If Obama rejects or ignores all the petitions to secede as he is expected to do, should Texas and all the other states that want to secede simply imitate our nation's founders by issuing a "Declaration of Independence" to form a new America?

tncdel 2012/11/14 23:53:57
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  • The Colorful Vampire 2012/11/15 00:29:00
    Other [tell us].
    The Colorful Vampire
    Living in Texas, it's not as big as people are making it. If Texas and the other states wanted to do it, they would have done it by now.

    In my opinion, people need to suck it up and except the fact that Obama is president. It has been established and apparently it isn't changing. They just need to get over it.

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  • Roberta Kyle 2012/11/15 23:40:33
    NO [tell us why you think not].
    Roberta Kyle
    We settled this in 1861-65 and fought a bloody civil war over it-- It is over and done. Obama should not dignify it with any attention at all. Time for the children to stop whining when they lose and grow up..
  • gfreeman BN-0 2012/11/15 20:36:59
    YES [comment as you wish].
    gfreeman BN-0
    Please, do.
  • ¤Creepy Lumberjack¤ >-QC-< 2012/11/15 18:06:52
    Other [tell us].
    ¤Creepy Lumberjack¤ >-QC-<
    They technically have the right to do so...but it's not because 20,000 people signed the petition that it represents the millions of people of Texas...
  • PAUL 2012/11/15 15:47:36
    YES [comment as you wish].
    yes! it's that or get rid of the communist bum.
  • mich52 2012/11/15 15:40:34
  • Semper Fi 2012/11/15 15:35:14
    NO [tell us why you think not].
    Semper Fi
    Based upon the previous four years and what we are now facing, I can understand the pure frustration and fears so many are experiencing following this election. Half of this entire country has zero confidence in the federal government. HALF!

    These states will not secede, and the message it's intended to send will unfortunately fall on deaf ears. I hope America will come to its senses. We have to find a common ground. Until we do, we can only expect even more of the same and we must prepare ourselves now as best we can to weather this looming storm.
  • bags the Indigenous Guru 2012/11/15 15:13:12
    Other [tell us].
    bags the Indigenous Guru
    There is NOT ONE state legislature that has made any movement towards secession. Now, individuals of every state in the union have voiced their desire to secede, but that's it. Individuals. Now, the whole lot of you can write up any paper you want and take it someplace and set up your own government and do however you like. THIS is the United States of America, and we are doing it OUR way.
  • mich52 bags th... 2012/11/15 15:43:32
  • Jreb 2012/11/15 15:04:44
    YES [comment as you wish].
    The founding fathers rebelled against an oppressive and out of control government which is what we have now.
  • askmike Jreb 2012/11/16 02:06:09
    Hi, uncle J. You still have a way of telling funny jokes. Tell us another funny story.
  • Jreb askmike 2013/01/24 14:28:43
    Ok, you want another funny. How about obama is a great leader, that's the best joke yet.
  • Bro. Bezoomny Koshka 2012/11/15 14:41:19
    NO [tell us why you think not].
    Bro. Bezoomny Koshka
    These petitions are being signed by a ludicrously small percentage of the populations. The direction of a state should not be determined by any 1%, whether it be the super-rich, or the super-noisy wingnuts.
  • askmike Bro. Be... 2012/11/16 02:11:19
    What is not being told is the fact that anybody can sign any of those petitions. Residents of New Jersey are signing the petitions of every other state and that has been the rule and not the exception. The number of signatures are not indicative of the residents of any particular state. In addition, people can sign the same petition more than once. When the 30 days has passed, the NOP will hand those petitions to the federal government and the feds will pass them to the rightful state legislatures. That is where the NOP is going to try to score points in their propaganda machines. The state legislatures cannot secede their states so the petitions will be tossed. That is when the NOP really starts to scream about Big Government.
  • Bro. Be... askmike 2012/11/21 14:47:44
    Bro. Bezoomny Koshka
    Oh, oh!! Can I do you one better? Oh, PLEEEEASE?

    It's the TERRORISTS signing the petitions!! Who says you have to be from New Jersey to sign it, right? I bet the whole thing has been initiated and sustained by international terrorist organizations to foment discontent in butt-hurt red states.

    You hear me, Louisiana?? If you secede, then the terrorists LITERALLY WIN! Who needs flight lessons when you can frig up America even worse with some laptops?

    I would like to be remembered when the time comes for nominating Crackpot Conspiracy Theory of the Year. Thank you, thank you!
  • Rebel Yell 2012/11/15 14:38:48
    NO [tell us why you think not].
    Rebel Yell
    Texas is not going anywhere. I can promise that. Even our doophus governor has laughed off the secession noise.

    Think. Do you really think Texas seniors want to see their SS and Medicare disappear? Texas, as with many other states, already has budget problems. Do you think it can afford a standing army along with securing our border? There goes funding for our hospitals. Should we go back to leeches and blood letting? No more post office. Pony Express time ? Trade? Mexico is already a trading partner. It might insist we open the border completely. Texas has international ports. How can we keep them open ?

    Who the hell is going to run this new ' country' ? Gov. Perry and the legislature aren't going anywhere. Should we hang them? Martial law? What ?
  • chicago 2012/11/15 14:29:32
    Other [tell us].
    Lol!!! Here's a petition from "the city of Austin Texas" asking that:

    "Peacefully grant the city of Austin Texas to withdraw from the state of Texas & remain part of the United States."

  • Jeff Smith 2012/11/15 14:24:51
    YES [comment as you wish].
    Jeff Smith
    They could or just stop sending in Federal taxes due you can bet Obama won't ignore that he needs your money to give to those who refuse to work
  • Luke 2012/11/15 13:26:07
    YES [comment as you wish].
    Gotta live as free men somehow!!!!
  • HillaryLover 2012/11/15 12:14:54
    NO [tell us why you think not].
    They tried that at Fort Sumter. Remember how that worked out.

    How can anyone with so low regard for our great country and it's institutions have the audacity to call themselves patriotic Americans?

    I lived through six years of Nixon, eight years of Reagan, four years of GHW Bush, and eight years of idiot GW Bush. They were terrible years. I didn't like any of them, but that was no reason to stop loving my country.

    President's come and go. It's a temporary position. Suck it up, already. Obama will be gone in four years. That's not an eternity, and trust me, merica will survive....America will survive...yea, yea, yea....
  • mich52 Hillary... 2012/11/15 15:45:44
  • luigi1- in god we trust 2012/11/15 10:34:16
    YES [comment as you wish].
    luigi1- in god we trust
    America is a deeply divided nation. Secession will happen sooner rather than later.
  • Andrew 2012/11/15 10:32:31
    YES [comment as you wish].
    I think every state of the union should have the right to succeed and so did the Founders. Any state should take their portion of the debt with them and endeavor to make good on their part of it! They should also be granted their portion of the military. I will guarantee that after 10 years, those states that succeed will be the only viable nations to emerge! First order of business should be to set up a border patrol and control immigration from neighboring states to prevent the influx of the entitlement crowd! Second would be to establish that nobody votes without having a job!
  • Ozzyboy Andrew 2012/11/15 13:40:01
    I like that no job, no vote but what about all the retired people who did work for 40 years plus? I also agree that states that are taking care of their own and not have to give to sucker states like DC would be a lot healthier on their own. DC would crumble with out all the outside money being dumped into it.
  • Andrew Ozzyboy 2012/11/16 04:31:16
    As long as the elderly are not receiving any entitlements from the government, they should be able to vote.
  • Ozzyboy Andrew 2012/11/16 20:43:59
    Does that include SS and Medicare that they worked over forty years for and paid into?
  • Andrew Ozzyboy 2012/11/17 02:47:17
    If the money ain't there, where do we get it, out of thin air? I guess we'll all have to band together and help each other out!
  • Ozzyboy Andrew 2012/11/17 03:09:39
    Cut spending. I'd rather the people who have worked for their SS and medicare get it over the EPA. Abolish all government agencies who duplicate themselves. The money is there, it is wasted in ways we can't even imagine.
    My 89 yo father in law worked all his life and I would never take away his SS check. He gets less, after working, than the welfare cheats. Reduce government by half and use the saved money for the people who earned it.
  • Andrew Ozzyboy 2012/11/17 03:15:59 (edited)
    I agree with cutting spending in all other areas as well, but I just don't kow of our fiscal condition can be remedied without ALL paying the price. My father passed away this afternoon and if Social Security had gone bankrupt before is passing, we, his children would have figured out a way to take care of him. My mother is still alive and we would do that for her as well. If we had elderly neighbors who were having difficulty, we'd help them as well! We need to get back to self reliance and REAL charity in this country and we owe those people charity, not a government check! There is a difference, you know!
  • Ozzyboy Andrew 2012/11/17 03:30:58
    I am truly sorry for the loss of your father today. I completely agree with the helping of each other. We had a wonderful 90 yo woman stay with us for almost three years. Why? Because she had no where else to go and because we could do it. Before she came to live with us we went and shoveled her walk, raked her leaves and in general took very good care of her until she fell and broke her shoulder. Then we brought her home with us. People are amazed but isn't that what you are supposed to do in life? These oldsters were promised a SS check if they paid in and they held up their part of the bargain. It wasn't supposed to be instead of savings but in addition to. LBJ ruined that and the money was stolen to pay for other programs it was never intended for. Phase it out if necessary but then stop stealing that money in the name of SS for later years. Government does not want charity to grow that is why they are taking over control of everything. Self sufficiency is the last thing they want. Individualism is being stomped out through the schools at every turn. Rural areas are more prone to taking care of their neighbors because it is often a survival tactic and just being a good neighbor.
  • Andrew Ozzyboy 2012/11/17 03:47:11
    Thanks for your condolences and kudos to you for your compassion and taking action for someone in need. I am afraid the only way to wean ourselves off government dependence is to have our nation in default! We were foolish to ever let government get involved in these things because they are now using them to manipulate us. I agree that EVERY effort ought to be made to make good on the Social Security promise, but people such as me (55 years of age) need to be willing to forgoe the entitlement and make our own way. My solution would be for the rest of us to continue to pay in half of what we have been paying and the rest ought to be invested in on our own. I would love to take the other half and put it in my 401K. I am afraid the government solution will be to take all 401K funds and use them to fund SS!
  • Ozzyboy Andrew 2012/11/17 03:58:15
    Taking over 401 K's is already in the works. A couple of years ago, a woman with an Italian sounding name was floating the idea that government should be in charge of managing the accounts. That idea keeps coming back and while it may not happen for our accounts, it
    is certainly the goal of this administration and the left. They are addicted to our money. Weaning off SS is a good idea but government will never allow that control to slip through their hands. We never trusted it so did save and have other means of support.
    Government is the last thing I want to have control over my life.
  • RogerCoppock 2012/11/15 08:45:10 (edited)
    Other [tell us].

    The STATES do not want to secede. A few Internet wack-os are signing an Internet petition is not the legitimate government of a state.
  • judge 2012/11/15 07:57:36
    YES [comment as you wish].
    If the congress refuses to address Obama's ineligibility for the people as their representatives, then the next step would be to fire them and form a Congress which does act like the public servants they are supposed to be.
  • scottcleaves 2012/11/15 07:13:24
    NO [tell us why you think not].
    You so-called secessionists aren't even making the news. Can you spell clueless?
  • judge scottcl... 2012/11/16 01:10:39 (edited)
    All the news is censored before it becomes the evening news.
    Those who listen only to the TV news are clueless.
  • scurvison 2012/11/15 07:12:10
  • sbtbill 2012/11/15 06:30:02
    NO [tell us why you think not].
    They have not voted on it
  • Jayfeather 2012/11/15 06:29:13
    NO [tell us why you think not].
    Because a new Civil War is a good thing...
  • Lisa 2012/11/15 06:12:12
    Other [tell us].
    Like Rush Limbaugh said " we should split the US down the middle, the leftist can have the Left Coast. The Conservatives can ihave the Right Coast , and we will see just how long it takes for those leftist to start digging under our wall wanting to get in"
  • scurvison Lisa 2012/11/15 07:13:55

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