If ex-chairmen of Republican party can end up on MSNBC what does this tell you about the repub party?

flaca BN-0 2012/07/20 05:37:41
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Poor Michael Steele. He used to be the top guy in the republican party and now i s a daily fixture on MSNBC (claimed left wing: but still has the best coherent discussion on politics in the morning regardless)

How can a republican leader so be so easily embraced by a liberal media? Is it because he wasn't really a republican, or is it because the republicans don't really hate the left and they liked Steele?

Either way: either the repubs are too clueless to vet properly, or they just pretend to hate the left. Which do you think it is?
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  • **StarzAbove** 2012/07/23 02:25:52 (edited)
    That there are a few smart ones out there.
  • criticalthinker 2012/07/21 00:15:04
    They are too stupid to see a liberal in their ranks
    He is no liberal but even he knows enough to get off a sinking ship.
  • Queen B 2012/07/20 14:28:55
    Queen B
    it shows that Michael Steele is no longer relevant in the gopper party...as if he ever was...and needs to make a buck.
  • twocrows 2012/07/20 13:53:36
    decidedly NOT undecided - - but none of the other answers applied.
    the Republican party, like any political entity, wants to reach as large an audience as possible. they want converts and you don't get those by preaching to the choir.
    so, if the Reps want converts, they aren't going to look to FOX to get them. MSNBC is the logical place to look.

    and have you seen the new show, The Cycle? it has one or two conservatives on its panel, as well. what that says to me is that MSNBC does more than pay lip-service to fair and balanced coverage. not because it is 'moral' or anything like that, though. it's pragmatic - just like the political parties are. it wants to reach a wide audience. the way to do that is to be known as a network that presents all sides of a question [not all the shows do, but enough do that conservatives might tune in on occasion.]

    so both Michael Steele and MSNBC are looking out for their own best interests. maybe that is a silly game, come to think of it. but it's a silly game that is played in every walk of life - so why should politics be any different?
  • HarleyCharley 2012/07/20 07:27:24
    you got to make the money....
  • Reichstolz 2012/07/20 05:51:14
    the electorate is too stupid to figure out it's a silly game
    There is no difference among the Washington elite. It is the staffs that run congress, the politicians are just the fundraising figurehead.

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