09
    Carl Merritt
    Looks like you get off on all these images! Another sad closet case you are O'reilly!
  • FanOreilly Carl Me... 2014/05/11 19:00:58
    So are you saying homosexuality is something shameful?

    Closet case?

    Doesn't that imply buggery is wrong?

    Yes it does.

    You need to decide how you feel about sodomy.

    I know you are confused and curious but those of us that are normal are not.
  • WBC_Sux FanOreilly 2014/10/11 20:25:45 (edited)
    Closet case -
    "That guy who committed that honour killing was a total closet case."
  • FanOreilly WBC_Sux 2014/10/16 15:38:14
    Looks like you homos secretly wish all of us liked to have our butt-holes destroyed as you do.

    Misery likes company I suppose.

    Sorry...I am normal. Too bad you are not, but that's your problem.
  • Rick 2012/08/13 09:01:10
    You, sir, are prejudiced. I do not engage in public acts of depravity, neither do I go out of my way to be deliberately offensive to others. I demand nothing more than the dignity, respect and right to pursue happiness that everyone deserves, and that some, like you, take for granted, and not because I am gay, but because I am a human being.
    - A normal, hardworking, taxpaying citizen who has been in a loving relationship with the same man for nearly twenty years, from the UK
  • FanOreilly Rick 2012/09/11 00:08:12
    You did not answer the question. You just let into personal attacks.

    Since you argue against a point nobody made, I suspect your cognitive abilities are impaired.

    Come back when you are not loopy.
  • Rick FanOreilly 2012/09/18 17:56:34
    Are you a doctor? Are you qualified to make such a diagnosis?
  • Jackie 2012/07/06 02:26:21

    And what kind of moron would be proud of that freak show
  • Rick Jackie 2012/09/10 18:31:35
    Well not an intolerant control freak who despises anything that doesn't come in beige I guess.
  • FanOreilly Rick 2012/09/11 00:08:37
    Oh my! More personal attacks.

    Simmer-down pussy cat.
  • Rick FanOreilly 2012/09/18 17:53:52
    Oh I see what the game here is. Its alright for you to dish it out but not for you to get it back. Its alright for you and Jackie to be patronising and condescending, judgemental and finger waggy, use name calling, and such like, but when you get your own treatment in return you don't like it.
  • Jackie Rick 2012/09/16 05:46:47
    Sorry you don't need to be intolerant or a control freak to have good taste.
  • Rick Jackie 2012/09/18 18:17:01
    Who said anything about good taste. I was talking about beige.
  • David M... Rick 2014/10/02 19:11:43
    David Mundy
    Condemn 'public acts of depravity' in one post.
    Call someone else who condemns public acts of depravity an intolerant control freak.
    I think that is all that needs to be said.
  • Christy 2012/06/27 22:49:00
  • Sweet-N... Christy 2012/06/29 21:54:58
    What was that? I don't speak whine-ese.
  • Christy Sweet-N... 2012/06/29 21:58:33
    It was compassion and common sense. I'm sorry if those are foreign to you.
  • Sweet-N... Christy 2012/06/29 22:05:02
  • Christy Sweet-N... 2012/06/29 22:22:18

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