If Jesus was Jewish why did he have a Mexican name

Bob™ the Union Ironworker 2009/10/14 19:27:06
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  • Bear 2009/10/21 01:57:03
    If you're so smart, why don't YOU know Jesus is the Greek for Yeshua?
  • Bob™ th... Bear 2009/10/21 02:10:52
    Bob™ the Union Ironworker
    lol which one of your groups sent you out to stalk me
  • 1348933 2009/10/20 18:04:18

  • concerned 2009/10/20 17:32:35 (edited)
    Don't you mean why did the mexicans take it and mispronounce it
  • Bob™ th... concerned 2009/10/20 17:56:37
    Bob™ the Union Ironworker
    actually compare to how the Jews say it, the Mexican pronnouciation of it is better
  • concerned Bob™ th... 2009/10/20 19:06:51
    that would only be a choice .. but i do belive the bible prononoucation came first ..
  • Bob™ th... concerned 2009/10/20 19:25:17
    Bob™ the Union Ironworker
    the hebrew way of saying it is with y sound which is more like the h sound the hispanics use, look at what some of the stuff the religous kooks posted down farther, no big deal, not a concern of mine just making converstation, so how have you been? Haven't seen you for awhile? haven't been on lately since i buried my Dad
  • concerned Bob™ th... 2009/10/21 00:35:50
    sorry for your dad .. i do not care either .. and glad that all want to use the name .. shows they are all maying attention ..
  • reggie Bob™ th... 2014/04/20 22:52:02
    Pretty sure its a Spanish name not a Mexican name. Yea.....
  • sandlynn concerned 2013/08/09 00:16:55
    They didn't mispronounce it's how that language talks like y stands for j in in english je stands for hey
  • reggie concerned 2014/04/20 22:59:01
    Pretty sure its a Spanish name not a Mexican name. Yea.....
  • Pravin 2009/10/16 17:38:07
    Joseph found the gunslingers and tacos rather cool !!
  • Bob™ th... Pravin 2009/10/18 07:18:47
    Bob™ the Union Ironworker
    especially the fish ones
  • mae 2009/10/16 08:09:37
    Of course Jesus was not white. His name was not Mexican. He was a black man form the present middle east.
  • Allie 2009/10/16 03:32:19
    ugh. Nicole is a French name and it's my mothers name. She's Spanish.
  • Damaris 2009/10/15 15:49:01
    because he was mexican DUH XD
  • Bastion 2009/10/15 15:46:37
    That explains:


    "cause Christ-on-a-cracker it's good!
  • Heptarch 2009/10/15 15:15:19
  • chosenone 2009/10/15 15:09:47
    The King of Spain'' his sons wanted kingdoms. one son went to Mexico. one son went to Rome. Spains fleet of ships made both countrys. With foods and supplys,The Mexicans are grandchildren of a union of the King of Spain,and Island Indians. thus called Mexican. The speech is Hebrew'' and the Kings of Spain come from Israel.
  • 1348933 chosenone 2009/10/20 18:06:56
    This isn't a serious poll. It's meant to poke fun at a certain type of American.....
  • Joe 2009/10/15 12:13:09
    Does this mean all Mexicans are Jewish?
  • Mr. Basket 2009/10/15 08:22:58
    Mr. Basket
    If Jesus is mexican, then isn't Corona really the king of beers?

    jesus mexican corona king beers
  • Johnny-O 2009/10/15 07:54:56 (edited)
    Actually, it's a mistake of pronunciation. You see, long ago, in Catholic Spain, there arose a pantheistic mythological cult, based on the Greek gods of Mt Olympus. Many families had popular names for their children, like Apollo, Diana, and so on. Kinda like the Basques, I suppose...

    One such name was the most powerful god, Zeus. Now eventually, the cult was wiped out, something similar to the explusion of the Muslim Moors by Ferdinand and Isabella. Don't even get me started on the Inquistion!

    Some of the names stuck, though, and when someone wanted to get the attention of someone named Zeus, they just called out, "Hey, Zeus!"

    Eventually, as Spanish culture later spread to the New World, such as New Spain (later Mexico), the name had caught on, but between the Catholicization of the remnants of the cult, and the vagaries of Spanish pronunciation ('Y' sound for 'J', and so on), the spelling was made to match the pronunciation...

    So now, Jesus is a name pronounced as "Hey Zeus"!

    Do you believe that???
  • 1348933 Johnny-O 2009/10/20 18:08:55
    Hmmm. You could probably post that on a Red State blog, and next thing you know, it'll be reported on Fox News.
  • Johnny-O 1348933 2009/10/31 13:41:32 (edited)
    By God, you're RIGHT!

    Hahaha, I think I will!

    That's how the whole birther thing got started, you know! Orly Taitz bought it!
  • 1348933 Johnny-O 2009/10/31 19:09:40
    We should test Fox News that way. Set some bait, see if they take it, then...

    It'll be a laugh riot!
  • Johnny-O 1348933 2009/11/01 21:22:54
    I'll bet they'd buy it, hahaha!
  • BienvenuJDC 2009/10/15 04:26:57
    Iesou is the Greek form of Jeshua....or Joshua...
    It was transliterated into the Anglicized Jesus. It means 'Deliverer'.....
    Christos is the Greek for the Hebrew..."Messiah'....meaning 'Anointed One'

    'The Anointed Deliverer'......Jesus Christ
  • LinkX 2009/10/15 04:06:50
    Because Jesus is a translation. >.>
  • bacon bits 2009/10/15 03:36:36
    bacon bits
    Jesus was here first, the Mexican named their babies after him..
  • ☆Nay nay☆ 2009/10/15 02:37:44
    ☆Nay nay☆
    now i no
  • BURNT OUT! 2009/10/15 02:14:20
    b-cause them mexicans get AROUND!
  • Hales 2009/10/15 01:52:29
    Uhhhhhhh.......I have no clue. It's like what came first, the chicken or the egg?
  • Nighteyes 2009/10/15 01:03:27 (edited)
    ... are you serious? who came first? Jesus or the mexicans? lets think about this logically. BC-AD was Jesus time.... a couple THOUSAND YEARS LATER we have the mexicans. seems like the mexicans stole Jesus name. and Jesus has many names.
    edit: judging by the comments ill take this as a joke. :P
  • karamel 2009/10/15 00:37:49
    damn thats a pretty good Question
  • BiologyStudent 2009/10/15 00:25:31
    Hahahaha very funny...
    It is true though that anyone who has been named Jesus is Hispanic.
  • Bob™ th... Biology... 2009/10/15 14:14:01
    Bob™ the Union Ironworker
    thank you for getting the Joke, it is humor
  • Biology... Bob™ th... 2009/10/15 20:40:58
    I can't believe those that haven't lol. I thought it was a hillarious question when I saw it.
  • Bob™ th... Biology... 2009/10/16 06:41:04
    Bob™ the Union Ironworker
    it was meant to be.
  • Bear Bob™ th... 2009/10/21 02:05:30
    LAME athie humor.

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