If Russia grants asylum to Edward Snowden, will it hurt US-Russian relations?

ABC News U.S. 2013/07/26 10:00:00
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A spokesman for President Vladimir Putin says Russia has not budged from its refusal to extradite U.S. leaker Edward Snowden, who has applied for asylum.

Snowden, who is believed to have been staying at the Moscow airport transit zone since June 23, applied for temporary asylum in Russia last week. The United States wants him sent home to face prosecution for espionage.

Asked by a reporter whether the government's position had changed, Dmitry Peskov told Russian news agencies that "Russia has never extradited anyone and never will." There is no U.S.-Russia extradition treaty.

Peskov also said that Putin is not involved in reviewing Snowden's application or discussions of the ex-NSA contractor's future with the U.S., though the Russian Security Service, the FSB, had been in touch with the FBI.

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  • JMCC 2013/07/26 11:33:24

    It is more about which leader stands to lose more face.

    With the global economy as it is, the US can't afford to be too bullish over this, especially after the embarrassing spy scandal involving a CIA station officer in Russia recently.

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  • Turboski 2013/07/30 09:50:23
    Only way he's coming back to the US is if he gets a pardon, which won't happen either.
  • Keegan The Fabulous 2013/07/30 08:57:06
    Keegan The Fabulous
    Not unless the U.S. asks Russia to revoke Snowden's asylum.

    At this point, all the U.S. is doing is dancing like a klutz.
  • abubincrazy 2013/07/30 03:02:38
    We are not friends.
    Putin is KGB, for corn's sake.
    Obama is closer to Putin's mind-set than any AMERICAN should be, but he finally has SOME concern about security.
    UNFORTUNATELY, it's about a leak to the AMERICAN PEOPLE about what he and our other our enemies in DC are doing.
    He didn't care what the traitor Manning leaked to AMERICA'S enemies.
  • Adam 2013/07/30 00:51:44
  • wcake 2013/07/29 20:50:53
    No, unless go into "heavy pressure" on Russia. It will turn off Russia politically with U.S on other things with the requests like Syria..
  • MrDexB 2013/07/29 19:01:46
    I think the relations were hurt already because of the anti-gay laws.
  • LadyBichalot 2013/07/29 18:36:48
    It may/may not. Hopefully Vladimir Putin may real realize (sooner than later) that they may hold a ticking time bomb that they think is only over the US. I wouldn't let someone sleep in my house when I found out they were a rapist. Would you?
    But really, if this guy could do this to the US as easily as he did and not feel any remorse, what/who else does he know that WE haven't been told by our government???
  • Jlmpatro 2013/07/29 16:39:23
  • J v E 2013/07/29 15:47:18
    J v E
    No, those relations are not so great anyway - Snowden or not. I hope Russia will have balls and do it.
  • Amanda Glad 2013/07/29 15:20:59
    Amanda Glad
    I don't believe it will hurt the relationship between the U.S. and Russia (because, really, it's already highly dysfunctional as it is), but I think the general population of the U.S. will likely make a bigger deal out of it than it really is.
  • TheNightFly 2013/07/29 15:17:48
    Espionage wouldn't be an issue if the US wasn't keeping secrets.

    And the US wouldn't need to keep secrets if it wasn't doing anything wrong.
  • CarDriver 2013/07/29 15:12:26
    It's done.
    Blame obama. HE let him go, just as he lets others who hurt us go.
    It's in obama's plans to hurt America.
    No other president, ever, would have let out top secrets go without a fight.
    Every other president believed in America and her Constitution.
  • TheNigh... CarDriver 2013/07/29 15:23:07 (edited)
    Where in the US Constitution does it give the federal government the power to keep secrets from the American people and then assassinate those patriots who would expose them?

    Our post-wwii, cold war policy of secrecy has already destroyed what America once was.
  • ArisBoch 2013/07/29 15:03:30
    Not enough to be a concern and they most likely get over it fast.
  • CONVOY 2013/07/29 13:22:54
    Did Obama stop caring about him?
  • nicesteve 2013/07/29 02:45:52
    Putin and Russia are skating on thin ice. While I think that Ed Snowden does
    have a valid grievance against the USA, I still can't and won't ever endorse him
    or anyone else committing a treasonous act against my country as a means to
    rectify the same. Edward Snowden must be returned to America, and face the
    music for his unacceptable acts. Again, while I believe that our government is
    wrong to throw our constitution aside, and spy on citizens without both a warrant
    and just cause, I also don't believe that two wrongs can make a right.
  • luckyone806 2013/07/29 02:07:44
    The Zionist Jews that own The United States don't want the Sheeple to find out that they are all debt slaves for Israel's interests !!!
  • ArisBoch luckyon... 2013/07/29 14:46:41
    We own the US? A nation of circa 14 million people, dispersed to all the four winds, with no central leadership (there is no king of all the Jews anymore or an Exilarch), should be able to control the only remaining superpower, an economically, military, politically powerful natio of 313 million people? Are you a moron??
  • luckyon... ArisBoch 2013/07/31 01:11:23
    Yes as a matter of fact the Zionist like Rothschild , Bauer and many more dont belong in the Middle East and they and their love of Mammon along with their coveting others lands will be the end of the world !!
  • ArisBoch luckyon... 2013/07/31 20:00:43 (edited)
    What lands does who covet? Sdaam Kuwait and China Tibet?
  • luckyon... ArisBoch 2013/07/31 20:10:04
    Who was in Israel before the Zionist were forced upon them ? How about Washington DC ? How about Great Britain ? Orthodox Jews belong in the Middle East and Zionists Pseudo Jews of Convenience belong in Germany !! Who owns all the fake money being printed that is bein used to enslave the common man worldwide ? Who is loaning fake money to country's to wage war in their interest ?
  • ArisBoch luckyon... 2013/07/31 22:37:25
    And round and round goes the CT mill *zzzzzz*
  • luckyon... ArisBoch 2013/07/31 23:46:16
    Its ok U can be a dismissive Zionist but don't ask for help when the world gets even with U !!!
  • marky 2013/07/29 01:43:39
    The US reputation has been destroyed in recent years from the once land of the free to a country who spies on it allies and god knows does what to it's enemies and doesn't seem to have a problem with torturing and treating prisoners badly so I don't think anyone really cares about the latest whistle blower as it is no surprise that the US cant be trusted.

    If Russia hands him over then Russia is closing the door on future Snowdens doing the same thing so it would not make sense for them to do it and at the top level relations it won't make any difference they will keep on stabbing each other in back every chance they get.
  • aDDmore... marky 2013/07/30 00:28:18
    [The US reputation has been destroyed in recent years from the once land of the free to a country who spies on it allies and god knows does what to it's enemies..]

    BAD international policies and blunders by pass leaders unnecessarily help to create "determine" and sophisticated permanent enemies of this great nation. As a result we have 911 and the reaction to that event ultimately set us on a path where we [the US] must now constantly look over it's shoulders. Now in order to provide that TRUE security it lead our government DEEPER into the personal activity of virtually every citizen. The internet compounded this issue by making our determine enemies more sophisticated in conducting their hate merchant activity. This enemy is unlike NO other, because they are willing to kill you and your kids who had nothing to do with their circumstances. Now we the citizens of this country are forced into a NO win predicament, do we allow the government to continue spying on it's citizen to potentially detect something before it struck, or we say get the hell out because our freedom is far more important over safety, and therefore, run the risk of another 911 and walk around with the constant fear that the next walmart or shopping mall you visit might be your last.

    REMEMBER: The Gov. have been spying on it's citizens for centuries. They use to do it by foot, then by telephone and now the internet open up a whole new world of opportunities thru search engines etc.
  • marky aDDmore... 2013/07/30 01:24:13
    I agree with what you say but the US Government seems to be taking it to far and is forgetting what America is supposed to be all about and in the eyes of many foreigners the US is the bad guy.
  • colton delaney 2013/07/29 00:55:58
    colton delaney
    snowden has hurt United States relationships with the world.
  • drew 2013/07/28 22:37:18
    Russia grew less respect for the USA once Obama took office and apologized for the nation. Therefore, it can't get any worse.
    One might even think Obama should get a "thank you card" for harboring such a loose government as his.
  • aDDmore... drew 2013/07/29 13:28:55
    Every once in a while the "Moronic" AWARD must be given to the person who often speak before thinking, a trait caused by attention deficit disorder and a dose of hate. Congratulations... you are todays winner!
  • drew aDDmore... 2013/07/29 14:10:38
    Sorry, the Russians and Chinese would earn that reward, my "truth disorder hating replier". But I'd still like to see that "thank you card" to Obama from Putin.
  • aDDmore... drew 2013/07/29 20:52:10
    ["thank you card" for harboring such a loose government as his]

    You did it again, speak before thinking! Drew Make up your mind... Don't You Hate Big Government, so why the concern about - as you describe: "Loose Gov.?" If this Gov get any tighter with spying etc, this place will be 1936 Germany.
  • drew aDDmore... 2013/07/29 23:14:32
    This is really funny, I really don't even know what you're talking about.
  • Jesse 2013/07/28 21:22:56
    First ask, WHAT US-Russian relations can be hurt? There are none.
  • Frank55 2013/07/28 20:40:45
    What relation???
  • Murph 2013/07/28 20:19:32
    Can't you just see Putin trembling in fear at the thought of hearing harsh words from.....
  • Kurt 2013/07/28 19:10:04
    I do not think it will.
  • questionsparks 2013/07/28 18:55:03
    But if Putin doesn't return the Patriot's Super Bowl ring, there's gonna be a war!
  • The Gipper~PWCM~JLA 2013/07/28 18:31:01
    The Gipper~PWCM~JLA
    If Russia is lucky, it will!
  • jubil8 BN-0 PON 2013/07/28 18:14:49
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    If our officials let this influence our relationship with Putin and Russia, it will be nothing more than a diplomatic temper tantrum, and we'll be the ones looking silly.
  • Jack's Pearl 2013/07/28 18:00:06
    Jack's Pearl
    It makes no difference.
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