If the Palestinian and Jews have the same father (Abraham), and most of those that reside in the Holy Land have light brown, Olive skin, then why do some people think Jews are WHITE?

Smokey 2008/04/01 01:55:49
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  • Kavod Andkaved 2014/02/20 04:02:47
    Kavod Andkaved
    Because people make Jews into whatever they hate.
    If you are a White Nationalist like Stormfront, then the Jews are not White.
    If you are a Leftist who loves PoC and hates Whites, then Jews are White.
    Jewish is a completely separate issue from colour.
  • dario.fazza 2013/10/20 20:12:45
    all the "white" jews in israel (aka holy land) are european immigrants that followed judaism. the olive skin people ie the palestinians and the olive skin jews that currently reside there are the ones that have actually been decades before israel was formed.
  • Anita 2009/05/04 17:41:57
    because jews are and always been around the world, intermarriage with whites in different parts of history Spain, England, France, Germany etc. but not all of them .
  • essa 2008/07/17 19:03:22
    Arabs (including Palestinians) and Jews are both considered White.
  • Smokey essa 2008/07/18 01:15:33
    Their skin color is not ALL White.
  • gmanj77 2008/05/14 14:18:27
  • ceb12345 2008/04/25 00:08:22
    Jews are all over the world. Not all Jewish people are light brown with olive colored skin. There are Asian Jews, Black Jews, Hispanic Jews, etc. Some Jews are white. (I am white and 100% Jewish)
  • Smokey ceb12345 2008/04/25 15:39:13
    You're 100% human being. Gob Bless and thanks for your comment. :)
  • no name 2008/04/08 14:56:48
  • Smokey no name 2008/04/08 17:36:14

    Not all Jewish people in America are White... was your statement a typo?
  • Jwalden --- Constitution Party 2008/04/02 16:42:04
    Jwalden --- Constitution Party
    the ability to 'do the math' is a concept some people struggle with.
  • Smokey Jwalden... 2008/04/02 16:47:01
    Or some really don't want to face the "truth."
  • MadHatter 2008/04/01 05:25:42
  • Smokey MadHatter 2008/04/01 16:53:52
    Very good point!
  • Quinn 2008/04/01 05:02:09 (edited)
    This is not a yes or no question, but asks why do people think Jews are white.
    The Romans among others forced Jews to leave the Middle East, hence the Jews were sent (or dispersed) into Europe (also known as the diaspora). At that point Jews mixed with the white folk (who had converted). So now Jews tend to have a mix of Anglo characteristics and Middle Eastern Characteristics. The most common characteristic of the diaspora is the white skin, which was brought from mixing with Anglo's. In one family you can have a broad range of outcomes. One child may look completely anglo, another completely middle-eastern. But usually, it is more like each person has a couple of middle eastern features...i.e.. Dark curly hair. a lighter olive skin (sallow). But mentality and culturally speaking I feel a much stronger connection with Middle Easterners. The Anglo's who we mixed with converted and learned our traditions which we held onto in the diaspora.
  • Chula21 2008/04/01 03:25:25
    Jew's are not white to much curly hair and tan skin ..... White is when u fry when ur out in the sun to long. They need to protect that pal skin ... U know ..
  • ordinary average guy 2008/04/01 02:46:54
    ordinary average guy
    People think Spanish people are all dark because Mexican people are dark. People are funny.
  • greenwo... ordinar... 2008/04/01 20:40:52
    My wife (Cuban) is whiter than I am, and I'm about as white as they come.
    Most of our Cuban friends are equally white.
  • Smokey greenwo... 2008/04/01 22:43:01
    Do you have any Black Cuban friends? I took a lot of heat with an article I wrote many years ago, when that little Cuban boy that had her mother die on their way to America (Florida), and the father lived in Cuba. The local political Cuban groups in America tried hard to keep that little boy in America, but he was handed back over authorities and sent back to Cuba to live with his father. I've often wondered how quickly our Government would have reacted if that little boy was a Black Cuban?
  • greenwo... Smokey 2008/04/02 00:14:42
    Our rural area was settled by Cubans who came here when Castro came in, around 1960. The people my wife knows in this age group are white Cubans, and I haven't met any of her friends from in town who are black, although I do know some with beautiful tan skin.
    No one who lived down here at the time is going to forget Elian Gonzalez and the riots downtown when he was sent back. The house where the people he was living with lived (since sold) is now a shrine.
    The scene about that episode that will always remain in my mind is of a middle aged, very overweight woman in skin-tight yellow stretch pants and high heels jumping up and down on the American flag in the street.
  • Smokey greenwo... 2008/04/02 01:00:04
    I really love how much passion Cuban-Americans have and how they enjoy their freedom. I feel that some Americans don't understand the struggles that others have to obtain such freedom.

    I'm an American Veteran that has gone to several wars, and I love the fact there are people like you that understand why I love OUR country so much. I'm so very proud that you're living here in America!

    God Bless you and your family... and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. If you have family still in Cuba, my prayers are with them also!

  • greenwo... Smokey 2008/04/02 01:26:41
    Thank you, Smokey and God bless you for your service to our country. I have two career military sons, one retired from the marines and one who is a Lt.Col. in the AF. I am so proud of both of them.
  • ordinar... greenwo... 2008/04/01 23:15:10
    ordinary average guy
    One of my bosses and his wife are both Cuban. He is white like Vanilla Ice and she is dark like Tracy Chapman.
  • Lisa 2008/04/01 02:25:08
    Good question, Judaism is a religion - even a culture, but unlike other groups that are grouped together and stereotyped, we come in all colors, shapes and sizes. We are black, white, and brown.
  • Undecided
    Kaptn☠King☠Hate☠Machine(Im back!)
    adam sandler?

  • Smokey Kaptn☠K... 2008/04/01 02:11:22
    I'm trying to prove a point to one of my co-workers. Jewish people, like Christians come in all races and colors. Besides, what difference does it make anyway.

    I love Adam Sandler. I can't pick which movie I love him the best in. Waterboy or Happy Gilmore....
  • Kaptn☠K... Smokey 2008/04/01 02:14:37
    Kaptn☠King☠Hate☠Machine(Im back!)
    well, how's this for proof

    All of these people are jews.

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