If Dr. Paul is, and I believe the true Constitutionalist what are his Constitutional priorities?

Veteran Patriot 2012/04/16 23:24:46
The Safety of American's, Strong Military, take care of our Vets.
Strong Economy, Free Market system. Balanced Budget.
Freedom to live, work, and play by our rules, not the United Nations rules
Live and let live, treat folk like you want to be treated with respect.
All of the above
None of the above
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Let me be clear I like Dr. Paul, the question is can he draw enough of the Conservative vote, the Republican vote, the moderate vote, the libertarian, and the Democratic vote?
These are big questions, Republican Rino's want Romney, which tells me he will fall right in line with the corrupt side of Washington to take more of our God given rights, our Freedom's and Liberty's away from we' the people in the name of false security.

We seen this all before, what would it take to get Freedom loving Americans all on the same page in November?

I don't believe it will be Romney yet, he will pick someone that most of Conservative America will like however, the media will shred however it is up. The sad thing is no one is safe from the false misleading lies coming from the media sponsored by the white house hate tanks.

It's not about who is the best qualified person Conservative to lead America back from the brink although, Patriots like myself believe this is first and foremost. NOW, it is not an idea of what America should look like after this election but what will it become after this election.

America, if we do not unite behind a true Conservative, with free market idea's, willing to put America's house in order what is the point?

Our forefathers fought, died and sacrificed there fortunes to give us a Free nation without tyranny.
Now we either need to bring the fight to clear precise united voice against this marxist direction we have been forced into, we must stop the willful crippling of America now or, Stay at home on election day and let the corrupt take away our beloved Freedom's in America.

We stand up for Freedom and Liberty or will we fall into total servitude of a ruling class of hater's that hate the America we have fought and died for to stay free.
They hate our success, our generosity, our compassion that they have exploited from us.

Now is the time for all Patriot's to stand together and come to the aid of our Country, we must send a clear message to the corrupt powers to be, we are not laying down or will we grovel about our God given rights. We' the people believe in our one nation under God, all men are created equal in the eyes of God, America is founded in Judah Christian values with respect to all peaceful religions that promote the true word of God. And as believers, we understand that you as a Free citizen living in America will or will not believe in God, just don't prevent us our Freedom's to worship who God is to us. We can stand united against tyranny, reverse racial prejudice's, class warfare, and out right hate for our freedoms & our success's as a people.

We are all one people, we are all Americans, stop the petty differences, that only helps to destroy America even further.

JFK may have been a Democrat however, he was on the mark, "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask, what can I do for my country. The time is near we will need to unit behind one American that will do Justus for we' the people and America the beautiful. Show up and be counted, this could very well be our last free election in America.

May our voice's be a mighty one.

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  • Euro Heritage 2012/04/17 00:53:37
  • Veteran Patriot 2012/04/17 00:03:15
    All of the above
    Veteran Patriot
    SO, if we can't unite behind Dr. Paul then who? Who will we stand with to end this oppression?
  • Kern 2012/04/16 23:54:05
    None of the above
    Dr. Paul will never be elected for several reasons. I hate to say this but he's not very photogenic. Yes, it's a shallow reason but it's true. Whomever he hired for publicity didn't do him any favors. He is too far right to attract enough Democrats to vote for him. His stance on the economy is unrealistic.

    Mr. Paul will not be picked for V.P. because of this and because he will not draw enough of the far right to help Romney in the election. I'm no fan of Mr. Paul but I believe his heart is in the right place but his economic policies come from a work of fiction.
  • Rusty Shackleford 2012/04/16 23:27:10
    All of the above
    Rusty Shackleford
    To return the government to the limited powers afforded it by the Constitution.

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